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      dusty hope

      Nick Cave has helped me deal with something about somebody — that relates back to The Work, that is wild menacing implacable devious tortuous tiresome winsome backwards hooly mischievous, occasionally brutal sublime beggarly nasty nuts — trala trala. For years.

      I see THIS, as being my one chance (precious letter writer…) to Give Something Back.

      The Forum is for discussion of anything relating to:

      1. A Red Hand File
      2. Nick Cave as Artist who is a Writer,
      3. Concerns Aims Pains Pertains To You Writing as a Writer

      It is in particular meant to be a Writers Board — a place for thinking about what that means, what Working On It truly unduly applies preoccupies, wtf IS IT. Pure and Simple.

      Things I am presently working on HERE to update/complete:

      1. The Index…
      2. Fact that one cannot yet edit unless registered?!?!?
      3. Setting up registration so One Can Edit, if so chose.
      4. Damn it, its SLOW.

      Work in Progress. Support is always welcome. Learning as I go. —D

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