Elephant Catching

Draft 2.1

Stories in height
Under tree of horns
Corpse-like sleeping

Affection turned 
To loathing despair 

Naked high art
In ecstasies then
In a twinkling
Heard on roof 

Heedless of consequences
By a fatalistic night
Rode on breadth

Most alarming symptoms
Full-strange deformities
Fancies immense 

Tremendous paralyses
Drawn by some force outside 
Stronger than gravitation

Whirling heavenly chariot flies 
Bare walls
Accompanied by curses 

From this chasm 
Ceaseless turmoil 
Seething weary
Something bright

Set fire to church 
Smashed, cutting heath
Cutting turf

But little use 
Shakes joyously
Each round 
Third and fourth...

Terrible yet beautiful 
When turning about the end.

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