Cutters Must

Love Songs for Lobsters

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Mortars of Coffee

Mosh Mash Fabric Collage by Dusty Hope

Swallow the flood. 

Let death 

renew creation.

Fill pump

to a ten-ton warehouse

in flurries

of mad ablation.

Every death

a surplus deal 

to salt the wheel.

Draw new maps

to enter with grim elation

flaunt determination.




O these petulant

surly immurations

angelic torments

tender flammivomous vows!

Burning through rages

wracked with empathy.

That set fire and scrub

fay threnodies divine

with a deviance for love.

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Cutters Must2

Cutters Must

Love Songs for Lobsters

2 responses to “Cutters Must”

  1. Hoschs

    Many thanks for the whole thing!

  2. stukowski

    Much enthusiasm in work you write. World hopes for passionate writers who aren’t afraid to go after your heart.

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