05 Calm Balm Psalm V2

Sausage is a proverb.

Drip of flash in fire and sun.

Fishing is in church.

With nothing off the table.

Drink is a visual sink.

Bone’s a world vehicle.

Where tremors spike.

Where mouth goes to bottle.

To neck and insurrect.

The laws of forgetting.

Ships with an open lip.

The cutters, must.

Cup after cup drunk.

Variations in splendor.

Marcel’s memory hooks.

With a crook back to mutter.

Furry archipelago.

What comes through throat.

Wide for breadth.

By six and ten.

Strange litter of treasure.

Deep in will of time.

Larking. Barking. Harking.

Up the sublime.

Where tread.

Brooders schisms.

Pistons, jacket.

Against the palm.

Like painters flesh.

Solid oil.

A stick of it.

First to grind.

Make into butter.

The smell alone.

Is fin to fish.

Ooozy woozy.

Banal like a brothel.

Vows are the working, tedious.

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    nice layout

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