Meta fizzics section is a journal on abruption and lunacy for self sabotage, wondering blundering asunder into rhyming sickness and what I call meta fizzics, which is literary philo: theme rhetoric etc. 

And quizzical flame ups of love? Mostly in a burgeoning code of defiance compliance. Admiration and saturation. Especially of other writers. Ha

Its impossible to read without not cringing — its a foul thing — I love foul things ? They are a freedom that swept in with the savage ravages of killer contempt —

Lunging panicking — running into char and car and tar and releasing language from itself? To indulge in rant wondrous discovery -- thistle sifter liquid paunch -- in a relentlessly scatting for it pen — 

It is a kind of jazz with Ella combinatorial impressionistic dream theme scheming madness radness searching for plastic in notes.

Sui Side Sill A Bus


Sulks mulcts widely for plow and slurr — and above it all keeps the fur mur cur tailed about the fleures de litters

I hunter stand

its absorption release wire pyre choir now as part of doing business


Answerable is what ? Showing up ?

I meet — I do not just show up —

Its a nashville believe it or not — other wise open to the meltway — ask dyna I shant mess with it —

Not victim about it — writer free to heads in with any spill fill nill kill or cut ups —

Outside of “our” cuts, seem to be on a new multi track —

Holy ferns not anything like cuts really– and poems stay close to trad rhyme time because its right there for me, its syvie off to the shoot outs! And, narratives are plumb after freedom clares fact finding for immediacies and correlates.

Hi has imposed a liquidation of beautiful contempt — had to establish specific boundaries from its hells bells — great golden rot gut them neg nog loopy poison acres.

That said, thanks to cutters gutters and the mutterers, writing remains open — t’woo ly, to just about anything.



Examining the char tar in the rep landia — for keep it simple stupid, listen listen, steal from its wavy funny scathing runny sweet fill pill skill for the nill, riddling with my hummingbird, touché.

Then fry brain under flaps into Night Bussiness with Camille and Zizek and set that frought caught naught out on skin of teeth. The bee hi Homer, bee hi Bloom. It makes pretty. Not one day. This. Bow before pear a mitts. Full sweep. Meet me for mints.

Writing involves my body. Sub rub. Hub. Bubbles up in the mystery misery fly of ranting panting haunting flaunting. Slant thing in porn registries shifts, shifts up — as an escape into survival — teaming with bodies in void and time. And presence turns under restless banal kite blight skull with mud thugs Becketts holy hats and Russian bed bugs.

I dont want to resist the cartoon fervors.

GO tell — Dos toy heff ski.

Greed, need — reads off top of skull — digs in against the bone under skin like an ice picker, how to unravel the mud packets into a repetition — versiforming maneuvers as jiggly for the What.

Bow. Ow ow ow. Ho off of pie sighing high and nigh.

Encourage ment is thankfull. I am an idiot full of prayer. Even if saying that causes Ibsen to rub deaths against violets soul beware beware.

Yea’s. With much ado, still managing to keep furries purring against legs. Nose first. Even biting now is — that. Is play. Near where theatre meets against immediacy of music.

And the crime against mercy — hacked (to death) back in sacred jettison, where rhyme engulfed the druids —

For em’s merge agency, pry vatic dicks. For a more gender fluid ness? Or because it means love that’s all.

Love can seduce to any point — on mob eye us flow be us, and still claim meaning. One of the Wally’s in the wall yells yes that’s “breadth.”

Breathes meaning into being and gives chance for continuity. Full admission how I stole permission, for grim Gretta, hat in hand and bike riding for jokes, against waves of horror, devoured in ditch of little nell, liza dodo bird — Girl LDL.

Liz do little mad pies — still festers on eyelids.

Gretta peddles off, singing “I love you, take me to your to circus collar.” Yes all are at peace (against your dick).

French Fries

Night lighting with french dictionaries and usage. Because it associates, repeaters lists of words where shared — etymology is over fifty percent shared am finding in 501 of those basics thar.

Which, at night, after book is closed, try to pry into memory alphabetically, through what am now calling: the hole in skull —

Creatives are convinced hole in skull was a benefit from angels — that indeed things got so bad, hi needed a drill.

When hard hats buried heart in wretched ditch with foot and gun. Lost to efforts mining pining lining rioting after — la lang bang, monkey crunching on animal bone. Turning it to powder!

By the neck many hungry ghosts swung. Intimately.

And now further bred, from intimacy, into multiple frameworks.

Present tensers sacred jolts of meaning that purge merge beauty with annex dotes — rotating through love death, and all those sweet violent folds “the gods gave me” — scattered, battered (they always thinks it flattery but here one thinks it’s not, it’s light and shine on beauty part –) being taken into absurds’ lengths for words —

Creates the vigilant map it sure.

Urgency then, and is now. Clarice goes after intimacy of now. Pound drops through now — to history that is an always present now. Says Flaubert’s parrot. Without writing, I’d not find a way to capture these delicacies.

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Phrase Hunting with Dusty Hope

Sacrificial Merit

And strained so hard just to put myself there. Beyond my reach. Outside the others boundaries somehow and really — pissed off about it. The wild woody shuffle with Proud Mary became quizzically connected to Sweeney Astray. And the vow cow — it came straight through the “enchanted.” Enchantment is a migration through beautiful hell. 

So much of me loved it as a break from the haunting of auntie Em thing ((ie whatever topsoil contined to write just to write — with no other obligation but to the writing itself)) — still to this day feel its(holy) importance as break from that “system” of pur et durs — 

Even see variety of “death march” — loss with present tense and multification of personality grotesque confusions — wild bird stuck with tar in ditch — 

As beeing ha so ciated with performing sacrificial merit — 

Byronic froth is brazenly useful and if diligent enuff can be called, for sake of my sirens, the beautiful absurd. 



Heroic Distemper

Dont think my esteem is false but hidden in the tundra — for me its not esteem exactly — the writer somehow presages me — and I go running after what are you doing where are you going. 

I have had to establish boundaries in strange and horrid ways, because I couldn’t keep up and kept on being there not being there. Very upsetting. 

Now through fog FINALLY feels like am “in tandem” with the writer, that the vu vow ow perforced back up -/ and vow how stay outsize the vanishing. 

Its a strange way to be a writer. Blood splatters of the innocent. 

SO I just let it be that. And hoe poe row UNreluctantly into goods hams after with help from keens, they are keen and give me great ween, how to spread ink in a manner of speaking hi can live with. 

puritanical rim shot is at peace both present and past — tho pure mur burr — is never far before hitting a rim of puritanical seduction and returning cod to fish mold ? Ha. 

Her eye has a prize and I have to work plunders to master it. 

First new paras are open to surge without having to contain filming with sponge, straight off the byronic — but not as crazy flying disturbances — instead in westies yaddo with semper fi? HA

This ha business is also injj. his was TIP. Which i stole off him lovingly and used for years. Before the low well. 

#phrasehuntingwithdustyhope #heroicdistemper

Letters to Epididymus



I have a “crib” and it evolves all the time when courtesy prescribes a gift. Emile was a gift! It happens where it happens.

Its more important to Percy than publishing. Em stems thrive on in a way thats bold and rigid. Outward bound she is rigged.

But I am perhaps closer to Percy now. And Percy did publish. And was privately published in a way that was public re crib. What created Percy wasn’t publishing everything in his lifetime but his most important pieces reached their destination the “thought be thou” hexchange of goods — and that publishing even as much as he did, gave him further sight to and of course then came Mary. Like Vincents sister in law.

But his brook always exceeded fitting in. There is Blake-ness in Percy.

Moody Blues

“The bends” can now think of as instrument! As held in bit and blown through. I also see as eternal flame. Ha.

And wood. Wood isn’t just pecker or anything but it is, as tree has relation to bone. Allegory is phasm, and the language of it. Poets rights Becketts kites Burroughs dirigibles, raving babbles the brook historical in perçuite of flow snow bark park lark stark Colette’s Parker, hoe go rowrow–

Variations on allegory are great for switches and to underline as does Rimbaud. In a way thats casual and intimate. And mocks including himself into the grotesque where beauty rides up against, plunges lunges hexpunges, as crow fly flow. I am after its variations. OMG his variations. Give room to hemorrhage, blood against bone. Is beauty in the defiance of death — in rushes of hungry madness sees as death itself.

Mens Tuens

But Allegory I dont go looking for — as much as, for it to come looking for me, when crops up suddenly midst hexcavating — means I am Charlie Chan Nelle-ing in context. Afterward: comes the tremors, after pulling head out of my pissing in beloved sandbox. In the hold (brig a dune), makes me wild eyed.

Tremble with slutness rutness abutt-ness for deep cut-ness, the marve to carve, the micky land jello — menaces swings in and defiles ? the hardness. Even Fitz admits, perfume for something of the savage gruesome, lore horror and bore — the banal resists being disqualified ?

Piano man : the loan ious punk crows through its trunk, as carries on its back (Beckett called his writing the trunk) scavenging in the most un likely ways for patterns — For la lang hitting it bang bang, sordid plaintive limpid ravishing, salvaging the mayhem from guinea worm disease, my dracunculiasis —

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Latch Catch Patch Match

It is propulsive.

Desk work hounds the cash for groceries. So I can eat what doesnt kill me.

Neg pug slug grants my clap to a trap — en française to catch is attraper.

To a swell of freedom — form wise often plows along pecking at the ground, overhead schisms of reckless and the feckless — due to “glorious grotesque” preponderance of surface drift.

Am I in the quay? Asks quota baste stirs.

My gob is to rapture capture schisms prisms reflexes, complete onto introit trafficator — folds bold mold into liquefaction. No denying that lies at its essence. Nin pin and spin.

As virtue of seaward.

We are nectar.

You are a person not a personification.

I molt words of birds blithe and rife and tithe, in weld of tidal mores.

Sure. And love for it. Sure.

To emerge in any way I may at all, from the Great American Darkness. From its madness wards and perpetual wilderness east and west of violence.

Free Writing & Fast Drawing


Yesterday wad gonna finally sendy russell agan — had this winderful focus on sense of it fir an hour — then shirl hula hoopd and versé ( verser means to pour in fr) joyce jammed against ziz and dyna aka came out of shower togetgher and split a forkwidth my red meat — hi👋 know have prob wobbles with sep her rations its like riding a wavelength blurs “rational” measures of distance on timeline into points irrational — which are factoid many more —  and extensions flame permeates bileaf in freedom steeples of madness (fissures and mobius aka love and death) hex posed inny on outy but tis marm that gave “chair” enuff to sit on — cause promotion of in itself curved the feather back toward jj — kind a cometing a circle hmm — nit to lv redd out mix hat all 4 therefrom pen sued — De lila de lish — #whimperwill #halfwayhouse #backonhorse #notimeouts #left


feel like have to set up habenue for writing itself to emerge — em rem saying to get char need word nerd  isa bird to alight with “cups” — its how everyone does it — started rereading finally colette peignot in French  heffta finning 501 — its working reasonably  well  she has what clarice is after but more filmy — wheras clarice is mmiracle mud not as nostalgia de la bou but both are bodies coming out of woodwork / they both admit its what heart up to 

#breakthru on #enemything illusion is not the same as delusion. delusion is kisses from burroughs & beckett as charms, as there is flue wherefor from yonder context originally got from Dynamite (& Sweeney bird in tree) focused on symmetries. then alice became embarked on “absurd” in numbers — like ancient greeks & the immeasurable. math must be acknowledged as something else because it is. when connection to surface got blitzed focused “turned on” – “registers” themselves as enemies — killing off “spirit venture” absurd got stolen by “rituals of sacrificial tragic” embedded in religious tartism. Alice tried blow up 1 after another cracking thru to emptiness of “freedom” at points of gesture, then finds focus at “the bends” & starts running neck & neck w/ um toirtoise & hare everywhere, la lang bang explodes any possibility for totals, nothing totals, punked by skunkwrks w/ Lowell & grapple frantically with “frontier’ — mann eats joyce! but clarice “at other level” desperately vows loves it. Marm now serves to access “clarity” below  surface (where  bees thrive) -er something. one finds where exists because is a vehicle for sharing in way no other quite composts. frozen forces it. as would love take out for tin as had always managed that prior to alice. tho violet loves brinks. maybe gone forever. Or perhaps there are further turnative ways of “inking” about it havent found yet due to delusionary points of trauma and how love for “it” is so crammed in thick that at points of pleasure start running any direction, see what trips over it — part of me profoundly hates. But outside of that, cog knee sense “ferry fared” is base for it is cyclical is (riotously even) superb.  Gives me method better anywhere prior tried. Which I did. But they didn’t “break out” hives lockets charms marm, whim tin tin, venging nerfs agin violence dotting between genet nietzsche batailled — which sum of us swoons thru body as sensation (like music). Some is guru some is for friendship in the “mystery” some is for vue do me thinks for to manage the “intensity. hm  #aliceinwonderland

Teaching doing stuff like these next up comin into view — drawing helps me paint here thru eords as textures — not other way around — #girlypictures — drawing process — syv and clarice did also — clarify cr didnt sketch she used painter girl like mann -/ cd i let go nuff hold on nuff to man age the mix masters and make marm char pynch font hold on go inder — she is bunter for barnacle and winch — hi👋 dont know — see “here!!” “It”coming closer on eork — ohhh want to push farther want bitta buck and fork — say frou and froufrou — moments terror sooths too — opens up “backside” — porn is only one register — what 3-4 — can only do with you —- all the bucks say duck 🦆 — but goyles all shake head — nono its beauty being in love however eats itself to sleep —  tender stupid sifting thru heavy larva —  and nit bring eaten by it — but veing able to mmm afford it — violeys outside all ur doira smoking u wrapping the twisr in hand paci g but not angry or explosive (turned out to be alie hifi tho ) dyna is fine is girls on film and vukor —  light in august suddenly laughter in the pahk — gawk hawk stawks realm hi 👋 odd eye sea her ypur help at line where music meets the wave 👋 — just jotting #milkfrommorningcow


Silence ring-sting hover e vokes h untcertainty —  bumble s tumbles in, h ale iss bubles up fone — fan tango whoooz and the joy jetty is slippery — infernal colonial — ail bee it burns hole in skull at skin in fin itudes riot — but is really a sadness? in fectual fugitive honhestyburns into row row ridhi coocoo(hello) lust — wired up in wrings of deth (#girlsonfilm Beth) -/ camille penseur (de rodin) of nugitivity — back on rim bow bridge wanting to “make a diff film” -/ trans forms honeyeasiness hint to as sass sins who are goddesses that cut my throat (ohh and heart comes out)  #scissorrsandstrings #beginningsof #something  #girlsonfilm #camille #marm #teatok #paglia #ghostbusters #makesparklers

 #marm  sooohepful —  gave me gift of gab — to swoon like — like in becketts letters —  where he mischievously works thru “particles” — Dunk drunk bunny M for marvelust over la lang bang — shame shame shame, fool for love — cares less about pubbing than meeting in the parking lot — and the egayer wysteria beauty and batshi that accompagner — marcus loopius – vousvoyer love that word #camillepaglia #kathyacker #williamburroughs #jamesjoyce #williamshakespeare #hughkennar #marcelproust #samuelbeckett #virginiawoolf  

Its #iffanyfilms #dustneversettle #marmfarm #joyceischoice With pa king add an r — park king -/ bee wannas tink bout bunny diifisill in new ways (like it pays) — marm has invaded the farm its a thru thing, it comes thru — it comes thru others whos “beauty” re freshes the presh — joyce knew this wally says bow wow how — flip clip slip pornadorn spamcomm ninety percent from russia — tie ups on a machine like a ventilator — hack stack and wack call them rim rhymes — threesies sixies — in book on rhetoric where lists: all diff ways achever the bountful — chains i love doing word chains


Cut piece from bo8 in half and finished in fiction complete with a light lift to materiality — books are in it as la lang bang marcel popups hi👋 call them — above are called math snakez – —  i wann send it to russell —just ssk ig he k iw anyehere might submit called soft dpot in acedemm ish ho✌🏽brow — even tho its a gurkin off scene — uses cones yahhhhh but are open  undetneath — not so withput ex chng the bless out blissing on the “dice” = nash counters then and end ip out in virge of purge dirging  to — cal from lorwl is math guy — a streamer -/ chair and molt —  the pessoa curves love you for that — the squittels ate out on cook cocka doo and genet shows up for you i wont stop it  now ok pilo yah its the sky is drowning thing on me so cap out to catch it — omorrow is a lot /// after that home burrowing into work its festering with ig note thank love thank miss miss again — its mudercsings its klers eye batty and i know it too — stomach twists at it — monkey 🐒 and buddhas poison arrow — immunity — ““steam trunks” in movie adopted — technology la lang — so odd and deddy which hepps me situate it here as i do t know iz — lime swift and knoves little perps — or something  and fir me that is big love. 🐝 loves it — working stound it is somethinh z consating grace room to rurn over grave more than lif itself but not really that was a lie i lovd as well real here as that sanctuary cam wrestle in with angels and wanda — frightening thst it swallowed me kills and vengy hitchrd to the cock ?? — luekla taljs anout it toohswaiian —fiction winfds around pilon — workabke  extensions adopted lotta lang from vous all as synth — msjes auch differencr for the eanda wannas who flam with pam // i wd pub soft spot — its tight and gas wallscevpynch pane and churchy — but that forelock morelock -/ the other working on befor — is not bad either — using sn old tool on it — the i ams  extant way back snarfed of one of u //

Ohhh his dying is in my body — knocking me back — so scared will take me too before can finish anything — pisses me off — bourroughs shows up and puts hand on my shoulder to absorb deaths shock — mystic dreams it is releasing deaths want of vengeance  upon me — who thinks like that anymore — makes me laff

There is horror iini my work it travaels thru it –/ always has — but it is dreamy too hallucinagenic marbled and thickly — every once in while light finds it sings thru it — beauty breaks thru the garble — in flashes —


Foot made of carrot bunny goes up to snowman and eats nose —— editing is also about working around  issues that are dualities burning with flowers they compose — rims bows —  marcel moves in and i just listen now see what drawn out of hose — thats a relief — to “find” itself by searching for it —marm and all

i see pilons as support so i can edit even — they edit me // kfyuuu dyuu see — sherry lovesit — gulls sink the first think “dry land” — is thirsty — help me see what am looking at — editing previous piece on cal about jetking off sort of — now split into two -/ not rewriting editing -/ char let loose as emouvant embroiders with fins mackeral lines -/ sylls have a qwal of mud — yet there can be found sweetnes in beweens where boarders hailucy nation — why then of love as a fungus always fall on my sponge — acceptance death of a loved one is grueling honestly — it must be done

Buoys — in sea of hunger sorrow and what taint and smelled of madness — caught like feet in tar —mind staggered at time falling through to “emptiness” without bottom — had to create a kind of structure for it -/ not beckett not fishface kisses to head of migrating dead but but but here — among us — could would possibly get around “sharp corners” “come thru to” — as a kind of clearing — the knife has always been an “easy lay” — in plume hates vitals burning with shock and dis may affray — stuffing down another dick shin narry free the cube but comes up cornered and endless love -/ again brother was warrior too — 7 and fighting over his weaknesses and mine asleep in scitland — yesterday imploded with the unforgotten -/ mourning vis sis i tude rage against time head a walking wound polly reading wharton for brothers eul ? — home nxt week — sherry thinks of vousvoyer protection its instinctive i am a polly anna panda Holding horses yell out horses love shade — without it i am impossible — need every thing its imposdpble what ?? death smiles — mars fars bars scars puddling i yhink pyscalls call it — my head is shrinking — something loves it — languor of fear umyum vampires issue is screw with tendrils turning stop ho back go lizzy busy Fizzy fixed on thro flo to narrow at pulling head up i couldnt my switches snapping tripping napping — nothing real anymore sticks to it — its oceanic and thats what should horn in on scratch face see me as forgotten face breath out — little knives but smaller now strange absurd how dwarfs against sun wind like safty pins i know yet with humor init it sublimes the flame into listening this without not laughing i hold dear to leashes — pecher has from the french three distinct meanings — sin, peach snd fishing

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