Body of Hate Surface of Love

Presence & Madness, Desire & Distance, Alls & Nothings.

& ease meant

THIS IS FICTION has potential, lead in needs to be tightened up, best para is somewhere around the end. Gonna call her Mel. And its about Mephisto vs. Existential lobotomies. Not lobotomies – be conscious, this is serious stuff. I have clowns and bears. that overtake…

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Bats in attic

Hurts like the Dickens. Boom boom boom. Push through pain beckoning in Jael’s heart to make it shut up. Sublime turnaround time for story book salvation is a climber of vine like Tarzan – meets Camus? And so they stand, Tarzan and Camus, on rock above…

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Bunny Manifesto

Making inroads into discussion about methodology. On the phone can to can. Love the strings. Plays it again, no sooner as begins, becomes infected with beauty and reckoning. Mists of plunder wonders savage playful bold and sorry gusting plussage, sorrow & dole. Lust and bust. Victim…

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Bridge of Signs Because to try and do so makes Pinky crazy. Even just to think about it. And she can’t control what that does, to herself or other people. Stinky is a death star. And the hatred that erupts from Pinky’s not being able to…

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Frankenstein & Whippoorwills

Whippoorwills Two words: slavery and freedom. Spark like a train whistle blowing high and stark, in dank dark treasury of Pinky’s bosom impossible with love and merit like a train beating back the wind, by powers and sorrow of love. As whistles howl long and low…

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Glow & Yeux

Suffocation Glow Weeny is high dungeon. Demons giggle with lush red posies of a magnified slow death. Pictures of girls – across walls of spacious gallery, huge dead-posed to a mystery, as tragic and murder on a sea of velvet. As sorrow and overkill. Gorgeous as…

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Merry with Andrew

Draft 2.1 Learning to have deference again, that  it is what it is, even if it isn’t what it isn’t. Spawns like a counterweight to PouLou’s beloved hysteria. As always, she shouts: to overcome a cornered lovely blasphemy – obese with obstinacy, stupidity, cowardice. You have…

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o1 Madness Fly Pillar and Pie

Not getting anywhere. Thinking about it. Thinking about it. Thoughts about death intrude. Thoughts about death always intrude. Fictioning with Meta. This piece is meant to be sketchy. A conversation between unnameable clowns in fond pursuit of meaning and its invention from death to madness. V3…

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On a night train to see Cal

Working draft Haute le Couer thinking of Victor de Loveleye. On a night train to see Cal in Tennessee. Falls into beautiful treachery whose desires outrange the purposes of existence. Dire flood of beauty and transgression like swallowing a heart & sword & lust of allah…

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Pro Noun Shifters

V 5 Fleshing out details. Just beginning to. Stop Its always good to start, with somebody elses slice and dice. Agatha walks into Lucy’s hide out like piped in music. Says “shut up.” Lucy watches television to bore tremors asleep, barely watching anything but the same…

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Problems with proof of existence.

CREEPY. Life inside LuLu’s magical soul of terror. The theatrics of horror, she calls it. The whole thing glows in the dark. Its a glowing encumbrance. A rag-tag mystery coiled against quasi religious wars, a perversion of slave-trading for love and sex, forged in magic. Its unspeakable…

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Raven & The Peach

Draft 1.3 Pretty Raw Peaches is up and running, engaged in it in a way that accepts its theatricality and in-dealing or something —  As access and bounty and wind, wind through the curtains. ASIDE: A BattleHard Burrow’s cozy curtained, bit stinky, cat crawling, window-covered bunker,…

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Rhyme in the Coconut

Lugubrious & tilt-illating Living death or broke? Awash in hatred, its miracle mire – religious, bloody, sexual. Strangely empowering and devouring. Boredom rang of hopelessness, a living death. And this job, as it turned out, was drudgery. Presently, hidden away. Inside a well of seats inside…

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Smoking Mirror

Language bandied with mock cackling suffusion. Cal thought: emptiness learning how to bleed.

Stealing Beauty

“I stole the jar.” And it almost destroyed her. Left to scarecrow in the madness. An influence so life changing – it has to be viewed as holy destructive. Pure of heart, broken by life, floating down the river of love, with flowers of madness pasted…

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The D Word

Dead Ringer LuLu is laying on a narrow bed in an apartment in Detroit. Its a room she is subletting. nothing there is much hers. her hair is a blend of streaks of orange and yellow. the tatoo on the back of her neck is an…

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Vanna Gutta

first draft Shake it off, beauty is schism. There is anger and horror in her heart like flint and stones. Stop the rhythm. Yells silently, her head up, a deep breadth plodding, supposed to be cold outside, tapping scuff of boots against wall against desk, the…

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Draft 3.7  In the works N’deen Tarwater did not want to quibble with intrigues, seemingly again struck at a revolving glass threshold, that sealed the in from the out. An ever rotating bridge of sighs that sprang before her, a revolving door both effuse and capricious,…

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Why I love taking mud baths with Dr. Who

Version 1.7 Come out from behind and tremble like a gun. The more thunk about, more pastiched said dementia overdetermined. Never say never. Living the dream. Getting disgusted with themselves? Hard to tell, when happy as Larry shell bathing in The Royal Hot Springs. Why I love taking…

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