Body of Hate Surface of Love

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Holy Fern

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Holy Fern by Dusty Hope

Dizzying with no brakes

LuLu LeSuere. Taunted by spasms of transfiguration. Groping for hopes beyond limits. Darkness becomes visible. Every beatitude blossoms verges sunders brinks. Sets off sparks.

Thresholds flurry at brinks of faith. Endless gestations, lark gloat tut, smirk wallow swoon, o glory and gloom…

Pulls at LuLu’s heart head cunt. Unfolds into fields of array array disarray, hunger’s trituration of the inexhaustible. 

Waft furious whiffles migrate like orchid fucking wildflowers.

Anger frenzies with disdain. Fire enflames desire.

LuLu’s circling wheel of ping sing. Hanging over a bucket of chuck it, neck first — fraught and fly with crippling mutiny. Eruptions of insane pain.

Substitutes for sins? Substitutes for sin offerings? Sub sit toots. Lute flute — shoot! 

Shout it down down down down — 


Blows into rows of battle torn lows.

Scorn adorns with righteous rebukes, the rapacious greed of forlorn cruelties — Feeling for blowout snaps, where chaos invades.

LuLu’s animal sickness, beauty always rioting.

Uptakes intakes outtakes like a holy mole in her cunt — a mystic beauty, by turns rhapsodic, morbid, panicky, jealous, holy irreverent — Bathes in waves of it.

The veerness and sheerness of falling in love with Victor — let the dogs out?

Hit LuLu’s shadowy parts like a bullet train. 

Rants and rhapsodies

LuLu’s stray savage focus locus pocus — secretly feeds off all sorts : porn corn mourn.

Rejects limits of the real with l’avengeance of a tomb raider — LuLu hates the intransigence of time. Pleadings live beyond its rigid confines.

Daft mourny graft fleure allures in tender belly of mystic — where tragic morphs gothic melancholic —

Horn corn thorn fern yearn burn, paddle saddle rattle — and the con querying worm —

Passions boundless raillery. 

Binges where hinges, huh mazing grace — 

St. Mary Fairy

LuLu’s got a St. Mary fairy, creepy wary — and devout. Deep as a religious baptismal font. Wading in waters of wistfulness and the contrary. Fills with blood of forsaken martyrs. 

At edge of life where affines with the subdivine. Sun king bling swings by — for a sacrificial swan dive — quantum Dante-um, cosmic comic flood of timelessness and the nominate blood offering —

Torch and slab stab? — what… Secret rites of the religious spiked to a lethal sponge. Priests of the psychic phenom-dom droning over and over, shadowed in hood and robe.

But wait — swim swim swim out further further. 

Shocking wicked twisties’ brave grave reservoir of horror —

Ritual compulsive transcendent — shocks entwines — the retro descendant — of the incandescent — 

O curse of the beautiful body restless, stuck in time — 


Body of Hate Surface of Love

Presence & Madness, Desire & Distance, Alls & Nothings.


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