Rape of the Crock

First poem ever sent
caused pain


boy hung up angry,

never spoke to me again –


In poetry hung
a deadly fore-edge 


did not apprehend

the dancing demonographer


stalking my pen –

Its frailty skidding


along like a log,

misty waters endometric, 


dense flashes, spray – fog!

Loneliness brazened


through floodplains

flurry, balk & heat.


But nothing 

outdeuced heartbreaks


fey shadowy torture

shy quavery, din sinister


rape of the lock

rupture of the deep –


Bemazed unreformable

misdread – delirament


sly dense glutton, niaf

scarlet runner, unsquarable –


fiery f&ck-wit thief.

Golden Mole 


lickerous & apocalyptic,

dying dying dying –


oh to be lief!

Nill Ye Will Ye

When hole

in chest turns green,


that breathless expansive


feeling –


burns with woos

panic ensues.


Impassionate leanings

so weighted percussive –

heart striking & protrusive


held captive by methods

solicitous restive

lugubrious eruptive



& intrusive.


Swinging swinging

high on hive

as the sticky wind, mills

saints alive –


Sharp edge

of fissure, lip & flue 

some way some day!


through devious freedoms

his darling brood-i-ful

skip to the loo –


Oppose the rocking, horse ?

the bent the rent

the wild & the cooked, 


panics’ sweet & deviant

hungers! teeming leaping

luminous bloodsuckers


wiggers chiggers 

traffickers, crooks ?


Beauty’s rogue economy

truth-or-dare –


with beautiful beasties

whose every other word,

I swear!

Pernicious Contrary

Stuck inside fatefulness

pain killers, a lid


contrary pernicious

cynical & extraditi-ous.


Ransacking irreconcilability

(truant with death) 


punching at oblivion

for a sick f&ck of – meth ?


Loosen your change

all seething and wreath


spiking the bitters –

cold, trenchant & sweet.

Beauty that burns

Beauty that burns

turns unruly


raft like wings

tethered to the wild


drizzling sizzles

in schisms


of passion, naysay!

& fury –


hell before heaven!

its raining fire –


Wild reckless misery ?

a standoff, rebuke


lonesome, a fighter

softheaded, a blighter ?


Holy Terrors –

exilic bloodlust!


sacred captive,

divine recruit.

All the Way

To go the way
of the dodo bird ?
graceless under fire


too long lost
to melting points
plundered with desire


lost in causes
lost to raptures
too champion to resist


hesitations magnified!
poisoned, with
a mad persistance!


Fears empower hate,
hate rants its way to sleep
asleep in the ocean sublime


sorrows raged against
the ocean
roaring with fate!


a crucible for love –
annointed by his savage blood
playing intimate


with the divine.

epi de fleur

Mischiefs relay
le feu sacré


catching blazes
the looking glass bits.


My tongue my tongue
opposes its thumb


fissilingualist –