01 Motionless Mobius Morbid Fluff

Love rages

a battering ram

and a canalizing


as heat moulders perch

like a bird

wild in worship.

The virgins of hell ring

my wasted double


rile for a pile

oh. Ocean

cheap breathless heap

a wendingness

of morbid flora

lets loose that pin

a blanket white out

alive as a bee hive

auditors vortext

candle and cypher 

a holy zeal feel

religion born

on the kneel

in an appearance of innocence

finding bridges falling down

and flying penises

undead in head


out to simmer in the red

girls are tanning

Zero de Nero fishing

with riddles

somewhere in the middle

of marriage and fiddle ?

A puzzle of songs

of innocence

wronged, coiled roiled soiled

and held for sin

in a fluke barrage

of violet

and tin.

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