Sweetie not –

crash dive, eaten alive


by torments bound

to Insect Wheel,

Coffin Fly that lays


boute-selle with visions

meat and chuck,


as terrors tightening

mount & f&ck –


bull markets

peak leak heap corrupt!


Profound & deadly

with dismay.


Not stop butterflying

this double-dying wind,


whose terrors denude

a misprision of sin.


Love – fret and staunch,

the countless taunts


what so costly

raises the skin!


Not leave again

this joint under-served


as dawn still cocks

where reapers converge


dares serpent-volant

to waltz back in –


As signs from the heavens 

betray a cutthroat grin –


Forlorn, and hapless?

this willful musth


circles like flies,

impotent? restless –

No – arise! now arise!


Buggy? mazed maudlin

shaken & stirred –


Not kick over the vortex!?

not swallow the bird –


Fallen bodies –

lust divinely unclean

called up

in a hounding mutiny,

both transfigurational

& high dungeon obscene.


Backcountry gothic


from egg of a snake

from fruits on a dung heap –


Or a Barborite


apocryphal profession:

& upon ejaculating –

Isa drank his own semen.

& upholding the jar:

This we must do,

that we may fly.


Magdelene, owned it

as true, & for its blessing

was driven to tree tops,

mad as a magpie.


Fits of enchantment,

blinding rages –

feverish morose divine.

Starvling marveling

like beauty accursed,

rambling raided, terrified –


Washing wings in ashes, ashes

bathing in dust –

allay! allure? ally.

Clutched to finely haired flowers

in sing song circles

allez oop allez oop.


Till transports in

body, breadth & desire

punctually incinerated,

finally, divinely –

inhumed by fire.


Find credence

reading bloodstones

for contradictions immutable.


Crash and condom insolute,

fingers at my neck

teetering & inscrutable.


Magic & fire locking horns,

paint this body

the tireless color of salmon


diving pink into the red.

Spawning eggs

on banks of gravel,


scandalously high!

as a mountain of death –

Love is weather,


love is the sea

tide in, tide out

chasing currents


for odds, insurgent?

restive as the sky.

Riven to a cross –


it leaps, it stalks!

paradoxically loath and sly.

Born at sea,


both horn & fly.

Swaged in along

the wind whispering edge


sheer & taunt –

to a brush,

catchwork rent & nigh.


The run up – a fatal rush!

foraging rapids

fatty red flesh, jaw & eye.


Thor tapered tails

horn & stray,

by polar magnet & sun.


Obliquely honed

to smell where smolt,

& a wilding crazy run for it.

Hasta La Vista

Meet me
in a bar afar.


Rustle me out
of this ocean wreck,


urchin for tools
Bering Strait.


Meet me
on the Bridge of Sighs


bell and the fog
harrow and cark.


Kiss a grace
of this hour and waste.


Pull me out
of this can of fire.


Toil inflames
every bleeding thirst


to pander and shame
vain and sullen with desire.


Coney and hole
sunk in like a mole


bad to sad,
driving me mad!


Cunning & stunning –
caught under, in tow


obtemperate intrigues,
yon impossible sorrow.


Rape of the Crock

First rhyme ever sent

caused pain –

soulful literary gallant

hung up on me

never spoke to me again.


In poetry hung

a deadly fore-edge –

did not comprehend

bloody ravening demonographer

sword swallowing my pen.


Its brazening out

after hungers raw tragic meat –

beset with lash

turbulent flashes

bonking sacred crucifixions

hog wild gallows heat.


A haunted herd

of dense neurotic nimbo

terror beauty martyry –


Spirits rose and balked

at the throws –

fey shadowy torture

din sinister abandon

beggarly bottomless pits.


A swoon sepulchral

of illaqueate infinites.


Love kneeling beside

wan lugubrious insurrections

turning with contempt

sinking into cunning swirls of sorrow –

contrary doleful unrepentant.


Hermes, that divine conveyor

of underworld souls

reverser of hooves, subsequently –

upturned the whole bowl

staging hunger and grief

to wisdom of a thief.


Heedless flowers

balled up, inhaled

at safecrack in crime.


Guardian ghosts

of the indomitable,

sweet predatory riprap

preconscious and subline –


Outfallen, fang thief

infibred obduracy of rhyme.


del sagrado corozon

Pulley is rhyme

that accretes like slough

carries me off


toes sunk in at edge

where sand makes mud


and up, it comes

the plank piratical

up to nose and noose


lusts for breaking things

battered and loose.


The hidebound,

holy wounded


ancient hinge —

dead ends in stacks and stacks


del sagrado corozon 

horror and stern

like an iron mask.


Morning light

releases a refugee


blows like a fire eater

into the overbright.


Hostages provocateur

infiltrate, as incoming


treachur-ly empaths,

stalk the undone.


As madness –

a money dread

graces killing the sun.


Yet scruples extol,

like chess-with-death, flower


bandy and bounty

bad birds bright into bed


where near misses (like kisses)

ring out the undead.


Basing on Blake

Quench quench wanhopes ?
oh holy light –
possessed of day
where spirits stray
cannot itself
destroy or complete
near shades of extortion
where sorrows meet.
Timeless rallies
hewing to terror,
lurch, stagger
& spike – for joy?
Blades wired
liken frogmen
to an arsenal of feet,
whose fins
buck and batter
blood-honey like meat.
Green river hazards
rope key for oceans of sky
old weapons reload,
swoons wuther & ride.
make mudhole
sudden game ball
bounds out –
Treason whorls
& rejolts
turns a bulls-eye
stark wild.
Beauty scurrying
from trouble
lies delinquent, in wait –
For deceits
snapping thunderbolts
to spasmodically dissipate.
As sorrow aches
to trust –
and anguish turns
to lust.


paroles la mer


Mouth of cave

where looters raid


slope of philosophers

took a bath –


there just where

fire slings ancient flood


following dots

nostalgic for blood.


Lures at lengths

pur dur sur and stripe.






Down the down stairs

smugglers notch

& to your saturnine right.


October reprisals

the heal and yoke


hand and sound –

go succumb to air!


Bottom graces

with a sudden cry out


sweet and measured – ?

my animals share.

All the Way

To go the way
of the dodo bird ?
graceless under fire


too long lost
to melting points
plundered with desire


lost in causes
lost to raptures
too champion to resist


hesitations magnified!
poisoned, with
a mad persistance!


Fears empower hate,
hate rants its way to sleep
asleep in the ocean sublime


sorrows raged against
the ocean
roaring with fate!


a crucible for love –
annointed by his savage blood
playing intimate


with the divine.

Beauty that burns

Beauty that burns

turns unruly


raft like wings

tethered to the wild


drizzling sizzles

in schisms


of passion, naysay!

& fury –


hell before heaven!

its raining fire –


Wild reckless misery ?

a standoff, rebuke


lonesome, a fighter

softheaded, a blighter ?


Holy Terrors –

exilic bloodlust!


sacred captive,

divine recruit.


Free from pander

free from shame –


the divine

implacability of sorrow.


Chunks of tree

melt palms


over loot

and slain –


skull & crossbones

forfend the jumpsuit!

epi de fleur

Mischiefs relay
le feu sacré


catching blazes
the looking glass bits.


My tongue my tongue
opposes its thumb


fissilingualist –

Eye of the Wind not

Horror lapping
shimmies with panic
surging angst


finds that beastly
balk of ruins

laid to waters
a bubbling waste –


Sorrows bleed

red and white
muddling monstrous –
hunt the night


for a crack

in eye of the wind.

suspiral vent

At bottom sits

jokers wild


wild with blastments

bloodbird & riddled


curmurrings pose villianry

sweet and dangling



my storming breathlessness


as drums smoke pores

violently open


glomming torched

spun & rattling


into your arms

seditiously soaking


the bloodguilty throat

of a whir & drone iron lung


whose leaf lard

bleeds & breeds


glint, boxed-in

savagely caroms


with the fury of love

and the frenzy of death.

combust with dust

And all this life

turns up like lead


salt and sink

against my head


a trigger pounding

combust combust


like an angel caught in a rage

of emptiness and lust


firebird in contempt
of time –


flambeau fugitive
(in thrall to rhyme).

Whats under your hood

Sot with love
and cosmic death


horrors magic tragic
fruit of poisonous tree –


itches fishes and twirls
for pluralismo worlds


to the ashery.

Royal Farter


Heart-crazy ignoble
for roots of resistance


love for battle conditions
horror pollutes


fine lines on your ruler

who fakes you crueler


greatest pretenders
make you truer


shed shed the unhealthy

unhappy in your ranks


little gov little gove

is sick of your sickness


sucking off the system
a leach unto death.

Nill Ye Will Ye

When hole

in chest turns green,


that breathless expansive


feeling –


burns with woos

panic ensues.


Impassionate leanings

so weighted percussive –

heart striking & protrusive


held captive by methods

solicitous restive

lugubrious eruptive



& intrusive.


Swinging swinging

high on hive

as the sticky wind, mills

saints alive –


Sharp edge

of fissure, lip & flue 

some way some day!


through devious freedoms

his darling brood-i-ful

skip to the loo –


Oppose the rocking, horse ?

the bent the rent

the wild & the cooked, 


panics’ sweet & deviant

hungers! teeming leaping

luminous bloodsuckers


wiggers chiggers 

traffickers, crooks ?


Beauty’s rogue economy

truth-or-dare –


with beautiful beasties

whose every other word,

I swear!

My country is a slave to death

Every new death carries

another exoskeleton on our backs

as flies the buzzards

adorned with screeds

circling circling

where love lies bleeding.


Guns blanketing fire

with a buyers mad greed

run run for your life

die for your country

sweet chicken feed!


Brochures of bullets

raving for grace

merry, a poster

of this obscene race

ban the 2nd –

with John Browns face!


My country my country

is a slave to blood

sweet reigns of caskets

draped in horrors of love

wrapped in respect 

wrapped in pride for the dead

guns saved us from tyranny

with this freedom we bled.


Proof of your ardor

horde tight to your guns!

romancing the hunger games

what have we won?

tears of honor

tears we all share!

weep for tomorrow

no nothing f$cking compares.

The Royal Hospital

& birthday after take a stroll.

museum uncratered

once famous Goal.

& spit at murderers beneath our feet.

& wiz at pirates who make us meat.

& Kiss the Blarney,

right stone cold.

Where fell on knife

and ate swans gold.

Swelled beneath euphony,

wisteria like.

A garble of marble.

The mystery of mould.

Leda’s sworn turn turtle.

Sweet wanhope & woe. 

Yellow Dogs Useless Lament

Screamers awoke last night

in class

yelling at me almost

to a point of tears


and then I admitted it

and then I said 

upset I am, upset I am

for my criminal selves


crying over always 

the wrong way

for not showing up

for not being real. 


Pernicious Contrary

Stuck inside fatelessness

pain killers, a lid


contrary pernicious –

insidiously delicious.


Ransacking irreconcilability

(truant with death) 


punching at oblivion

for a sick f&ck of – meth ?


Loosen your change

all seething and wreath


spiking the bitters –

cold, trenchant & sweet.