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Creatures of Essay

Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor


  • Woody and Flashlight

    Adventures in Note Taking I got “abandoned” to Frank and Alice, Jael says. Jael is currently the note taker. Language of abandoning syndromes – to leaky freaky whims of my pie, of nature. One knows […]

Cutters Must

Love Songs for Lobsters

Fateless Rhymes of a Lugubrious Sing Song Hysteric

Short Stories, Fiction

Body of H8 Surface of Love


  • Subliterate Swoons and A Side of Dead

    Sample WIP from Novella, am presently working on, called Subliterate Swoons and A Side of Dead. Dizzying With No Brakes LuLu LeSuere. Taunts epiphany with bids for transfiguration. To pull her out of the carkness […]

  • Viral and Spiral

    Haute le Couer The splendor and the burn. Dogs at night. Barking at the unknown. The ticklish and fragile, belly up and burning blue. Holy scares, holy reckonings, holy scars. The ravages of grace, its […]

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  1. alexander poul

    loved reading

  2. pikupstick

    Many thanks, feel strongly about it in truth

  3. E R M

    Thank you

  4. Joris

    Our school is animated by progressive creativity, activism, and its setting within a dynamic urban environment and university. Parsons is where ambition, ingenuity, and collaboration tirelessly converge, and New York City is the ideal setting for starting your journey. 

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