Fateless Rhymes of a Lugubrious Sing Song Hysteric

01 Motionless Mobius Morbid Fluff

Love rages a battering ram and a canalizing heart as heat moulders perch like a bird wild in worship. The virgins of hell ring my wasted double crossing rile for a pile oh. Ocean cheap breathless heap a wendingness of morbid flora lets loose that pin a blanket white out alive…Continue reading

02 Wad Squad v3

Dear Brautigan. Horror and sin find shimmying embrace in waves of haunting panic reaching for free wanting to be. Dialed in with upsurging overtures of angst. Wendying a way into a stark delectation beastly balk laid to waters waste. Plunging for love and its sacred allures and staring eyes with…Continue reading

03 Apotropaic

Free from pander free from shame the divine implacability of sorrow. Chunks of tree melt palms over loot and slain. Hike midnight sun over evil eye and elute the slain with rain.Continue reading

03 Finical Dis Array Way V2

Graceless faceless under fire bevy levy the heavy + tire with merciless desire causes and raptures champion to resist desist ? stop this piss ? hesitations raw escaping banalities magnified into poison porn and hate the horror magically deliriously abates… A world burning with merciless turning. Yet spins the tan…Continue reading


Transfusions backcountry possessed   cannot in itself destroy or complete   near shades of extortion where sorrows meet. Like terror is an arsenal  for availing freedom.   Old weapons  appropriate oceans of sky waterwheel blooms and swoons alongside.   While bloody-minded makes mudholes  loves unknowable treasons rejolt  turns and burns a…Continue reading

Basing on Blake

Quench quench wanhopes ? oh holy light –   possessed of day where spirits stray   cannot in itself destroy or complete   near shades of extortion where sorrows meet.   Timeless rallies buck, stagger & ween –   cavort with terror like an arsenal – for freedom?   Old…Continue reading

Beauty that burns

Beauty that burns turns unruly   raft like wings tethered to the wild   drizzling sizzles in schisms   of passion, naysay & fury –   hell before heaven, its raining fire.   Wild reckless misery, a standoff – rebuke   lonesome, a fighter softhearted a blighter.   Holy Terrors exilic…Continue reading

Blade (of Oar)

Dull humming sound surmised hostility  guns across their arms? preliminary version  posted for suggestion best to keep things going—Dissimulation  a question of pumps  the right to take of every kind  roam at large wade through slaughter  left behind  some monument to cause and night  where lonely  and undirected fought skimming-dishes  in point of depth.Should…Continue reading

Bottom of Thole

Caught like fish, down your wishing well pants   mining for holy bodies a hoarder of blooms masks of venus holy rioters holy moon   wild at borders between divine and hope bewilder’d high – the sank u wary dangling on a bridge of rope –    Continue reading

Byrons lemming stops at brink to have a think

Second draft – Still working on Byrons lemming twitches from sea to shining sea   where love & death crosses in and out of holy mores   extracted by an acute desire for perpetual industry –   Yet familiarities play terse and estranged ?   where relinquishes Beauty – to…Continue reading

Churched on the absurd

A bird  a bird churched  on the Absurd hacking rhymes  like a sea wave of ants  crossing a hunger  tender redoubtable  belly insatiable  for plunder & bait.Thunder swoons along a listening arc muzzled to its liftto the grammar grimoire  to the belle-lettristic.These irreconcilable cravings annex the wing – over and over as…Continue reading

combust with dust

And all this life turns up like lead   salt and sink against my head   a trigger pounding combust combust   like an angel caught in a rage of emptiness and lust   firebird in contempt of time –   flambeau fugitive (in thrall to rhyme).Continue reading

del sagrado corozon

Pulley is rhyme that accretes like slough carries me off   toes sunk in at edge where sand makes mud   and up, it comes the plank piratical up to nose and noose   lusts for breaking things battered and loose.   The hidebound, holy wounded   ancient hinge —…Continue reading

Dreaming in x’s

Picture a throatwith an arrow through it blood red and bandagedblue and orange feather veinedfletchings hen and cockup to the nocknever fails to fly, amplify unlearnable skyyearns after you & you & you.Hearts a churnergerms into turnwormsnuclei on the move charges like wavesthrough doubling slits lalangue bends brightvafrous & fulgid like looking into…Continue reading


Find credence reading bloodstones for contradictions immutable.   Crash and condom insolute, fingers at my neck teetering & inscrutable.   Magic & fire locking horns, paint this body the tireless color of salmon   diving pink into the red. Spawning eggs on banks of gravel,   scandalously high! as a…Continue reading

epi de fleur

Mischiefs relay le feu sacré   catching blazes the looking glass bits.   My tongue my tongue opposes its thumb   ambisinister fissilingualist –Continue reading

Fire in fireplace

Draft 1.1Turning steps to lower earthtoying with the cross cradle carries it down a canal shouting mad.Forest a lost mould permanent-surface runways drowsy tinklings lull distant foldsannexing the French breathless Red Flower. Snow on roof Spirit of Sleepstalks of amber-yellow falling heavily topples the Saw-Horse pounds of grubshrunken to fantastic levelsswooned away for excess. Volcanic nature of the moon globe of goldfishmist and cloudvast shuffling selfish passepartoutdeaths…Continue reading

For Hire

Draft 2.2Intently to the indefinite echoing murmur bribes an opaque belt of shadow & the temple Screaming Electron of two telescopesa little bottle in it.Enumerating at some marvels from spent wood,resist it, elect another.Strange devices upon gaudy shields catch weight sheep-keeping businessat clever shaping of thought and this waste of ammunition.Phantom taking off planes which atmosphere imagined universe and all through night serpents crawlcame the breathless…Continue reading

Gloria Duex

Draft 2.5, Part 1 To throw light  upon the theft of night. Where rose above  graves  a silo’d hill. That reflected thunder the lofty third. All sorts feint  and endeavoring  to seize  water for sugar. Downstaring down  at guns where famine  ran ahead.A war of worms.Never far  from blood in eye…Continue reading

GM loves GP

Version 2.3Yearner madness basing for stuntshunts like a punter bunt bunt bunt! Rather moonling than dead,haul raven off to face insane dread.Aching void Flos Campi bang bang, moltswindy wicked lavish jolts.Gods of Nih -survey every slice.Call bounder off to substitutionary sacrifice.Willing victim partakes religiously in own grief.Feast of the innocentsa bonnie bred fleece.  For lorn,…Continue reading

Hand of Blood

Hedgers, schemers silent night screamers at fringe of flesh & a balmy of tears   where criminal seers fall into your oceanside belly unfrocking boatloads this mischievous frenzy   opera & phantom theatre be my ransom! a holy child, cursed wing of foot   where foghorns unsoot torrents of hair…Continue reading

Hasta La Vista

I. Meet me in a bar afar.   Rustle me out of this ocean wreck,   urchin for tools Bering Strait.   Meet me on the Bridge of Sighs   bell and the fog harrow and cark.   Kiss a grace of this hour and waste.   Pull me out…Continue reading

Honey chopped

Draft 4.5  Demons shocking giggle with irked delight -Me, I just try to find language for it that is humorous & yet – reconciled to itself as pure reconnaissance. Urgency is to see it to see itas fathoms themselvessounding for wavespure burls of the presumptive,what in a way -is its own…Continue reading

In An Anonymous Nutshell

Draft 7.5 hmmm almost —Hell silent as an eggshell whispered sounds profound and sintaunt and grazeda rave blue oblivion.From out of a sully murkcruel beautiful fancies blunt & gloomy with desiretantalized, impelled a sordid blue reign a dystopian umpire.Through dread walls thick with daily woe there willed a flame to breach that urgencythat mortal veinto…Continue reading


Sunday somewhere next to heaven unbags a trowel where rainy day birds thumper clatter & scour.   Darkness hitches into darkness treading, threading through wonder & wooze heart’s stakes, unexcused.   Tar & sugars memory coated grits fiendishly lit, balloons that burn a cross a manger a sea –  …Continue reading

My country is a slave to death

Every new death carries another exoskeleton on our backs as flies the buzzards adorned with screeds circling circling where love lies bleeding.   Guns blanketing fire with a buyers mad greed run run for your life die for your country sweet chicken feed!   Brochures of bullets raving for grace…Continue reading

Nick of Time

draft Beauty is embossed with treachery and loss   still sinks straight up while falling straight off.   Demons smoke out this hunger running crazy loose   Beauty tantrums for escape, Beauty makes for amorous Zeus.   At thresholds, she panics love estranged is cursed    rabbits scream holy water,…Continue reading

paroles la mer

Revised Mouth of cave where looters raid   slope of philosophers took a bath –   there just where fire slings ancient flood   following dots nostalgic for blood.   Lures at lengths pur dur sur and stripe.   Inscrutable nonrefundable irreputable.   Down the down stairs smugglers notch & to your saturnine…Continue reading


Draft 2.7 Fallen angels do not wait for operations of justicehell being too eager with impetuous desire liquid with firean ignitabilitythat is sickly buoyant burning with curiosityit grows and grows every feather a blue hotela flogging for the marring a phantom ship a mouldering heap leaps at tens whenever heaven condescendsto take it to heartdescant withdefensive measuresbone up on its…Continue reading

Penisneid V5 getting there

Fateless Rhymes of a Lugubrious Singsong Hysteric, is my beloved horror show book of poems. About reckonings with heaven, hell, madness, love, death and longing. As a mystification of understanding falling through waves of absolutes, as themselves shades of horror and beauty, and their revelation, usurpation, incumbents and their ulteriors….Continue reading

Pernicious Contrary

Stuck inside fatelessness pain killers, a lid   contrary pernicious – insidiously delicious.   Ransacking irreconcilability (truant with death)    punching at oblivion for a sick f&ck of – meth ?   Loosen your change all seething and wreath   spiking the bitters – cold, trenchant & sweet.Continue reading

Rape of the Crock

First rhyme ever sent caused pain – soulful literary gallant hung up on me never spoke to me again.   In poetry hung a deadly fore-edge – did not comprehend bloody ravening demonographer sword swallowing my pen.   Its brazening out after hungers raw tragic meat – beset with lash…Continue reading

Royal Farter

Draft Heart-crazy ignoble for roots of resistance   love for battle conditions horror pollutes   fine lines on your ruler who fakes you crueler   greatest pretenders make you truer   shed shed the unhealthy unhappy in your ranks   little gov little gove is sick of your sickness  …Continue reading

Softly Press Here

Draft 2.3Vehemence of exercise Lays a smiling impressionA double down thereWanderers for centuries Sailing, sulky bright.The lampThe fireproof brickThe burning pit A musical glassFlaming forge of life. Eyes grow dimStray as echo upon a wingCutting empty air with axe Raised a melancholy merriment Transposition Of unmarked closeness.Pierced by spur Shadow darkened Or shadowy something Cannot double curvature.Tries to speak…Continue reading

suspiral vent

At bottom sits jokers wild   wild with blastments bloodbird & riddled   curmurrings pose villianry sweet and dangling   mingle-mangles my storming breathlessness   as drums smoke pores violently open   glomming torched spun & rattling   into your arms seditiously soaking   the bloodguilty throat of a whir…Continue reading


Sweetie not – crash dive, eaten alive   by torments bound to Insect Wheel, Coffin Fly that lays   boute-selle with visions meat and chuck,   as terrors tightening mount & f&ck –   bull markets peak leak heap corrupt!   Profound & deadly with dismay.   Not stop butterflying…Continue reading

Swill Bot of Days

HMMMMMM – cut out half of it, not bad — almost. Luft for a crimethe rabbit sublime dug upa shell purplish blue.Something insidewill not confidebarking banal like a tube swarm of pride.Crazy and brokechasing smokea license to burn.Steepedin chasms of shinegutting sorrowsinconsolable finds.Stacked attacked azure bounty of mutiny churched on the…Continue reading

The Gorge not

the titles are things that chase me down hallways speaking to themselves. if you find me mumbling ungraciously to myself anywhere hopefully I am wearing a hat! tip yours with homeless ease and I’ll me mine back. honestly greatful and thankful for any assurances. probably better at titles than the…Continue reading

The Royal Hospital

& birthday after take a stroll. museum uncratered once famous Goal. & spit at murderers beneath our feet. & wiz at pirates who make us meat. & Kiss the Blarney, right stone cold. Where fell on knife and ate swans gold. Swelled beneath euphony, wisteria like. A garble of marble….Continue reading

Whats under your hood

Sot with love and cosmic death   horrors magic tragic fruit of poisonous tree –   itches fishes and twirls for pluralismo worlds   multangled to the ashery.Continue reading

Will Ye Nill Ye

When hole in chest turns green,   that breathless expansive reeling feeling –   burns & woos panic ensues.   Impassionate leanings so weighted percussive –   held captive by methods lugubrious & eruptive.   Swinging swinging high on the hive   as sticky winds mill saints alive –   Devious freedoms…Continue reading

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