08 Married to Shelly V2.1

Declares a river. Wire and fly

rope of hope

puzzles gushing flushing

touching water

garde à l’eau.

Chattel rattles

fingers and tips

rummaging images

forward and back



a cartoon stack

of evil spool?

or wonder sauce

drop and pop

till they stop.

Mystery’s ghosts of a clue

pours over every edge gives me a ledge

to orbit the fire the thirsty this dirty

taunt haunt and wordy

flirt and sink run the hopeless figure

of shiny red mink

and holds up the fence and pulls up wire.

Courting foil to dial down the dire

coil for oil that lit the dark

and made me bark a running shell

sweet and bold from hillock to hell.

From lighthouse to nighthouse

the appetite compunctions unctuous

gruesome, morbid deformations

backward hugs and slugs

a rot of moll puppy and foil

endless rocketing wends.

Still the thin dead sisters defend

courting heaven only then.

Affinity sits on the worm. 

Shares the fern.

Flows and blows

through mysterious chokeholds

where burns white worm

endless friendless moon

and the seven die, heroic foot.

Mourning dove knots with love

side the drop and the aqua naught.

Flash to ashes

repeating boronic lovely stashes

powdered tri valient hard block.

Honey locust witness silent

night fugitive where angels standpipe.

Types where lost a forest pros

every goddess is sky

whore and spy shattering

through a blanketing dross

anchor and hanker straw bliss and cross.

Treebeards of febrifuge

this dawn cloud heavy

symptoms where rioting

are written in blood

madness by its conditions

additions and work

smooths the fractions

ancient bellowless shirt.

Fill the bill bird and sill

smashing pillow

the weeping willow

pronounces pimps from symps and coughing

battles with neck drips

pictures of horror.

But endless love arguments came first

all and none love let in

the ocean burst of what for beauty

will seed high dungeon

pins a heart to every nurse.

Pastiche sweet snorts

the morbid nighs a dig in rug

throatless voiceless heavy shrug

dragged dirt back over endless tug

where hid in pan for the man

in park and hold

in angels eyes

the cuts unfold.

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