Blade (of Oar)

Dull humming sound
surmised hostility 

guns across their arms?
preliminary version 

posted for suggestion
best to keep things going—

a question of pumps 

the right to take of every kind 
roam at large

wade through slaughter 
left behind 

some monument
to cause and night 

where lonely 
and undirected

fought skimming-dishes 
in point of depth.

Should have turned 

suddenly smitten,
accidentally knocked over the corpse

finding it dead
believed shook hands with a miracle

but could not break 
the meshes.

In grave she lies
flung like glass over the wall 

any person 
who innocently begins infringes

leaving a space 
in the middle for gravity.

First the great circle 
as solitary 

conceived again

any lucid description 
a new cytology

bags on backs 
languorous and appealing 

rounding the task
is arduous.

Put on a bright face 
smile pleasantly 

spasmodically clutching
the truth flashes upon fugitive minds 

sheering to one side 
a cruel wealth of pathetic detail.

Laboratory of sins
many singular intimations 

lack neither dew nor air 
speak lovingly 

embrace a large proportion of
to walk the heights. 

The shadow a very scarce affair 
very select 

the tumult 
on a landing place remains

under tree 
whenever a gale catches 

a window open parts troffers
accedes - godspeed!
Hamlets strapping  
filled air with cries

and breathless nights 
as prophecies concerning  

the very flaming 
forge of life.

Solace has come 
to make a square be

reft for two
and each for self 
the pelf ordained.

C'est piloot,
priedieu, a lu.


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