Subliterate Swoons

And A Side of Dead

18 Repeat Answer

Love tired lost found  adders batters kitchen.  Down the dumdum down. Lunatic moments dance music wealthy healthy? to dance  for the love of She Tor Song. Kiss out all the evil  skinny and scorn.

Dead pie fly. W.I.P.

Am working through section by section. Pursues Poetic Meta Fiction akin to Clairce Lispector and some Beckett. At times via Free Writing — meaning “open sesame” in terms of ear to la lang bang plosions of Jouissance, and “filling for cake” like in meta fizzics Blake…

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lit bit, of a scream v1

Dunning condum nation Sometimes, turn it on here – just to capture its horror on me, its rebellion, expository cry in expunge of darkness. Sometimes shrills up the hill – caroms and catches a cross current of feeding grounds, running around with a stick and other…

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My brother the warrior

Brother was first enemy. Ow. Falling is time, it falls in on me. His bloodwork fills skies. Hobbit not one for moving. Moving. Oh swords kids angry jet Fret bet dimmmm. Heart of warrior, chases the heart. Death takes a bath here — its everything. Cant…

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Pen Elopee Pissant – x 6

Pen Elopee Pissant V2 Deathwish the blood succubussed enchanted with destiny’s trial. Hungers plunge range of strange succumming courses of hell to pay abandon hope — untames the raven. And all and dust unspeakable theanthropical lusts. Flowers and poison peddles through the wretched for breach for…

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Says Camus

As comes the melting snow, a pile on. Where hate grows a gorgeous head, beckoning bait grows sate with dead. Picture a fat trout on dry dock. Eye opened dead. Promises Promises. Lets do fish and chips. Growl, agree to disagree, and gently sip. Back on…

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Where Love is Endless

9.9.20 Scoops of Negative Plunder Quivering, the vulnerable into syllabalizing — a shining vulture — feathers red purple yellow blue, high on holy prey? Wonder if Joyce ever compared himself to a vulture? On morning cliff where sits a red rock and the wind blows heavily….

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