Subliterate Swoons And A Side of Dead

18 Repeat Answer

Love tired lost found  adders batters kitchen.  Down the dumdum down. Lunatic moments dance music wealthy healthy? to dance  for the love of She Tor Song. Kiss out all the evil  skinny and scorn.Continue reading


Bunch of inter nits, can hear a little something of Becketts clip. Tho hair is swirly, flirts a bit like listening to radiodial buzzing in and out of station location. Title Penisneid Vorbai means: penis envy that potty my past — thinking could be good for title if were to…Continue reading

Fall In

Goal of expository nature is to get me in trough with the angels I like to say. Write in rain with certain authors Becks Burroughs — Rimbauds complicity with simplicity, not really Hemmingways. Naked Lunch Break cycles through the Incendiary with Zenus, and then stacks a list of liberatory contentionalisms…Continue reading

Habit Tat

Spot on Literature is a habitat for me now, a breathing organism. Tho one of oceanic starkness and darkness still, it has come to assume again a threshold of immanence — A decorum of intimacy, that puts ear to sluice of page, like Fitz and Zelda, Proust and his mum,…Continue reading

Intro Flo

Intro Flo My name is Flo. And I am a cess, I am cessed with the work of angels and my life as an insect. Also drawing on gesture in a manipulation of thumbnails videotapes headshots. All articles of concession confession or prognosis — are stolen mind you, stolen. Flo’s…Continue reading

My brother the warrior

Brother was first enemy. Ow. Falling is time, it falls in on me. His bloodwork fills skies. Hobbit not one for moving. Moving. Oh swords kids angry jet Fret bet dimmmm. Heart of warrior, chases the heart. Death takes a bath here — its everything. Cant make sense of it….Continue reading

Nasturtiums Assassins

Ears for years. I will go to my death with a kiss for it, for the feast of fishes. Marm gears heart charms. I know my courage is like the sound of armpit gooseberry. Salients consider something of a poison? half and halfs like me. For mine, this half: has…Continue reading

Says Camus

As comes the melting snow, a pile on. Where hate grows a gorgeous head, beckoning bait grows sate with dead. Picture a fat trout on dry dock. Eye opened dead. Promises Promises. Lets do fish and chips. Growl, agree to disagree, and gently sip. Back on the burner chewing and…Continue reading

Twirls My Baton

Poison Slinks Everything is a voyage to somebody. Not fight that. Let la lang bang be shared. Sill fill till the tank. Woo my cacophony — let them in, let beauty in and the snake will lure — Urgency for beauty mysteriously buries mine in cantankerous love / lore. Its…Continue reading

v1 lit bit, of a scream

IN LINE TO WORK ON Dunning condum nation Sometimes, turn it on here – just to capture its horror on me, its rebellion, expository cry in expunge of darkness. Sometimes shrills up the hill – caroms and catches a cross current of feeding grounds, running around with a stick and…Continue reading

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