25 Carmina Priapea Of a Thousand Nights v2

D-Day had to eat it.

Bad cow disease.

Despair was wild. Caught and distraught.

Every ending swang

from magical tree

a Venus Priapus

astray through letter T.

Paired in elephants and dots.

Changes a lot.

Drink went vibrant on me.

Memory cleaver thats

dug into it. Sheer blasphemy.

Madness and death.

Sage and rip the under wearer.

Going through that precious mud

for bones and stones and

what the fuck. The catacombs.

At times drank too much too much

oracles sprung loose

with a glow and flow

wagered everything for ferret and farm.

And nowhere

else and nowhere else

there was a line

across the plank


cross able and fable

and they all fall marble,

a table opened

by force of vat

and out flow bats.

And enters

into motorists.

Transplants hardly live very long.

Never borrow. Better to take

for real. Whatever that means.

Every meal

a dunners wheel.

Parking gets very expensive.

A buried head frittered and tumbling

thru all ages of Fernando,

filters snapping

into wicked spirals

hopes and denials.

Coco stays covered

in fittings for

acceptables limits and

crickets. Bulls eye

unhappily entered

the one-room library

unhappily left.

But didnt go not really

not either.

Worders and bats.

Ex terminal scars

216th time, goawaystayaway

will we reach a 1000 dead pie?

Thats the ink quest.

For lulu from holy wood.

Char bar tar car.

Hang for 10 then am off.

Hi say enoff

molly mcduff.

Signed sifting Sue

Rimbauds childhood

cottage. Every fresh kill

is a daff o dill

a broken lip and

a hot to trot rotter

a pocket full

of mirrorcles,

Sherry’s last?

How flies your pelican?

Bad as that?

Language in red

broke apart inter seeding,

unity broken, defeated

falling falling

into heads that wobble

glowing with rythms


and screaming.

Sacred flowed

every fire

every horror, maze of grace

pie and die

laughing with lucifer

where river stole

beauty from the gods.

What poor judgement

Mary exorcising

what poor judgment Mary

plays the piano

into dead of night.

Was disappointed

so sandy

and sun so sunny.

Sees and agrees.

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