16 Flakes of Daring V1.5

Recovering restless

tramples and flew 

alone here light light light  


makes moves.

Changing changes

oneness puns with radicality

the storm the suffocating

screeching where threatens


counting all the way up

to zero.

Submerged stream strikes 13

sunset never fades

only picks up again

on other side the wait of days

and the wide wide wanting.

To meet over caffeine objectives

that fly and die

turn around urn around 

comes out of the devoid

like caterpillars chewing leaves. 

Vicissitudes a cerulean pallor delirium

pale pale blue

voluptuous too

lush crushing rush

hovers at dawn

blinding me softly.

Hidden dissolves

squeezes the walls

mistaking sufference for love

as pious is to seduction

as purity is to corruption

as silence is to interruption.

Magnified wounds festoon

in pallid dark rooms

drawing arrows

where beach received lightning

throbbing to communicate.

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  1. BerrySeptember 1, 2020

    Great! TNX

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