01 Viral and Spiral v1.1

Splendor. Cutters farm. In vested with a wire.

The slender and the burn.

Digging after dog of night.

Barriers carriers, for chins and fins. The ticklish and the fragile. Flowers belly up and blue.

Holy scares, holy scars, holy reckoning with giddy fumes.

The body of the first — and fall, and holy go go go —

Sweet infernal yoyo. Smor-guess-board of destiny of death — tasting splits the tongue.

in tongue the wicked destruction fondling with horror and defeats melting themselves into poetries hungry uprisings -/ the veg table deites crushing hog log bog dog togs -/ mmm writing takes so much of me hard to do — body is ebb tangled my shrimp LE would say with death and flirting — flirting with death and hat bots and flying nummie nunnies barking at vortex v for vampires lungs lust in penne with knifes thru the bonkers for touches of beautiful clash gust and gruesome. Whst a smatteting of ruthless appliance — The urge to hop slop mop wild nag and wander with toppies and botyoms into reticent splendor is hope after all resurrecting as a charm — defiant and also not all — fills falls gesture and peek a boo — with lately calling fig space — flowers of hate often over whelmed — mysteriously embed in holy fucked up traction with cross between proteus and procrustes — of some kind of marcel parcel prig post with littered past. Panic — writing emerged from waves of panic when finally got off image enough to start searching for words and then they got ahead of me and hate scored into splendor. Another flow chart. Calling all easter bunnies.

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