without argument

Ripe blue glue of crumble
bunny out beyond the void
out in lake
out in deep sketchy waters
on the take

where hidden midden
complots assume 
wretched and glorious blooms.

Comes a point of inversion
where catches fire
glows, explodes
in a flash of feather.

Again and again
feral thief dashes up wire
for sweet folds the eye
where dances fire,

bone of its wing stuck in lid.
Feathers & fin curvinerved -
curling inward
adunc with ambivalence.

Yet persuaded, more and more
and more, obvious as toast
to a ghost.

Loops knows its a wall knot,
murr is the sound
of happiness of contentment 
set loose by Furies bloodlust.

Lures of tokens in ocean abyssal
arrested with esteem. 

Like Loki pines the grift
inflation escaping tire and torn 
of tutu, mussing capered swish -

Where hopes betrayals senarious
sniggered wicket and aloof
went bowling for a buck.
Hit the holy roof.


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