Storm Chaser

When hole

in chest turns green,

that breathless expansive


feeling –

burns with woos

and panic ensues.


Impassionate leanings –

so weighted percussive 

heart striking

& protrusive

held captive by methods

solicitous restive

lugubrious eruptive




Swinging swinging

high on hive

as the sticky wind, mills

saints alive –


Sharp edge

of fissure, lip & flue 

some way some day!

through devious freedoms

his skip to the loo –


Oppose the hosed ?

the bent the rent

the wild & the cooked, 

panics’ sweet & deviant hunger

teeming with chiggers 

luminous bloodsucking

wired-up, crooks!


Beauty’s rogue economy

truth-or-dare –

with my beautiful beasties

who every other word,


Pernicious Contrary

Stuck inside riddle

Phoenix & lid


contrary pernicious

cynical & delicious.


Ransacking bellwethers

truant with death 


punching at oblivion

for a sick f&ck of meth.


Loosen your change

all seething and wreath


spiking the bitters –

cold, trenchant & sweet.

unholy choir

Beauty that burns

turns unruly


raft like wings

tethered to the wild.


Drizzling sizzles

in schisms


of passion & worry

grim loathing & fury!


Rant before heaven –

it’s raining fire!

All the Way

To go the way
of the dodo bird ?
graceless under fire


too long lost
to melting points
plundered with desire


lost in causes
lost to raptures
too champion to resist


hesitations magnified!
poisoned, with
a mad persistance!


Fears empower hate,
hate rants its way to sleep
asleep in the ocean sublime


sorrows raged against
the ocean
roaring with fate!


a crucible for love –
annointed by his savage blood
playing intimate


with the divine.