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Translating French

Sui Side Sill A Bus

Issues in Meta-Fizzics and Free Writing 1.8.20 K.I.S.S. Examining the char tar in the rep landia — for keep it simple stupid, listen listen, steal from its wavy funny scathing runny sweet fill pill skill for the nill, riddling with my hummingbird, touché. Then fry brain under flaps into Night…Continue reading

Phrase Hunting with Dusty Hope

And strained so hard just to put myself there. Beyond my reach. Outside the others boundaries somehow and really — pissed off about it. The wild woody shuffle with Proud Mary became quizzically connected to Sweeney Astray. And the vow cow — it came straight through the “enchanted.” Enchantment is…Continue reading

Letters to Epididymus

MERCY ON THE PERCY 6.22.21 I have a “crib” and it evolves all the time when courtesy prescribes a gift. Emile was a gift! It happens where it happens. Its more important to Percy than publishing. Em stems thrive on in a way thats bold and rigid. Outward bound she…Continue reading

Happy (en)Trails with Fodder Shakespeare

Phrase hunting with The William. A collection of phrases from the Shakespeare Lexicon. Am up to letter C reading it. A Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the Works of the Poet, Vol 1 & 2. Alexander Schmidt, LL. D. (1902). Revised and enlarged by…Continue reading

Free Writing & Fast Drawing

1.13.20 Yesterday wad gonna finally sendy russell agan — had this winderful focus on sense of it fir an hour — then shirl hula hoopd and versé ( verser means to pour in fr) joyce jammed against ziz and dyna aka came out of shower togetgher and split a forkwidth…Continue reading

Chuck’s Classroom

This is a fun read. My take his phrases, his phrases are FAB ULOT. Encourage anyone who loves lit phrase raise, to read. Series of rhythms. Description. Instruction. Exclamation. Oh my. Onomatopoeia. Mix to taste. Authority Intimacy Pace. Little Voice. Moment by moment. Big Voice. Overvoice French Movie. Victoriana: Put…Continue reading

02 Laure: History of a Girl, by Colette Peignot

Checked means its been translated literally, thats all.  A young girl’s eyes pierce the night. checked. In a long white chemise, illuminating, a corner wrapped in shadow, my noctabulant kneels half asleep mumbling before crucifix and Virgin. Pious images cover the walls, the kneeling sleeper readies herself for anything, glides…Continue reading

01 Colette Peignot, 1903 – 1938

Re: Relationship with Georges Bataille. Book of collected writings called Laure, written by Georges Bataille’s once paramour Colette Peignot. For a time they lived together. She got tuberculosis, died in his house at 35. Had, it is said, by that time destroyed much of anything else she may have wrote, though…Continue reading