02 Wad Squad v3

Dear Brautigan.

Horror and sin

find shimmying embrace in

waves of haunting panic

reaching for free wanting to be.

Dialed in

with upsurging

overtures of angst.

Wendying a way

into a stark delectation

beastly balk

laid to waters waste.


for love

and its sacred allures

and staring eyes with evil

in battle foreshadowing

intubational wreck

everything open at the neck.

Blame blame

sorrows deep

and put to sleep

cumulated estrange

a histrionic habit for rabbit

that can dance

spanish flamingo macabre.

And sound a muddling cry and

nigh fill the monster romantic

with tellurian incurrent

coursing through illure illure

like a winged open casket

fishing for an eye

running down the wind.

When promptly fends with

a congregate metrical glory to

catchment, abstraction and sin.

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