Les Digerati Fabalot : Bel et Bien

  • ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Postage Stamp

    ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Postage Stamp

    Ukraine Soldiers Who told Russian Warship ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Honoured with Postage Stamp. Sketch by artist Boris Groh.

  • A Tour of the Darkling Plain

    A Tour of the Darkling Plain

    Lists of phrases from Finnegans Wake that I snatched out of : A Tour of The Darkling Plain THE FINNEGANS WAKE LETTERS OF THORNTON WILDER AND ADALINE GLASHEEN PHRASES: Honor Bright Prostitute found Murderd Dublin […]

  • Alexander Pope and His Complete Works

    Alexander Pope and His Complete Works

    Alexander Pope (21 May 1688 – 30 May 1744) was an English poet, translator, and satirist of the Augustan period and one of its greatest artistic exponents.[1] Considered the foremost English poet of the early 18th century and a […]

  • Anna Maria Maiolino

    Anna Maria Maiolino

    FAB A LOT has fallen in love with this piece by Anna Maria Maiolino from her In and Out series. Yarn that tumbles out of the mouth of desire, exacerbating after knots? of beauty folly death. […]

  • Architecture and the Text: The (S)crypts of Joyce and Piranesi

    Theoretical Perspectives in Architectural History and Criticism  by Jennifer Bloom Found this book in a bin at Museum of Modern Art book store, when they had a crib downtown. First edition. Lovely book. TIME TO […]

  • Auguste Brachet

    Auguste Brachet

    Got off of archive.org. Considered historically important French language book by Etymologtist Auguste Brachet. Its pretty darn good – Cours complet d’histoire de la langue française conforme au programme du Conseil supérieur de l’instruction publique en […]

  • Beckett with Lacan by Slavoj Zizek

    Beckett with Lacan by Slavoj Zizek

    Slavoj Zizek talking up Beckett & Lacan: “If there ever was a kenotic writer, the writer of the utter self-emptying of subjectivity, of its reduction to a minimal difference, it is Beckett. We touch the […]

  • Bedside Reading

    Bedside Reading

    Night Table. Every Night. In the French.

  • Brief History of Infinity

    Brief History of Infinity

    PAULO ZELLINI Compares line where divine meets the sublime and language of the counting heads – as coextensive with history of math, which it is. Book very fine for philosophy majors.

  • Clarice Lispector

    Clarice Lispector

    Agua Viva. Ex-lover to whom she must explain. And para after para gushes out after thresholds where language goes beyond the simple or complex, beyond deviousness, and even beyond reflection or admission, to something ailing […]

  • Comment C’est

    SAM BECKETT, in his book Comment C’est, circles language La Boue (means mud in FR, nostalgia de la boue). He flushes and loops through an exquisite meandering mud of reason & dreams like a cryptographic lattice. […]

  • Crock of Gold

    Crock of Gold

    Magnolia Pictures Presents CROCK OF GOLD A Few Rounds with Shane MacGown Starting December 5 …

  • Dagda

    Dagda, comes from proto celtic word dago-s for “good”. A fertility monster with bottomless cauldron who spawned at least six and was known as a trickster – with a magic staff that could kill with one […]

  • Dont Believe Me Just Watch

    Dont Believe Me Just Watch

    Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson Come on, dance, jump on itIf you sexy then flaunt itIf you freaky then own itDon’t brag about it, come show me Don’t believe me just watch come on! Don’t […]

  • E.M. Cioran Some Stuff

    INTERVIEW E. M. Cioran & Jason Weiss https://www.itinerariesofahummingbird.com/e-m-cioran.html Portions of this interview were first published in the Los Angeles Times (October 5, 1984); the entire text appeared in Grand Street (New York) 5:3 (Spring 1986), and later in my […]

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Literature but Were Afraid to Ask Zizek

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Literature but Were Afraid to Ask Zizek

    Russell Sbriglia’s introduction to Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Literature but Were Afraid to Ask Žižek offers a great explanation of Zizek’s work meanwhile discussing Lacan’s boss threesie: Symbolic, Real, Imaginary. I found it […]

  • Finnegans Wake with Delmore

    Finnegans Wake with Delmore

    Lou Reed studied Finnegans Wake with Delmore Schwartz >> Oh thats lovely. “We gathered around you as you read Finnegans Wake. So hilarious but impenetrable without you. You said there were few things better in life […]

  • Frequency Dictionary of French

    5000 words embedded in frequent french phrasing with clever translations. @word 4700. Almost done. LOVING IT. Paris in June, here we come.

  • German Grammar

    After reading just three chapters, could read titles for Philosophy Books/Articles and tell apart parts of sentences and match up meaning to words.

  • Half twain! Quarter twain! M-a-r-k twain!

    “Mark Twain” (meaning “Mark number two”) was a Mississippi River term: the second mark on the line that measured depth signified two fathoms, or twelve feet—safe depth for the steamboat. In 1857, at the age […]

  • Happy (en)Trails w/ Fodder Shakespeare

    Happy (en)Trails w/ Fodder Shakespeare

    Phrase hunting with The William. A collection of phrases from the Shakespeare Lexicon. Am up to letter C reading it. A Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the Works of […]

  • Happy by Pharrell Williams

    Happy by Pharrell Williams

    Feel good song.

  • Hi am i don kixs ho tay la man of la muncha — my festiny calls hunt i must o bay —

    Hi am i don kixs ho tay la man of la muncha — my festiny calls hunt i must o bay —

    Man of La Mancha was the first play I ever saw. I cried when quixote sick and died from returning to “senses.”

  • Hidden Prohibitions & the Pleasure Principle

    Hidden Prohibitions & the Pleasure Principle

    Josefina Ayerza with Slavoj Zizek from Flash Art on Lacon.com “The entire satisfaction, the jouissance is that you do not know and will never know who the other is… the entire satisfaction is in this purely symbolic exchange…” […]

  • In Praise of Folly

    From Wikipedia. Essay written in Latin in 1509 by Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam and first printed in June 1511. Inspired by previous works of the Italian humanist Faustino Perisauli De Triumpho Stultitiae, it is a satirical attack on superstitions and other traditions of European society as […]

  • L’Experience Interieure

    Read almost everything by GEORGES BATAILLE on beauty, sex & death. He wrote novels & philosophy. This is his master work. Holding French against English I have read it at least three times. I adore […]

  • Les Fleurs Pensée sur l’Amour

    Two books had super heavy influence on me very early on. Ezra Pounds translation of Remy du Gormant’s The Natural Philosophy of Love. A later 1800’s serious tract about sexual instincts in animals. And translated […]

  • Les Plaisirs et Les Jours

    Marcel Proust’s short stories, Les Plaisirs and Les Jours. The Pleasure of My Days – In which details a heart’s merciless compulsion for whats missing — as a wild delicacy of treasonous virtues that are […]

  • Lulu in Hollywood

    I really liked Lulu In Hollywood by Louise Brooks. Working in Hollywood, and on dancing stages, travelled with Ziegfeld. Its an honest book. Bitter, its been called — but I dont see it that way […]

  • Mary Shelley’s Obsession with the Cemetery

    Mary Shelley’s Obsession with the Cemetery

    The author of Frankenstein always saw love and death as connected. She visited the cemetery to commune with her dead mother. And with her lover. From jstor.org By: Bess Lovejoy  “Her mother’s grave: the setting seems an unusually […]

  • McSweeneys Top 50


  • Mercer & Mancini

    My Huckleberry Friends.

  • My I Ching

    Falling asleep with Finnegans Wake. Gave me hallucinations still cherish. Think about this book a lot. Like a fish, the tide and blotting paper. Aquatic with words, to see what undercurrent pings and plots like […]

  • Page from Prousts Notebook

    Swan et le Monde.

  • Paris Catacombs Websites

    Thank you for posting. With Subtitles!

  • Patti Smith’s List of Favorite Books

    List snarfed from OPEN CULTURE: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov Journey to the East by Hermann Hesse The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Moby Dick by […]

  • Pessoa: A Biography

    By Richard Zenith About half way thru. Very nicely done. INTRODUCTION Pessoa described himself as a “secret orchestra.” Rimbaud as a piece of wood transformed by destiny into a violin. Detective Fiction ? Pessoa lamented […]

  • Politics of Scene

    By Paul Kottman, Sanford University Press. The brilliance and originality of this book consists specifically in its radical recasting of the metaphorical, figural uses of “theater” and “drama.” —Robert Hanke Paul is editing a new […]

  • Red Hand Files Index

    Red Hand Files Index

    An Index to Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files.

  • Rimbaud’s Illuminations XI: Matinée d’Ivresse

    Rimbaud’s Illuminations XI: Matinée d’Ivresse

    O mon Bien ! O mon Beau ! Fanfare atroce où je ne trébuche point ! Chevalet féerique ! Hourra pour l’oeuvre inouïe et pour le corps merveilleux, pour la première fois ! Cela commença sous les rires des […]

  • Rouge et Noir

    Soul, wilt thou toss again? By just such a hazard Hundreds have lost, indeed…

  • Sam Beckett is Beckett

    Sam Beckett is Beckett

    Samuel Beckett: avant-garde dramatist, brooding Nobel Prize winner, and…gritty television detective! Beckett — a Quinn Martin Production

  • Sammy Slabbinck

    Gotta Love Sammy!

  • Samuel Beckett Reads Watt

    Samuel Beckett Reads Watt

    Watt will not abate one jot but of what of the coming to of the being at of the going from Knott’s habitat of the long way of the short stay of the going back […]

  • Samuel Beckett’s Library

    By Dirk Van Hulle and Mark Nixon, Cambridge University Press. Fully examines Beckett’s reading practice, and the way he used his reading in his writing. “… impressive, rigorous, coherent, and innovative.” —Yves Laberge, The European […]

  • Skunk Hour

    Skunk Hour

    I myself am hell; nobody’s here— only skunks, that search in the moonlight for a bite to eat…

  • Sylvia Plath Reading Poems from Ariel

    Sylvia Plath Reading Poems from Ariel

    Found reference to Open Culture‘s reference to “Hear Sylvia Plath Read 18 Poems From Her Final Collection, Ariel, in 1962 Recording” at Warren Ellis Experience. Thank you friends of Warren. Thank you Tudor Ciurea for uploading. […]

  • The Art of Dressing Curves

    The Art of Dressing Curves is a gorgeous book that only SUSAN MOSES could write. Acclaimed stylist for the curvy side of life. No other book quite like it. Includes diagrammatic of 9 collars that […]

  • The Brain has Corridors…

    The Brain has Corridors…

    By Emily Dickinson One need not be a Chamber — to be Haunted — One need not be a House — The Brain has Corridors — surpassing Material Place — Far safer, of a Midnight […]

  • The Crying of Lot 49

    “I came,” she said, “hoping you could talk me out of a fantasy.” “Cherish it,” cried Hilarius, fiercely. “What else do any of you have? Hold it tightly by its little tentacle, don’t let the […]

  • The Faerie Queene

    Written in the 1590s, The Faerie Queene is a Christian allegory (in which Catholicism is the enemy and the Church of England in need of protecting) featuring a cast of knights, maidens, villains, monsters (the Blatant Beast […]

  • The Force Be with Vous

    Do it your own way. No matter what that is…

  • The Limits of Fabrication

    The Limits of Fabrication: Materials Science, Materialist Poetics (Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory) by Nathan Brown, book about materials science and Charlie Olson’s (I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You) poetry. Form of language courted by Heidegger […]

  • The Little Birthday Book

    The Little Birthday Book

    Victorian birthday book + Room for Notes BASED ON quotations from Nick Cave for each day of the year. The Little Birthday Book Created and designed by Nick Cave Published by Cave ThingsSize: 10,2 x […]

  • The Sick Bag Song

    The Sick Bag Song

    The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave is especially essential to my collection. Helps me wake up beyond revelations of ornery terrors: to behold with honesty humor and relish the beauty in my obsessions – […]

  • The Vampire’s Wife: Stuff

    Suzy Cave’s The Vampire’s Wife. Am indebted to her approach to beauty that plumbs artistic and dramatic strains across the universe, however curious, transgressive, or both. Virginia Wolfe Virginia has been much on my mind […]

  • This Much Know to be True

    Official trailer for THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE – in cinemas worldwide on Wednesday 11 May. https://www.thismuchiknowtobetrue.com Directed by Andrew Dominik, featuring Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, captures their exceptional creative relationship as […]

  • Time of the Assassins by Henry Miller

    Time of the Assassins by Henry Miller

    Currently Reading. Love Rimbaud’s switches and tumbles. How he combs and breaks with traditional narrative assembly, roams thoughts language wise willing, visualizes narrative meta, into a poetic spillover of passions dark rebellion and rank beautiful […]

  • Translating Olga Plümacher

    Translating Olga Plümacher

    Pessimism Past and Present Olga Plümacher (1839–1895) published a book entitled Der Pessimismus in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart in 1884. It was an influential book: Nietzsche owned a copy (as did Sam Beckett), and there are clear cases […]

  • Vol. 1 Letters of Sylvia Plath 1940-56

    Vol. 1 Letters of Sylvia Plath 1940-56

  • Why We Gesture

    Why We Gesture

    Development of communication & gesture by pre-eminent expert in field, Prof. Emeritus DAVID MCNEILL. Author of 11 books on language, gesture, speech and so on. Several of which are considered classics. (If I get 1 […]

  • Yaddo Dreaming

    Truman and Harper at Yaddo. I dream of going to Yaddo. I dream of going to Yaddo for a month and writing there and conferring with Lowell in the gardens. And visiting S+L. Also visiting […]

  • Zizek + West (with Sbriglia)

    Zizek + West (with Sbriglia)

    THE FUTURE Russell Sbriglia (Assistant Professor of English at Seton Hall University) hosts a discussion with Cornel West and Slavoj Žižek on “The Future of the Left” —

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