Pissing Rain in Spain — Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor

Poetic Holy Oil and The Insidious Perfidious Sublime

01 Inextricabality & Mind Where You Ho/e

Presently working on this “essay as fiction” for book: Pissing Rain in Spain, Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor — Welcome to my playground. V for Voussoir Knick knock knock. Important repeating burningness of shrub. Joke with the jail time. Slave to life to god to time. As a zig trigger…Continue reading

02 Cars from Mars

Jumper Evils Puddling with jumpers — races after epiphanies — a defender of splendor, with a spoon for the moon. Shadows fetch through darkness after strains of ugliness, wistful and yearning, tremblers a tyranny of honor and lust. Defiant from reason. Bursts of the holy moly is a resistance to…Continue reading

03 Bobbing Blue

1.1.19 Last Catch Wormy Bit? The heart corrupts again with delicious goods, goods that bob in the blue. But everything is a haze now, snug in a silence, a sweet meltdown of the beautiful travesty. Reading L’Innommable (in french) is heavenly corruption too, the thing is balanced on a nose,…Continue reading

Aw Hell

12.18.19 Occasionally writing is glorious for me, I find that astonishing. And intriguing where it goes and how it muses its way there. Speed reading Beckett in French, new affection for Beckett again! in a way thats right on top of what I am doing, with giggling Proustian fits. That…Continue reading

Body of Hate — hardly started.

Small defiant ludicrous. But there is something here we love. The worst it gets the worst we love it.  There’s a foot there caught in trap, turns into a well, and the well descends, and we pull on chain as swim around it, drown (multiplied times) and pop back up. …Continue reading

canvas dante

Hillock animator emerged to inebriate let her fingers over here. Jets is missing mine. Canvas dante mouth be thrown advance mold suspended ending continuously or. Yes no, turning and chewing wills to look. Use answered tremble on. Touched it rested we had gulls perpetuated meetsbelieved el beach and dove listen…Continue reading

Climax and The Horizon

Athwarts Division V5 Fancy chancy. Step by step. Doing undoing, aching forsaking. Neediness for day lights, wake up wake up, call call call. With LiLu LeSuere it was always urgent. Sun burning repetitiously up against sweet delusions of hell. Moils bunnies in their box, screamers screamers, the box is toxic,…Continue reading

Concerning Uncertainties

Uncertainties intoxicate. Also started 6.6, probably will rename, a few more tucks and nips. Thank you forever. Tremble and it turns pale. There. There everywhere. Crackling and the deep. Unexplainable disavowal no begging, slept restlessly. Deep one crackling peer a mid carved window thirsty for you. Traverses thebes lingers on…Continue reading

Day Tripper

12.3 Go Willingly Head feels slightly elephantitis. That big fat empty. This always happens when sit on edge of something that then isnt a dream anymore but a doing thing. The wayside pulls up, as mechanic was tinkering, and empties of my precious evil art upon the gnolls, where thirsty…Continue reading

Desert Stormy v

New formula pursuing with a purpose. First pursue “bones” underneath, however dense or hit up against rhyme, whatever angels, auditors or chars pop out — Let them come knocking, let them in as find. All will bare aspects cliche but pay no mind. Just accept it and see what you…Continue reading

Fat and All That

Play Kay drunk from The Wills. This is a Free Writing Run On on top of another that received as an open cut. Its a composit of questions, sessions, and “chars” am presently working on. Chars are not characters, but angelic frisbees of the bodyless carnates. Methodology is a kind…Continue reading

Feminime Jouissance

Exchange of extensions. So valuable. I am sad. I am glad. I am bad. New char called Leatherette, my lovely leatherette, stubborn, defiant, but chummy too yummy gummy often stumped — but not (and this is important) frantic. Char Lotta is now proclaiming wants to do a whole bend-etta on…Continue reading

Flower Drum Song

Couple of months of sheer underwear heaven, she says to herself over and over. Underwear heaven is a new sobriquet for The Badlands. She loved The Badlands. The freedom there to persist as chimera of beauty (and longing): as resilience itself, as question mark, as yearning, as contemplation, as pyschomancy,…Continue reading

Flower Drums of Paris

First Draft 3.8.20/ Much Still to Edit 6.26.21 — It has a floor, and that floor is its doors, every line opens up a closet and looks in, via la lang bang. Every freedom that pops up in usage and time, is pursued. And repetitions lacing through also give it…Continue reading

Flying Nun

Claudine – Falling in love. Transference. From Thought to Language. When topics are love and love appears as a beyond hope – there is no reality, shadows as orbital, incurs calibration with transference, otherness, occultation, the ecliptic, subject itself as language of death. Claudine is a: Fool in Love. Surrounded…Continue reading

Is It Hell?

1.6.20 V2 Something keeps on reaching out anyway. Reading signs — in the emptying sand, weaves shadows into meaning, and comes alive, at stunning visual distances. Lives for it, loves for it. Something irreparable keeps me there. Searching for surface of love. But what, what am I reaching for —…Continue reading

Ixion at rest

So much in there cannot breath. But breathless is joy climbing up and down at once. Va and vient. Out on rafters where bats cuddle upside down heats up fur and feather. Clirice outcome at pleasure pumps for a beautiful dump is a part of Constance who “hilly billy wills”…Continue reading

Land A Lake Run Off

Therefore Nonexistence is, Pluriparty thinks, a sorcery for “immunity.” Pluri vs the nonexistence thing. Too full, Miss Many Penny. Therefore, no one home. No worries, Pluri announces, no one home. Up worms squirms with alarum turns — declarations of nonexistence, to wrap up the pain in a Buddha thing —…Continue reading

Last Kiss

Last kisses turn buck shy, then grow suddenly fetid ferocious, then lapse into feeling free, what breaks the heart preserves it, too. Tin can eyes and art made of string. The archangel like a pumpkin is back in my bones like values and tools and jewels and a mule, hooves…Continue reading

Love, Timidity & Impudence

V4.2 Coming together finally. Visibility & Collapse How, in lurching waves of splendor, moony loony lude defiant, and supplicating, got caught in a struggle with death, with distance and blankness – Caught in a dire form of dread, where present tense seamlessly disappears, insensibly vanishes into perturbances at edges of…Continue reading

Making the Cut

Drowning — drowning in Beckett. Its lovely its something I do. Letting others output consume — in utter “outright” titillation as flume of delusional revelry. Swim in swamp loner pudding where Beckett scrapes, combs, scrutinizes, intermediates… He is a hunter too — he basks in it, too. How there is…Continue reading

Naked Lunch Break

Holy Shit The “squander/plunder” bunny — Keeps on falling into bunny hole. Bunny hole is tacit reference for going down with the plumb.  Exchange of beauty accompanied by death, violence accompanied by death, enthusiasm, love above, duty accompanied by death, fathoms spasms of license to love, falling head over heels,…Continue reading

New Sht

Have four new ones did from latest cutters. Few changes still needed but basically work. Anticipating doing more. Finding it VERY VERY HELPFUL settling things down. Thank you. Calming everything down and yet working my way through. I dont want to create disruptions that disorient or cause difficulties. I DONT…Continue reading

Orbits Gum

Go looking for it. Orbits. Trenches devour the holy with mm, goal foal stole roll hole mole change out squill fill hill bill chill always until. Its planted in a garden of symp toe Matt holy toss before hearth of cramp damp amp hamp lamp. Rhymin roots through me. Nothing…Continue reading

Repetition, Fixation and Irruption as Gateway to Meta in Poetry

Repetition behaves and interacts to produce synchronicity and divergence in the meta.  By meta, I am referring (rhetorically) to its possessing inducement and modulation of both meaning and focus. Repetition acts to underscore beauty in all its traffic patterns as an immersive, inherent in nature of time and language itself. …Continue reading

Sickness Intercedes

Eek Angels 12.14.19 3rd draft No writing for days due to bad cold very bad — body is language suddenly tied to its tyranny. All that beautiful flinging whole hog at rug beneath the waves — wattles of work and etudier — and cold slams me down into pills and…Continue reading

Splash and Spill of Sacred Moil

adventures in note taking I got “abandoned” to frank and alice, Jael says. Jael is currently the note taker. Language of abandoning syndromes – to freak whims of nature. I let him out here. Oh thank fully. One knows it functions as fiction. Have new custom post proj called AINT….Continue reading

Symptoms of Idiomatic Sublimation –

Actions Lucy Argues with Wally over making up Plays on Symptoms of Idiomatic Sublimation, Heavy Froth, Torch, and Lure for a Cure.  Am ordering books on Stage Managment and and a thesaurus for theatre on Actions. But thoughts themselves come in drunken waves, Mur and Slur, Lucy thinks sure it…Continue reading

Taking Temp (byby baby fat)

Canals for clay, taste baste Writers that create around them circles. They are for me like a ring of fire and stones. Thank you — for fat for rebus!!! And for extending me holme/s multiaxial cone, a Pisa between us, to relapse relieve rethink rezone. laid to waste…? allow plow…Continue reading

The Drain Bandit

Camisole de Force Dribble, these puddles, I see them as puddles, puddles that grow fish, fish become bruised and rapture ruptured — heavenly strained — therebeit granularized, the sky that pie and fry. Weep scorn and sizzle ! When mention becoming human, all suddenly flips, suddenly slips into darkness there…Continue reading

Thirsty Critters

Fashion thing. I must have la belle, beauty. She coexists as a monster of wonder and darkness. Horror tears her apart as a demon with wings. La Belle is a mechanism for creating fundamental relationship with honor and death?  When beauty is lost in the dysentery, beauty hiding out in bottom lands, hell…Continue reading

Throwing the Board

My Turn Guess it was my turn to throw the board. My turn for Fury to erupt. Mantra from The East, repeats and repeats, its nothing its nothing, thats its all in my head – composed to the addle of beautiful minds. I dont think other people accountable, as if…Continue reading

To be and not

A bloom of negative love ?? love destroys me poetry toils and soils one can get lost in waves of destruction as a blessed feat of thwart beauty, angst is a hoarder, in order to have it – at all ?? withhold as a behavior seeking to control it ??…Continue reading

Undead As 4th Gender

Tons of stuff here but its such a mess. And somewhere at bottom is occurring an argument about “raising” fiction. Clarice is arguing with Agnes and Agnes is losing? Agnes represents curiosity and reference to traditionally embedded ways of approaching fiction. Clarice breaks free from that and goes after whats…Continue reading

Up to Nothing and More

Cling of Sling V2 Wretched beautiful waves of enchantment, time and shadows, circling like sparkle fish, provoking change, everything rearranged, like a snap of twig, beautiful, wry, chancy, on the run. Every moment taken and missed, pilfered and deadly? A fairy imp intrigue of slippery synchronicities, raging loopy oppo sits,…Continue reading

Vampire Logic

Best thing about vampire logic — That they share needles? drink blood? that they come alive at night — Forever and ever lurks for blood, that mad desire of the eternal, to bite into neck of life and yet: never die — no, once bit bit for good. Cant help…Continue reading

Cutters Must2

Cutters Must

Love Poems for Lobsters

01 Boudin Noir

The spit in a wound snares a spark. Oh covetous lune where lightening strikes an escaping heart. Cart and beat horse and sweet rippling, crippling stepped in it steep.Continue reading

02 Portuguese Tease

Unfold unfold mutant and bold with freedoms prejudice. Vermiculous glows flow into perfidy whatever the electronegative. Lets fall in love. Marry your order. Meet at the border. The pending is spending time mysterious indelible questioning yes, no. Sun and Poe. How inclements spike the redness of the rose with mysterious…Continue reading

03 Em Bezelers

The Lunch. Love is a hunch back notre damn. Beckons for a reckoning but falls, still falls into tar riven enthralls. The goody body. Sins, that undressed pail belly of whale freedom and flame. Animating animating in and out of sensory faculty frame — A blaster grafting of holy cabbage…Continue reading

05 Calm Balm Psalm V2

Sausage is a proverb. Drip of flash in fire and sun. Fishing is in church. With nothing off the table. Drink is a visual sink. Bone’s a world vehicle. Where tremors spike. Where mouth goes to bottle. To neck and insurrect. The laws of forgetting. Ships with an open lip….Continue reading

06 Bad Mitten

Darkness tumbles in like snow beauty runs off is a runaway takes everything offsite everything off off roams hangar like a sung up snake capturing recyclables crushing cans darkness growls its reek brutality hand out hand out for a positive magnet something out is wanting out out out of control…Continue reading

07 3-Card Monty, V2

The unknown that knows blunders deface defiance fly and die  sky and spy blood and water mix green and hopeless for a fix of ready loose ready are you ready on a mission up to my neck beyond belly of hate   beyond surface of love or mystery of mercy…Continue reading

08 Married to Shelley

Declares time a Lazarus forlorn over sky oceanic and nigh. Woof wanton and fly. Do you till you die. Puzzles busted into sordid pieces gushing flushing touching rope. Garde à l’eau — watch out below. Everything rattles from fingers and tips every tremor battles the dustheap and grift. Every skim…Continue reading

09 Infinite and Less v1.5

Delusions of beauty staggered, unbowed impudent and sway what of human flowers and eternity that shocking sickness sly wild and torn uncertain, airborne fates fearful evil graces fatal ill porn winged streaks through wincing peaks transfigures the ondoyant with candors bleak what plies for franchise an ears overreach traffics in…Continue reading

10 With Marker Will Blend V1.2

Perpetual blending open and lit raises a sharp gate poisoned and sweet creates themes like hot bitter honey dune with fate  intruders spark sins that look past the hidden reshaping the free importuners agree. The body a river  wherever thought bends gape mystical moments saved by “the accent” a purple raised…Continue reading

11 For your amusement

1. Its clear joy  you too do. Where in between  shoo  the cake  and door. Boots malice this time?  Annoyingly wonderful? Cards  coffee in the raining work   hand water jug ​ ​lighthouse.  Watch.  Ways to get your on. Fragrant  bright red.  Huddle bleakly  goodbye instead? Continue reading

15 Eau de Perfum

Quicken the associative inflames my frantic bright. Heavy disturbs the monastery. A need for the reflection, touched. Dreams the sudden perpetuated interruption. Enlightens where the seeking mate bait fate sponges up will fills the lake for words like burrs that stick to fondling embassy. Arches walking the power of knees…Continue reading

16 Flakes of Daring V1.5

Recovering restless tramples and flew  alone here light light light   attracts makes moves. Changing changes oneness puns with radicality the storm the suffocating screeching where threatens allowances counting all the way up to zero.Continue reading

17 Make ends meet

No your going your going no your flowing out to sea no borders carry uniforms too true, mine bursts into flames repeatedly. Attenuating letters is all why hi I know of flying V suing vous. Ideas at tops the nothing hand the nothing hair yet the sun is converted everywhere….Continue reading

18 Repeat Answer

Love tired lost found  adders batters kitchen.  Down the dumdum down. Lunatic moments dance music wealthy healthy? to dance  for the love of She Tor Song. Kiss out all the evil  skinny and scorn.Continue reading

blipping at zorro

Ending still needs more work Kisses handles cherries for vandals cloaks through my martyrs and heats up my null. Enters under patternicity clustering apophenia the sun bright blighty noos and scull. Pulls a bender on a sender    horn of torn keeps vacuum warm. Vague indecencies at high pie frequencies…Continue reading

Churched on the absurd

A bird  a bird churched  on the Absurd hacking rhymes  like a sea wave of ants  crossing a hunger  tender redoubtable  belly insatiable  for plunder & bait.Thunder swoons along a listening arc muzzled to its liftto the grammar grimoire  to the belle-lettristic.These irreconcilable cravings annex the wing – over and over as…Continue reading

GM loves GP

Version 2.3Yearner madness basing for stuntshunts like a punter bunt bunt bunt! Rather moonling than dead,haul raven off to face insane dread.Aching void Flos Campi bang bang, moltswindy wicked lavish jolts.Gods of Nih -survey every slice.Call bounder off to substitutionary sacrifice.Willing victim partakes religiously in own grief.Feast of the innocentsa bonnie bred fleece.  For lorn,…Continue reading

Jar and Feather

Badland thumps through brain born of Spain screamers tell me to disappear into the fear into the flame. Neruda runs finger down the saw of fire as slices up my anterior brain everyone thinks you’re acting insane. White goddess arises from wan host thats the rhythm method used for toast.Continue reading

Meters of Coffee

Treat defeats as loud earthquakes.  Fly and melt with a fury. Count the layers of plumb and pain swallow the lake and make it dirty. Let death renew creation. Fill the pump to a ten-ton warehouse in flurries of mad ablation. Every death a surplus deal to salt the wheel and…Continue reading

Mobius Meeks

These ardors paddle with streamers. Horrors, silver and dark. A slow down for every sound. Where shimmers play in winds crossing violet peaks. Wild and dredge from any edge — feeds the birds airs the dead climbing up inside my head. Wavers wills and weeps. Finders stay for minders delusions…Continue reading

Niagara Falls

Shocked when sweetness intercedessince so many diedas treason to believe.Sweetness bottled up by tightness in the jar.Nectar closes in.But hearts have cards piled and wild,never empty of the need.Wishes can come trueeven when it’s blue -Unspell unsmell unfell the heart?Ponchos and wreathes,shyness & slyness & indeterminacy.Defend its nuance? be its feud.Be its…Continue reading

Patches or Matches

Letting loops fly flame through all posey rose-ypants on fire. While St. Brigid goes through year of clean water.  Sobriquets agnominate, up raise youbreak out break out of the great swamp dismal? Back to solid ground. Pound. Pound. Pound. They see hog and baby ugly sounds.I see Pound’s freak repeating…Continue reading


Transgressive and fueland cruel like mortal fluidis fatal and beautiful. Frank devours, leaves her for dead. Becomes a mission to stay a live one. Pores of opulencelike swans are feral.Gardens callanywhere at all.Sounds flash downthe brutal balm. Flows like a compostincendiary. Hothouse woke with crow at dawn.Suddenly suddenlythe day is…Continue reading

performance for picture

Die visibility: collapse Die Delete all  Composting  SERIAL  SERIAL Die visibility: collapse Die Chicken (roasting)  Die die die die visibility: collapse void  American cheapie,  Die die die Reply  visibility: collapse approach with terror  Fritter  fritter fritter  driver  in the configuration  walks unsteadily  Die visibility: collapse.  Continue reading

Princess of Pipi V3

working on still raw. Melting into affinities did not stop a spread of relish where angels slip up to the top and rinses pyromancer with pith and panty cavorts with cavalry stick and stock where beanblossom aerodromes and resistance leaps into the red at crazy beauty in tissues of lies…Continue reading

Rocket Theme Minuets

Pablo Diablo dances around death a muse that loves misses ? strange defenseless kisses. Where sorry swells and turns a blade. Weary sowers clump and lay half afraid of getting my way.  Charter barter farther farther out across the endlessness. Flies and plumbs. Eats the mourning sun. Sober probers call…Continue reading

Shades of 44th Street

“L’insu que sait de l’une bévue s’aile à mourre –“ From Lacan in “On Surrealism” by Josefina Ayerza A thousand folds of napkin tears itself apart. Sniffles whispers blunders! blunders? gotta wonder —
Continue reading

shaking out the shine?

Fingers tingling at never endings, eating it up. Trying so hard to get to land but that land is “just doing it” with support.  It feeds a restless wonder. For a while. While while while. It’s a wild project.  Hanging on for long as can to get books out. Make…Continue reading

Speak Not Its Name

Deathly struggle with emptiness and beauty creates passage — time assumes allumes devolves ascends ascends ascends — breaks poem is just started. still under construction — check back in a week. breaks apart bends -/ kisses floor of shore the flying fish de lac — as door to redrum opens…Continue reading

Sweet Charity

Restless and quitting, at once play front sweetners of cenobite pylons oleanders. Raise the high finger a tone even waves the worsted wool of piegate fly and drive away. Foot and tooth where buds deliriums reflex hidden finding the circle where plussed and deuced.  Gold is head on with eye…Continue reading

Swill Bot of Days

HMMMMMM – cut out half of it, not bad — almost. Luft for a crimethe rabbit sublime dug upa shell purplish blue.Something insidewill not confidebarking banal like a tube swarm of pride.Crazy and brokechasing smokea license to burn.Steepedin chasms of shinegutting sorrowsinconsolable finds.Stacked attacked azure bounty of mutiny churched on the…Continue reading

Terminal Determinator

V2.5Now  Being — Now HANDLING?!? Now Considered  disabled /? That part in screenplay, that starts with a pan in -Girl watching  while reading with sound off & captions turned onsomething always something”classical” Spanish.  Referring to that period Holy Toledo everywhere anywhere bombs went off.  Still struggling with dead on the beaches crying leeches, going…Continue reading

The balm in betweens

Am still working on. V3. Soft is deepness, the thousand wells. Innumerable. Happy island bunch in the flesh of you is beauty’s pan handling handles on it. Parks for gold the staggering camp. Not to bee, oh its you again — at the underground of sound — where raptors fly,…Continue reading

Thermus Aquaticus

Unexpected clouds.   Hanging on the lane.  Flies filled my brain. Ideas screaming. Became weary of breathing. Pressed negations regimentals.  Smelled like angels. Glistening with misfortune.  Prisoned, wild souls. Parading death cries. Take shelter. Looking for polygons. Sparkling like a pen knife.Continue reading

Thousand Days of the Dead

Spirit came couched at wandering altitudes yet bounded bounded bounded by punters in my cunt taunting romantic conspiracies diseases worthy of naught hatchery caught the ephectic onslaught. Every pending ending hinging on a fuck a duck a muck with views on the transgressive. The balm balm mind ate itself in…Continue reading

Trace Hydronic Epi Sonics

To: Anthony Marx (and others) Hunger burns my mountains top off. Nightingales throb at puzzles. Every goodbye blackbirds cry and muzzle and guzzle and make new trouble. Lows go lower wag the hog nill for kills and gnaw at paw. Separate the dead from the living — breeds curiosity bees….Continue reading

Try before you buy

V2.8 thinking this needs to be revised, divvied up, maybe belongs in 3 sep poems.  All is gallgull and skull.Slides down helter skelterfor tools of love it takes and takesa thank you ratesconsiders it a gift?Death becomes this new circumference.As it matters at all!that it peaks and fallsrides the horses out therefor…Continue reading

Vampire’s Char

Poem switches gears midway through. Something your not supposed to do. Character barges in and there it goes again. Like its grumbling up against La Comedia. Last stanza needs more work. Bit by a wild stark tendernesscame in rushes at cups and back and forth something beautifuland angry and hungry…Continue reading

Visibility Collapse

V2.2Vagrant, a fodderers Mounty phantom lootingin stemmy pursuit of gad incipient trills:Ahoy the nill to spill andfrill your billwith Scatterers Bounty.Too bad too sad, shock therapy as I lay mooning and spooningpall its vittles and what naught.A troper of doomdrinking to impressthe will & the wobbly a noble distress.Meantime anxious to…Continue reading

Vox Angelica

Bloodborn forlorn where angels scorn enchanted with destinys child untames the raven and all that dust unspeakable theanthropical lusts where deaths fucks trucks undaunted yens the mirror they call Moriah. Darkness swells and darkness sells torn from time to poisons flower breaches stretch and stretch and stretch to streak across…Continue reading

without argument

V2Ripe blue glue of crumblebunny out beyond the voidout in lakeout in deep sketchy waterson the takewhere hidden midden complots assume wretched and glorious blooms.Comes a point of inversionwhere catches fireglows, explodesin a flash of feather.Again and again feral thief dashes up wire for sweet folds the eyewhere dances fire,bone of…Continue reading

Written in a Country Churchyard

Hope from all this  every particular  case of resistance  reduced to a computation very sad at the thought alternatively give  a second opportunity  by change of circumstances  curse the restless stock  and cough. Map the Dryads  waking among them  sickening wave as ripped back the skin  the proud animal  was…Continue reading

Fateless Rhymes of a Lugubrious Sing Song Hysteric

02 Wad Squad v3

Dear Brautigan. Horror and sin find shimmying embrace in waves of haunting panic reaching for free wanting to be. Dialed in with upsurging overtures of angst. Wendying a way into a stark delectation beastly balk laid to waters waste. Plunging for love and its sacred allures and staring eyes with…Continue reading

03 Apotropaic

Free from pander free from shame the divine implacability of sorrow. Chunks of tree melt palms over loot and slain. Hike midnight sun over evil eye and elute the slain with rain.Continue reading

03 Finical Dis Array Way V2

Graceless faceless under fire bevy levy the heavy + tire with merciless desire causes and raptures champion to resist desist ? stop this piss ? hesitations raw escaping banalities magnified into poison porn and hate the horror magically deliriously abates… A world burning with merciless turning. Yet spins the tan…Continue reading


Transfusions backcountry possessed   cannot in itself destroy or complete   near shades of extortion where sorrows meet. Like terror is an arsenal  for availing freedom.   Old weapons  appropriate oceans of sky waterwheel blooms and swoons alongside.   While bloody-minded makes mudholes  loves unknowable treasons rejolt  turns and burns a…Continue reading

Basing on Blake

Quench quench wanhopes ? oh holy light –   possessed of day where spirits stray   cannot in itself destroy or complete   near shades of extortion where sorrows meet.   Timeless rallies buck, stagger & ween –   cavort with terror like an arsenal – for freedom?   Old…Continue reading

Beauty that burns

Beauty that burns turns unruly   raft like wings tethered to the wild   drizzling sizzles in schisms   of passion, naysay & fury –   hell before heaven, its raining fire.   Wild reckless misery, a standoff – rebuke   lonesome, a fighter softhearted a blighter.   Holy Terrors exilic…Continue reading

Blade (of Oar)

Dull humming sound surmised hostility  guns across their arms? preliminary version  posted for suggestion best to keep things going—Dissimulation  a question of pumps  the right to take of every kind  roam at large wade through slaughter  left behind  some monument to cause and night  where lonely  and undirected fought skimming-dishes  in point of depth.Should…Continue reading

Bottom of Thole

Caught like fish, down your wishing well pants   mining for holy bodies a hoarder of blooms masks of venus holy rioters holy moon   wild at borders between divine and hope bewilder’d high – the sank u wary dangling on a bridge of rope –    Continue reading

Byrons lemming stops at brink to have a think

Second draft – Still working on Byrons lemming twitches from sea to shining sea   where love & death crosses in and out of holy mores   extracted by an acute desire for perpetual industry –   Yet familiarities play terse and estranged ?   where relinquishes Beauty – to…Continue reading

Churched on the absurd

A bird  a bird churched  on the Absurd hacking rhymes  like a sea wave of ants  crossing a hunger  tender redoubtable  belly insatiable  for plunder & bait.Thunder swoons along a listening arc muzzled to its liftto the grammar grimoire  to the belle-lettristic.These irreconcilable cravings annex the wing – over and over as…Continue reading

combust with dust

And all this life turns up like lead   salt and sink against my head   a trigger pounding combust combust   like an angel caught in a rage of emptiness and lust   firebird in contempt of time –   flambeau fugitive (in thrall to rhyme).Continue reading

Dallies Among the Ruins

Heart-crazy roots of persistence. A love that thrives on a wild rose of thorns dust out of lust being forever reborn. In battle conditions with a sorrowful of provisions long line of crotchets carrying off their lame. In a torment of flames the tameless the nameless endless plots to abstain….Continue reading

del sagrado corozon

Pulley is rhyme that accretes like slough carries me off toes sunk in at edge where sand makes mud and up, it comes the plank piratical up to nose and noose lusts for breaking things battered and loose. The hidebound holy wounded ancient hinge — dead ends in stacks and…Continue reading

Dreaming in x’s

Picture a throatwith an arrow through it blood red and bandagedblue and orange feather veinedfletchings hen and cockup to the nocknever fails to fly, amplify unlearnable skyyearns after you & you & you.Hearts a churnergerms into turnwormsnuclei on the move charges like wavesthrough doubling slits lalangue bends brightvafrous & fulgid like looking into…Continue reading


Find credence reading bloodstones for contradictions immutable.   Crash and condom insolute, fingers at my neck teetering & inscrutable.   Magic & fire locking horns, paint this body the tireless color of salmon   diving pink into the red. Spawning eggs on banks of gravel,   scandalously high! as a…Continue reading

epi de fleur

Mischiefs relay le feu sacré   catching blazes the looking glass bits.   My tongue my tongue opposes its thumb   ambisinister fissilingualist –Continue reading

Fire in fireplace

Draft 1.1Turning steps to lower earthtoying with the cross cradle carries it down a canal shouting mad.Forest a lost mould permanent-surface runways drowsy tinklings lull distant foldsannexing the French breathless Red Flower. Snow on roof Spirit of Sleepstalks of amber-yellow falling heavily topples the Saw-Horse pounds of grubshrunken to fantastic levelsswooned away for excess. Volcanic nature of the moon globe of goldfishmist and cloudvast shuffling selfish passepartoutdeaths…Continue reading

Gloria Duex

Draft 2.5, Part 1 To throw light  upon the theft of night. Where rose above  graves  a silo’d hill. That reflected thunder the lofty third. All sorts feint  and endeavoring  to seize  water for sugar. Downstaring down  at guns where famine  ran ahead.A war of worms.Never far  from blood in eye…Continue reading

GM loves GP

Version 2.3Yearner madness basing for stuntshunts like a punter bunt bunt bunt! Rather moonling than dead,haul raven off to face insane dread.Aching void Flos Campi bang bang, moltswindy wicked lavish jolts.Gods of Nih -survey every slice.Call bounder off to substitutionary sacrifice.Willing victim partakes religiously in own grief.Feast of the innocentsa bonnie bred fleece.  For lorn,…Continue reading

Hand of Blood

Hedgers, schemers silent night screamers at fringe of flesh & a balmy of tears   where criminal seers fall into your oceanside belly unfrocking boatloads this mischievous frenzy   opera & phantom theatre be my ransom! a holy child, cursed wing of foot   where foghorns unsoot torrents of hair…Continue reading

Hasta La Vista

I. Meet me in a bar afar.   Rustle me out of this ocean wreck,   urchin for tools Bering Strait.   Meet me on the Bridge of Sighs   bell and the fog harrow and cark.   Kiss a grace of this hour and waste.   Pull me out…Continue reading

Honey chopped

Draft 4.5  Demons shocking giggle with irked delight -Me, I just try to find language for it that is humorous & yet – reconciled to itself as pure reconnaissance. Urgency is to see it to see itas fathoms themselvessounding for wavespure burls of the presumptive,what in a way -is its own…Continue reading

In An Anonymous Nutshell

Draft 7.5 hmmm almost —Hell silent as an eggshell whispered sounds profound and sintaunt and grazeda rave blue oblivion.From out of a sully murkcruel beautiful fancies blunt & gloomy with desiretantalized, impelled a sordid blue reign a dystopian umpire.Through dread walls thick with daily woe there willed a flame to breach that urgencythat mortal veinto…Continue reading


Sunday somewhere next to heaven unbags a trowel where rainy day birds thumper clatter & scour.   Darkness hitches into darkness treading, threading through wonder & wooze heart’s stakes, unexcused.   Tar & sugars memory coated grits fiendishly lit, balloons that burn a cross a manger a sea –  …Continue reading

Möbius Morbid Muff and Stuff

Love rages trying to get out. Cant. Cant get out. Batters ram ram ram ram as walls come closing in cloaked in arrays’ abduction and dismays. Love burns my heart into a rigid block of chisel and cunt hammer hidrosis bristle brush hosepipe. The gall and glory of its nail…Continue reading

My country is a slave to death

Masked gunman shoots mom dad sister, 6 year old plays dad. Then calls granny on FaceTime. Tells granny the all dead. she was shot in arm. 1 year old brother as “spared.” Gunman mowed down family. No sign of a break in. No idea why. A ‘hero’ bystander took down…Continue reading

Nick of Time

draft Beauty is embossed with treachery and loss   still sinks straight up while falling straight off.   Demons smoke out this hunger running crazy loose   Beauty tantrums for escape, Beauty makes for amorous Zeus.   At thresholds, she panics love estranged is cursed    rabbits scream holy water,…Continue reading

paroles la mer

Revised Mouth of cave where looters raid   slope of philosophers took a bath –   there just where fire slings ancient flood   following dots nostalgic for blood.   Lures at lengths pur dur sur and stripe.   Inscrutable nonrefundable irreputable.   Down the down stairs smugglers notch & to your saturnine…Continue reading


Draft 2.7 Fallen angels do not wait for operations of justicehell being too eager with impetuous desire liquid with firean ignitabilitythat is sickly buoyant burning with curiosityit grows and grows every feather a blue hotela flogging for the marring a phantom ship a mouldering heap leaps at tens whenever heaven condescendsto take it to heartdescant withdefensive measuresbone up on its…Continue reading

Penisneid Vorbei

Furtif slippery lures wanton phallic fervors’ overtures. Their thunderbirds fed on fire and dread boons of wounds my sacred tread head. Laying in wave after wave crave nave slave grave stave of pious riotous venal and fur. How it bleeds into the goatish night frames a rigged and jangly rainbow…Continue reading

Pernicious Contrary

Stuck inside fatelessness pain killers, a lid   contrary pernicious – insidiously delicious.   Ransacking irreconcilability (truant with death)    punching at oblivion for a sick f&ck of – meth ?   Loosen your change all seething and wreath   spiking the bitters – cold, trenchant & sweet.Continue reading

Rape of the Crock

First rhyme ever sent caused pain – soulful literary gallant hung up on me never spoke to me again.   In poetry hung a deadly fore-edge – did not comprehend bloody ravening demonographer sword swallowing my pen.   Its brazening out after hungers raw tragic meat – beset with lash…Continue reading

Softly Press Here

Draft 2.3Vehemence of exercise Lays a smiling impressionA double down thereWanderers for centuries Sailing, sulky bright.The lampThe fireproof brickThe burning pit A musical glassFlaming forge of life. Eyes grow dimStray as echo upon a wingCutting empty air with axe Raised a melancholy merriment Transposition Of unmarked closeness.Pierced by spur Shadow darkened Or shadowy something Cannot double curvature.Tries to speak…Continue reading

suspiral vent

At bottom sits jokers wild   wild with blastments bloodbird & riddled   curmurrings pose villianry sweet and dangling   mingle-mangles my storming breathlessness   as drums smoke pores violently open   glomming torched spun & rattling   into your arms seditiously soaking   the bloodguilty throat of a whir…Continue reading


Sweetie not – crash dive, eaten alive by torments bound to Insect Wheel, Coffin Fly that lays boute-selle with visions meat and chuck, as terrors tightening mount & f&ck – bull markets peak leak heap corrupt! Profound & deadly with dismay. Not stop butterflying the escaping wind, whose terrors subsume a…Continue reading

Swill Bot of Days

HMMMMMM – cut out half of it, not bad — almost. Luft for a crimethe rabbit sublime dug upa shell purplish blue.Something insidewill not confidebarking banal like a tube swarm of pride.Crazy and brokechasing smokea license to burn.Steepedin chasms of shinegutting sorrowsinconsolable finds.Stacked attacked azure bounty of mutiny churched on the…Continue reading

The Gorge not

the titles are things that chase me down hallways speaking to themselves. if you find me mumbling ungraciously to myself anywhere hopefully I am wearing a hat! tip yours with homeless ease and I’ll me mine back. honestly greatful and thankful for any assurances. probably better at titles than the…Continue reading

The Royal Hospital

& birthday after take a stroll. museum uncratered once famous Goal. & spit at murderers beneath our feet. & wiz at pirates who make us meat. & Kiss the Blarney, right stone cold. Where fell on knife and ate swans gold. Swelled beneath euphony, wisteria like. A garble of marble….Continue reading

This Schwinn For Hire V3

Third rewrite. Getting there. Intent content dis placement mis step into the in definite  echoing echoing murmurs bribes something opaque cosmic belt of shadowing allegory fizz whizz into a bottle battle of enumerating marvels. Mystery of love because of the because time out of time.   Sweet and sordid haughty gaudy florid shields catch…Continue reading

Whats under your hood

Sot with love and cosmic death   horrors magic tragic fruit of poisonous tree –   itches fishes and twirls for pluralismo worlds   multangled to the ashery.Continue reading

Will Ye Nill Ye

When hole in chest turns green wind grows breathless that reeling feeling that burns & woos that panic ensues. Impassionate leanings weighted percussive held captive by moods lugubrious & eruptive. Swinging high on the hive saints alive  freedoms devious skip to the loops. Luminous bedbugs traffickers, snoops. Beauty’s rogue economy…Continue reading

Body of Hate Surface of Love

Meta Fiction as Fiction. Presence & Madness, Desire & Distance, Alls & Nothings.

& ease meant

THIS IS FICTION has potential, lead in needs to be tightened up, best para is somewhere around the end. Gonna call her Mel. And its about Mephisto vs. Existential lobotomies. Not lobotomies – be conscious, this is serious stuff. I have clowns and bears. that overtake me. hmm. Clowns insert…Continue reading

01 Viral and Spiral v1.1

Splendor. Cutters farm. In vested with a wire. The slender and the burn. Digging after dog of night. Barriers carriers, for chins and fins. The ticklish and the fragile. Flowers belly up and blue. Holy scares, holy scars, holy reckoning with giddy fumes. The body of the first — and…Continue reading

02 The Quiet One V1

CHARS are sitting here right underneath go in search for them, cut out the latin grammar, see if can translate into present tense, go in on char. Being broke was a kind of suspension, a privileged disease. Its needs so intransigent, brutal, endless. Its hunger a rage of demands that…Continue reading

05 Pronoun Shifters

Stoppers Lucy switching television, falling into sleep where plays over porn and wantum random thoughts in and out of swoon ocean drifts, curse of the perched. Agatha snorts searching for “tremors” in semiology. The endless defenseless ramps to replete. Lucy says shut up. Be gentle. Fort Knots Lucy wants Hieronymus…Continue reading

1 Holy Fern Yearn & Burn

7.27.21 WORK IN PROGRESS Feed the Wake Swallow the Snake Melt with Flake Words are birds are surds are curds. And the wallow swallow goes for bone. LuLu LeSuere. Slake and break, gambles at heavens gate, where rises grieving demons — the whirl wide wind — Voodoo body evil beautiful,…

Bunny Manifesto

Making inroads into discussion about methodology. On the phone can to can. Love the strings. Plays it again, no sooner as begins, becomes infected with beauty and reckoning. Mists of plunder wonders savage playful bold and sorry gusting plussage, sorrow & dole. Lust and bust. Victim and scold. Wonder &…Continue reading

Dead Lucky

story about two American rich kid survivors with parents who are shooting victims Christa thinks time is timeless. Every moment hangs like an empty chair on a wall, ready to fall with fate. Precipice and what’s left, empty and dangling. Beauty peers out at her, a devious acquaintance. What she…Continue reading

Dead Pie Flies Again

Beginning of Something Tongues her. Dizzying, like a smelt of grace. His fingers drag across her skin, her skin a raft of shirkey murky lurking sin. Angels make waves. The unseen and the unnamable thing, drifting off into beauty and violence and the absurd up her cunt. It astonished her…Continue reading


Bridge of Signs Because to try and do so makes Pinky crazy. Even just to think about it. And she can’t control what that does, to herself or other people. Stinky is a death star. And the hatred that erupts from Pinky’s not being able to overcome its hold over…Continue reading

Frankenstein & Whippoorwills

Whippoorwills Two words: slavery and freedom. Spark like a train whistle blowing high and stark, in dank dark treasury of Pinky’s bosom impossible with love and merit like a train beating back the wind, by powers and sorrow of love. As whistles howl long and low along the byways with…Continue reading

Hilltop Park V3

Angelic quandaries unsettle frenetic cloning for the moon in symptoms of doom. Make me into a bristling broom. I can’t stop doing it. Cant stop sweeping for nuggets. Death releases the temptations from their horror. Score transit against tip of sky. Its hard its hard its hard not to deify….Continue reading

Merry with Andrew

Draft 2.1 Learning to have deference again, that  it is what it is, even if it isn’t what it isn’t. Spawns like a counterweight to PouLou’s beloved hysteria. As always, she shouts: to overcome a cornered lovely blasphemy – obese with obstinacy, stupidity, cowardice. You have to have respect for…Continue reading

On a night train to see Cal

Working draft Haute le Couer thinking of Victor de Loveleye. On a night train to see Cal in Tennessee. Falls into beautiful treachery whose desires outrange the purposes of existence. Dire flood of beauty and transgression like swallowing a heart & sword & lust of allah of jesus – angels…Continue reading

Problems with proof of existence.

CREEPY. Life inside LuLu’s magical soul of terror. The theatrics of horror, she calls it. The whole thing glows in the dark. Its a glowing encumbrance. A rag-tag mystery coiled against quasi religious wars, a perversion of slave-trading for love and sex, forged in magic. Its unspeakable stuff, these “sacred books.”…Continue reading

Raven & The Peach

Draft 1.3 Pretty Raw Peaches is up and running, engaged in it in a way that accepts its theatricality and in-dealing or something —  As access and bounty and wind, wind through the curtains. ASIDE: A BattleHard Burrow’s cozy curtained, bit stinky, cat crawling, window-covered bunker, how he mysteriously locks…Continue reading

Rhyme in the Coconut

Lugubrious & tilt-illating Living death or broke? Awash in hatred, its miracle mire – religious, bloody, sexual. Strangely empowering and devouring. Boredom rang of hopelessness, a living death. And this job, as it turned out, was drudgery. Presently, hidden away. Inside a well of seats inside a Mall. An alcove…Continue reading

Stealing Beauty

“I stole the jar.” And it almost destroyed her. Left to scarecrow in the madness. An influence so life changing – it has to be viewed as holy destructive. Pure of heart, broken by life, floating down the river of love, with flowers of madness pasted sentimentally to her chest….Continue reading

The D Word

Dead Ringer LuLu is laying on a narrow bed in an apartment in Detroit. Its a room she is subletting. nothing there is much hers. her hair is a blend of streaks of orange and yellow. the tatoo on the back of her neck is an eyeball with wings. she…Continue reading

Vanna Gutta

first draft Shake it off, beauty is schism. There is anger and horror in her heart like flint and stones. Stop the rhythm. Yells silently, her head up, a deep breadth plodding, supposed to be cold outside, tapping scuff of boots against wall against desk, the moon is wretched, she…Continue reading


Draft 3.7  In the works N’deen Tarwater did not want to quibble with intrigues, seemingly again struck at a revolving glass threshold, that sealed the in from the out. An ever rotating bridge of sighs that sprang before her, a revolving door both effuse and capricious, a door that sang…Continue reading

Weave it be, or Holly stuck with thumb in syenite.

Every noun has possibility. Ricochets against pastiche, in greetings. Along the wayside. V 4 — Body of Hate. Surface of Love. Done not done. Definitely frozen — but fully in its cups. Its kind of random housey but small. Compressed into a kind of thumb in seawall of copious beauty…Continue reading

Why I love taking mud baths with Dr. Who

Version 1.7 Come out from behind and tremble like a gun. The more thunk about, more pastiched said dementia overdetermined. Never say never. Living the dream. Getting disgusted with themselves? Hard to tell, when happy as Larry shell bathing in The Royal Hot Springs. Why I love taking mud baths with Dr….Continue reading

Subliterate Swoons
And A Side of Dead

18 Repeat Answer

Love tired lost found  adders batters kitchen.  Down the dumdum down. Lunatic moments dance music wealthy healthy? to dance  for the love of She Tor Song. Kiss out all the evil  skinny and scorn.Continue reading


Bunch of inter nits, can hear a little something of Becketts clip. Tho hair is swirly, flirts a bit like listening to radiodial buzzing in and out of station location. Title Penisneid Vorbai means: penis envy that potty my past — thinking could be good for title if were to…Continue reading

Fall In

Goal of expository nature is to get me in trough with the angels I like to say. Write in rain with certain authors Becks Burroughs — Rimbauds complicity with simplicity, not really Hemmingways. Naked Lunch Break cycles through the Incendiary with Zenus, and then stacks a list of liberatory contentionalisms…Continue reading

Habit Tat

Spot on Literature is a habitat for me now, a breathing organism. Tho one of oceanic starkness and darkness still, it has come to assume again a threshold of immanence — A decorum of intimacy, that puts ear to sluice of page, like Fitz and Zelda, Proust and his mum,…Continue reading

Intro Flo

Intro Flo My name is Flo. And I am a cess, I am cessed with the work of angels and my life as an insect. Also drawing on gesture in a manipulation of thumbnails videotapes headshots. All articles of concession confession or prognosis — are stolen mind you, stolen. Flo’s…Continue reading

My brother the warrior

Brother was first enemy. Ow. Falling is time, it falls in on me. His bloodwork fills skies. Hobbit not one for moving. Moving. Oh swords kids angry jet Fret bet dimmmm. Heart of warrior, chases the heart. Death takes a bath here — its everything. Cant make sense of it….Continue reading

Nasturtiums Assassins

Ears for years. I will go to my death with a kiss for it, for the feast of fishes. Marm gears heart charms. I know my courage is like the sound of armpit gooseberry. Salients consider something of a poison? half and halfs like me. For mine, this half: has…Continue reading

Says Camus

As comes the melting snow, a pile on. Where hate grows a gorgeous head, beckoning bait grows sate with dead. Picture a fat trout on dry dock. Eye opened dead. Promises Promises. Lets do fish and chips. Growl, agree to disagree, and gently sip. Back on the burner chewing and…Continue reading

Twirls My Baton

Poison Slinks Everything is a voyage to somebody. Not fight that. Let la lang bang be shared. Sill fill till the tank. Woo my cacophony — let them in, let beauty in and the snake will lure — Urgency for beauty mysteriously buries mine in cantankerous love / lore. Its…Continue reading

v1 lit bit, of a scream

IN LINE TO WORK ON Dunning condum nation Sometimes, turn it on here – just to capture its horror on me, its rebellion, expository cry in expunge of darkness. Sometimes shrills up the hill – caroms and catches a cross current of feeding grounds, running around with a stick and…Continue reading

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