03 Finical Dis Array Way V2

Graceless faceless

under fire

bevy levy the heavy +

tire with merciless desire

causes and raptures champion

to resist desist ? stop this piss ?

hesitations raw

escaping banalities

magnified into poison porn and hate

the horror magically

deliriously abates…

A world burning

with merciless turning.

Yet spins the tan out of hand

the oceanic sublime bright on time,

drive that ship into breakwall

of sorrows hair splitting unwitting enthrall

again again again — smash it apart.

And linger under

where everything falls

struck like the infinite

wrought on lost causes.

And barreling back

into the crack attack attack

what haunts and shines

into the crime

where out of sweet evil necessity

creeps out of lake

over a mutiny of waves

and plies the ferry.

Builds a home for it

in stomach of love

and then had to add hotels.

To feed the seasicks

finical whirr ship

yet another flooding fled head

caught dealing in broken wing

a break through and through

kind of negative thing,

A chancers gall

every time convexed

and swept away fills la chute

a hump a haul

under the gibbous moon

of great spirical value ?

(for its undersea



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  1. Oltmanns

    Good day! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your posts. Many thanks!

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