Nill Ye Will Ye

When hole

in chest turns green,


that breathless expansive


feeling –


burns with woos

panic ensues.


Impassionate leanings

so weighted percussive –

heart striking & protrusive


held captive by methods

solicitous restive

lugubrious eruptive



& intrusive.


Swinging swinging

high on hive

as the sticky wind, mills

saints alive –


Sharp edge

of fissure, lip & flue 

some way some day!


through devious freedoms

his darling brood-i-ful

skip to the loo –


Oppose the rocking, horse ?

the bent the rent

the wild & the cooked, 


panics’ sweet & deviant

hungers! teeming leaping

luminous bloodsuckers


wiggers chiggers 

traffickers, crooks ?


Beauty’s rogue economy

truth-or-dare –


with beautiful beasties

whose every other word,

I swear!