Cutters Must

Love Poems for Lobsters

01 Boudin Noir

Escape to disappear fate amazing tin extraction. Hard hard hard alee illuminate. Piston in enemy followed…

02 Portuguese Teas

Fawn says butter for my biscuit no Poe row. Pain in the flame the fly imagination. Discovery demands choice. V for voice. Strangers make rangers. Peace garden peace! Ardors for its beauty where bitter sorrows sacred check caught a neck.

03 Em Bezelers

The Lunch. Love is a hunch back notre damn. Continued continued continuing what beckons for a reckoning the cross unites. Goody body a pail of fail and fail again a cabbage of kale and kale again and builders and boots. Lovely boots. The flaming hanging on…

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04 Hunger & Burners

Hunger burns you burns you mountains top nightingales throbbing puzzle the final goodbye girl must cry — In front of drinking buddies drinking buddies slog through the mines the final the final time the final final canary killed in mine consumed by livid with memory dangerous…

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05 Calm Balm Psalm V2

Sausage is a proverb. Drip of flash in fire and sun. Fishing is in church. With nothing off the table. Drink is a visual sink. Bone’s a world vehicle. Where tremors spike. Where mouth goes to bottle. To neck and insurrect. The laws of forgetting. Ships…

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06 Bad Mitten

Darkness tumbles in like snow beauty runs off is a runaway takes everything offsite everything off off roams hangar like a sung up snake capturing recyclables crushing cans darkness growls its reek brutality hand out hand out for a positive magnet something out is wanting out…

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07 3-Card Monty, V2

The unknown that knows blunders deface defiance fly and die  sky and spy blood and water mix green and hopeless for a fix of ready loose ready are you ready on a mission up to my neck beyond belly of hate   beyond surface of love…

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08 Married to Shelly V2.1

Declares a river. Wire and fly rope of hope puzzles gushing flushing touching water garde à l’eau. Chattel rattles fingers and tips rummaging images forward and back flips flips a cartoon stack of evil spool? or wonder sauce drop and pop till they stop.

09 Infinite and Less v1.5

Delusions of beauty staggered, unbowed impudent and sway what of human flowers and eternity that shocking sickness sly wild and torn uncertain, airborne fates fearful evil graces fatal ill porn winged streaks through wincing peaks transfigures the ondoyant with candors bleak what plies for franchise an…

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10 With Marker Will Blend V1.2

Perpetual blending open and lit raises a sharp gate poisoned and sweet creates themes like hot bitter honey dune with fate  intruders spark sins that look past the hidden reshaping the free importuners agree. The body a river  wherever thought bends gape mystical moments saved by “the…

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11 For your amusement

1. Its clear joy  you too do. Where in between  shoo  the cake  and door. Boots malice this time?  Annoyingly wonderful? Cards  coffee in the raining work   hand water jug ​ ​lighthouse.  Watch.  Ways to get your on. Fragrant  bright red.  Huddle bleakly  goodbye instead? 

12 Snowflake Filling Cracks

Fiery fury. Gallop gallop. Frequent du lit nose push push push back on building sap ling-ling had to enter. Violets when undead of head come up from sleep shadows on wall the final call.

13 A Purple Matter

And these lean curves  escorts sacred slope wine laughter faith night  polygons be polygons rider by water.  Wagons tracing shadows where air ends arouse condemns vivid strangled wall.

14 Endless Fucking Off V1

The pea shoots out, again. Time to damn up the wall. There are no traces. Net evil only : mitigated to mystical uniforms. This was known before.

15 Eau de Perfum

Quicken the associative inflames my frantic bright. Heavy disturbs the monastery. A need for the reflection, touched. Dreams the sudden perpetuated interruption. Enlightens where the seeking mate bait fate sponges up will fills the lake for words like burrs that stick to fondling embassy. Arches walking…

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16 Flakes of Daring V1.5

Recovering restless tramples and flew  alone here light light light   attracts makes moves. Changing changes oneness puns with radicality the storm the suffocating screeching where threatens allowances counting all the way up to zero.

17 Make ends meet

No your going your going no your flowing out to sea no borders carry uniforms too true, mine bursts into flames repeatedly. Attenuating letters is all why hi I know of flying V suing vous. Ideas at tops the nothing hand the nothing hair yet the…

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18 Repeat Answer

Love tired lost found  adders batters kitchen.  Down the dumdum down. Lunatic moments dance music wealthy healthy? to dance  for the love of She Tor Song. Kiss out all the evil  skinny and scorn.

25 Carmina Priapea Of a Thousand Nights v2

D-Day had to eat it. Bad cow disease. Despair was wild. Caught and distraught. Every ending swang from magical tree a Venus Priapus astray through letter T. Paired in elephants and dots. Changes a lot.

26 Rabies and Balm Balms

Mother awoke, tanning dept. Surrounded by bonking lights. An antenna tower could be seen out back, where angels hover, proud as hell freezing over.

Churched on the absurd

A bird  a bird churched  on the Absurd hacking rhymes  like a sea wave of ants  crossing a hunger  tender redoubtable  belly insatiable  for plunder & bait.Thunder swoons along a listening arc muzzled to its liftto the grammar grimoire  to the belle-lettristic.These irreconcilable cravings annex the wing -…

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GM loves GP

Version 2.3Yearner madness basing for stuntshunts like a punter bunt bunt bunt! Rather moonling than dead,haul raven off to face insane dread.Aching void Flos Campi bang bang, moltswindy wicked lavish jolts.Gods of Nih -survey every slice.Call bounder off to substitutionary sacrifice.Willing victim partakes religiously in own grief.Feast of the innocentsa bonnie…

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Head on Bowl

Lob and we are meant to fall. Rhymes the gall. Chimes the way…

Jar and Feather

V2.5Badland thumps through brainborn of Spaina strange and loony lonely convictionscreamers tell me to disappearinto the fear into the flame.Neruda runs finger down the saw of fireas slices up my anterior braineveryone thinks you’re acting insane.White goddessarises from wan host thats the rhythm methodused for toast.Float…

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Niagara Falls

Shocked when sweetness intercedessince so many diedas treason to believe.Sweetness bottled up by tightness in the jar.Nectar closes in.But hearts have cards piled and wild,never empty of the need.Wishes can come trueeven when it’s blue -Unspell unsmell unfell the heart?Ponchos and wreathes,shyness & slyness & indeterminacy.Defend its nuance?…

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oh yaddo

V2 better needs to be cleaned upSpells mull skull licks after the null.There is a pattern -enter under contradiction.Your sun bright blighty wander some & nooswans the in scapesane anddogged loose.Caught -not your fault -pull, pull of bender is a senderskulls across  the vacuumhornof your porngot driven…

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Patches or Matches

Letting loops fly flame through all posey rose-ypants on fire. While St. Brigid goes through year of clean water.  Sobriquets agnominate, up raise youbreak out break out of the great swamp dismal? Back to solid ground. Pound. Pound. Pound. They see hog and baby ugly sounds.I…

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Transgressive and fueland cruel like mortal fluidis fatal and beautiful. Frank devours, leaves her for dead. Becomes a mission to stay a live one. Pores of opulencelike swans are feral.Gardens callanywhere at all.Sounds flash downthe brutal balm. Flows like a compostincendiary. Hothouse woke with crow at…

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performance for picture

Die visibility: collapse Die Delete all  Composting  SERIAL  SERIAL Die visibility: collapse Die Chicken (roasting)  Die die die die visibility: collapse void  American cheapie,  Die die die Reply  visibility: collapse approach with terror  Fritter  fritter fritter  driver  in the configuration  walks unsteadily  Die visibility: collapse.  

Shades of 44th Street

“L’insu que sait de l’une bévue s’aile à mourre –“ From Lacan in “On Surrealism” by Josefina Ayerza A thousand folds of napkin tears itself apart. Sniffles whispers blunders! blunders? gotta wonder —

shaking out the shine?

Fingers tingling at never endings, eating it up. Trying so hard to get to land but that land is “just doing it” with support.  It feeds a restless wonder. For a while. While while while. It’s a wild project.  Hanging on for long as can to…

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Speak Not Its Name

Deathly struggle with emptiness and beauty creates passage — time assumes allumes devolves ascends ascends ascends — breaks poem is just started. still under construction — check back in a week. breaks apart bends -/ kisses floor of shore the flying fish de lac — as…

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st. george

Payout was on impact turn styled into wicked joy did not understand the MEANING of that. Ships ahoy.

Sweet Charity

Restless and quitting, at once play front sweetners of cenobite pylons oleanders. Raise the high finger a tone even waves the worsted wool of piegate fly and drive away. Foot and tooth where buds deliriums reflex hidden finding the circle where plussed and deuced.  Gold is…

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Swill Bot of Days

HMMMMMM – cut out half of it, not bad — almost. Luft for a crimethe rabbit sublime dug upa shell purplish blue.Something insidewill not confidebarking banal like a tube swarm of pride.Crazy and brokechasing smokea license to burn.Steepedin chasms of shinegutting sorrowsinconsolable finds.Stacked attacked azure bounty of…

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Terminal Determinator

V2.5Now  Being — Now HANDLING?!? Now Considered  disabled /? That part in screenplay, that starts with a pan in -Girl watching  while reading with sound off & captions turned onsomething always something”classical” Spanish.  Referring to that period Holy Toledo everywhere anywhere bombs went off.  Still struggling with dead on the…

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The balm in betweens

Am still working on. V3. Soft is deepness, the thousand wells. Innumerable. Happy island bunch in the flesh of you is beauty’s pan handling handles on it. Parks for gold the staggering camp. Not to bee, oh its you again — at the underground of sound…

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Try before you buy

V2.8 thinking this needs to be revised, divvied up, maybe belongs in 3 sep poems.  All is gallgull and skull.Slides down helter skelterfor tools of love it takes and takesa thank you ratesconsiders it a gift?Death becomes this new circumference.As it matters at all!that it peaks and fallsrides…

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Vampire’s Char

Poem switches gears midway through. Something your not supposed to do. Character barges in and there it goes again. Like its grumbling up against La Comedia. Last stanza needs more work. Bit by a wild stark tendernesscame in rushes at cups and back and forth something…

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Visibility Collapse

V2.2Vagrant, a fodderers Mounty phantom lootingin stemmy pursuit of gad incipient trills:Ahoy the nill to spill andfrill your billwith Scatterers Bounty.Too bad too sad, shock therapy as I lay mooning and spooningpall its vittles and what naught.A troper of doomdrinking to impressthe will & the wobbly a…

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without argument

V2Ripe blue glue of crumblebunny out beyond the voidout in lakeout in deep sketchy waterson the takewhere hidden midden complots assume wretched and glorious blooms.Comes a point of inversionwhere catches fireglows, explodesin a flash of feather.Again and again feral thief dashes up wire for sweet folds the…

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Written in a Country Churchyard

Hope from all this  every particular  case of resistance  reduced to a computation very sad at the thought alternatively give  a second opportunity  by change of circumstances  curse the restless stock  and cough. Map the Dryads  waking among them  sickening wave as ripped back the skin …

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