End is up on me

L’insu que sait de l’une bévue s’aile à mourre

Quote from Lacan at lacan.com, on Surrealism by Josefina Ayerza

The unknown  
that knows
of its blunders
is to die 
is like fabled
elephant burial ground
is to go there
to die?

A thousand folds
of napkin
blunders blunders
one has to wonder 

with Parker
showing up
from down street
no other resident purpose 
to get drunk like that

other than death
other than
river of death?
shaking a stick at me.

Not blunders? she perches
same same same

same as ever
beauty is damned
beauty is relative.

Its not one dead pie 
its a thousand dead pie

its every one of them 
up to my neck -

On mission

beyond hate 
beyond love or mercy

Shakespeare rakes
for sarcasm
my hide fries

bountiful pitch
sweet dark lies

but wait
cupid poe crow cries
arise arise arise

Or was it
just to die
the three card monte?
for caliber of candor
phoenix dies
to obtain.

or birds brains.

Weathers insane
feathers flying off
drums beat circles
slow slow
row row row
bang on.

flip flops
graveolent reversals -

winges with abyssal
make pall
my floating island heart

nests and scrabble
into dreams of doing books

gas lights got me
just one look

R round neck
at every deck.

Writing mauls
for beauty
insists its a duty

for byrons shines
sent three times
thats en courag ing -

Prison is
my death
ex strange brutal flowers

in sun
dizzies in margins

absurd is god without sin
absurd is sin without god

sometime wretched
I am

a pig that goes to market
brooks that desire,

mire ire fire tire
a spire.

Emily says,
its OK.

Keep on going
OK all the way

in jump

holding hands Camus
some sort of

biblical lions den

for hearts
body booty smarts.

Girl in cut out
magazines in collages

gather gather
misses, a tension
for kisses

where dream
above cross currents
along wavy lines

a sky way bridge
light blows red,
full stop, full stop.

The end is
up on me.

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