Love drives upriver

so threading with life,

passion as crime under arrest –


Duty escape sacrifice temptation

alarm alarm alarm –

the sweet salivation of sex?


No? furtive, No! jealous –

as a sex toy is

the dead letter of porn.


Death, love and sex!

it all gets compressed!

how mad & sad & sweet

the magic of fire, locking horns.


Find credence

reading bloodstones

for contradictions immutable,

crash and condom insolute

fingers at my neck

ludicrous & imperial.


Paint this body

the tireless color

of salmon, diving pink

into The Red. 


Spawning eggs

on banks of gravel

scandalously high!

as a mountain of death.


Eaten by bugs

eaten by bears

love is mother earths

heart swallowing share –


Love is weather

love is the sea

tide in tide out, chasing

the currents 


for a heart rorifluent

as a slave is to freedom.