paroles la mer

The rack the fuse

the must the muse

the developers stack –

a warren of beautys



complicity requires!

Mouth of cave

where looters raid


slope of philosophers

partook, a bath!

There, just there

hangs ancient flood


following the dots

nostalgic for mud.

The lure of lengths

pureduresûre as stripe.



non-refundable, non-refutable. 

Down, down, down –

& to the right.


Holy socks!

heal and toe.

Wildly compressed,

a hand of air!


Bore-holes at bottoms

sweet and low.

Confesses beauty,

his animals share.


Where wheels

divine wheels

paroles la mer.

Pernicious Contrary

Stuck inside fatelessness

pain killers, a lid


contrary pernicious –

insidiously delicious.


Ransacking irreconcilability

(truant with death) 


punching at oblivion

for a sick f&ck of – meth ?


Loosen your change

all seething and wreath


spiking the bitters –

cold, trenchant & sweet.