Fill Nill & Spill

7.27.20 Happy rings thank u sings

7.27.20 Accepts organ ic nature — burning in pies artz — az well as — hats / hat boxes /fountain at heads / beads of prayers / the torchy / the avionic / the wired — the “yes,man, I care — “ / the wonder bait and byronic 🪑 —

7.27.20 Faith is in neck? Cunt bee beaten out — wings are angelic hinges — animation is glue and net — sets the chin a char —

7.27.20 Syllabalizing let roll thru here — that things slip out — as chars confide in charms (howev senseless or ungdly) from the heart — much true also with xuts azzz slice thru at beauty and hair curses/thirsts and plussages — make lune for spoon for moi/lui to “name” address the shakes with a speare car tune. The x change itzelf is tandem for dev of con temp lation — for mix into form u latin g — the labelings of madness as a meta fiction fiction /- that wishes the well wishing well — now setting the prpuric and the sprout wo lowering to gapeshots of remorse. The uglirs are giving way yet not forgotten beauty they betrayed. I am nut a street fighter like yall but here in the snct u airy of ur loaf — pinky floats on back running fingers thru lang la viz and luvarus imp erialis gorge us / tip bee tangs / stickseed — mm 🧶 as let loaf in — is an eye is an eye and a heart 2 string “thing” — 🐇🍑🥨🥤

7.26.20 Gorge us.

7.25.20 ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋another one completely revised called em bezelers 🦷 — got poetry in email from — but i am as thin at playing cards as ever -/ ohhh but the poetry tails the talks — and lovely blunt instruments — thank you

7.25.20 Poetry is waking up from terror — which was part of the problemo — but not yet narrative — narrative is silently picking lint off topicals that are camille like serious in a way they are identified but need to be “unpacked” — most imp just kip at it —- ❤️

7.25.20  Boudin noir – started this while listening to idiot prayer — because cave of winds is there emilys there because dr kitchen with dyna is there omg bit of the catullus/juvenal and yet and yet its a sonnet too. Why luv the count — counts with way ways yes.

7.25.20 What does that mean?? Just pulled bottom up — mean to say rounded the ending up — for boudin noir— old title long gone — kinda fakes out being a simple poem — brings darkness as revealer and dealer or something — also class collecting art for beginning figs in class :/ in class drawing assignments — repetition to train hand yuh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧤🐣🐖👁⭕️👍🔥❤️ screaming snout portland trump s outed thugs — we are screaming at him — at each others throats just how he likes it — ???

7.25.20 Thank u.

7.24.20 “A beggarly account of empty boxes.” Will shakespeare. Romeo and juliet. happy entrails with fodder shakespeare

7.24.20 #angelicstrategies Circle game — poetry circles madness as feint and now free of its own damnation — slips without self harm (!) now into registering beautiful — even in wanton display the negative truc — ⭕️❤️❤️ pastiche playfully needles pleasure — affine divine hope for scope— darkness risky frisky din swept the “royal” opening — to blatant love for achilles candor. Aniis and bataille in kitchen whispering (secret thoughts). Conspiring with verb creeping vine the herb. That all and all the nicknocks and (sabage) lent me graces has by their forked and birding turned the sorrow into a cup for the impossible ! (This is big) and the impossible — very imp device — vehicular magnet — cheeky for cherry adores that “fact” — refuses now to hide it — floaters are blatant with their angelic banditry — skull for darts — plus thirsty pie. 

#bearsforemily #tearsofjoy #gentleonmymind

7.23.20 #idiot prayer

7.23.20 In other ways really more orange than yellow. Cuts pick thru the heap where touches on garble — fast draw McGraw — for “old gold” —yet while sleeping also tick tock dick doc with weighing heavy meta// ✌️ cmazur litsdoit

7.23.20 yet yet marrs eat dotes pretty mellow both in yellow — — site eh its striped not even a skit anywhere not budging now for traff ?? want it about words not cash pictures — tho tho cave of wnds says sends it out reinforces the “pins” ??? Going for one cd camp out with yes yes — yes. reapproaching poetry spins the hourglass — tchacuffs me noodle pudding fud mud lid cud fudd suds — oh for the sweet without sin to injury — tragic eye floss ?? every once and while where soars are skinned — i mean reskinned even hair now grows there — nit just kid napped — skinned a live born me a hive — as priests to slaves old old days — butbutbut all it is is mmm symp biotic now for the pie — clarity there honestly — will prob take dwn bel epox poster if thin too doodoo but lv under the keeping nots and notes — for head lights up me darkling hill hole -/ plz no anger banger get out the hanger — baby was born “blue” skewed imbued em rued sweet breadthless coughee sheena and her dickens ludi christ cyanosis — #memoriesinthemaking — around marcel is this hold litsht stirups of feather and the distinctionary that woo up dust throat where gum balls run bees to circle ⭕️ the knees, and whispering folds from lynneage where color reefs number yellow flow aglow

7.23.20 No masters slabes nonono — this is free the looty and think about the may be if cd heeven handle it – not taciturn – just immobile

7.23.20 Had a “bad” night. Fell under with the negs again. Makes me diizzy and fraught. Not looking for fright naught know every billow pillow willow and fall. Its about music -/ its work for me — cuts are x change of bundles and wheat /- a glorious freeboat ess open at edges ois whay is — nojoke nojoke call ot getti g hit with a tchacoughsky — i cant do things that wd undermine “health” — it kills me off — was only looking to be better batter butter cutter flutter sitter fritter la lang linneag c it as taking cups — honestly well u see — mems are my mulllion with marcy — pls dont close the v with vw how they are with me — nicknocks help hold mecup up as fray ray as sweet pea — its image circles infinit tammys number scabs yes but also scumm with surgical that poe the flame thrower in canoose says is “dynamite” better acqu aintd than on the outs with art the uncle ginnn we mm where joycers sent me and blake for rhymer — and then well shot samsun the cooker my head out hs dasher ass — is a great fiver to me poetry poetry merges purges with poke hauntiss old miners camp — songs honestly — sun where it shines: get back 2work pigs all yelling write — gonna discz work here — helps me find head where is soft — that under the waterfall under the ground hound who riders slip into for #idiotprayer aloft // very imp 2 bee habier glow as prayer— for hair? Drun kin gu lass blower. But really the things is — for given now aye? Worth it very.

7.23.20 poetry longs — it elongates, extends for space to subvert cavort define demure alert /- all it can be is what it is —

7.22.20 Moving off of code back to writing is an adjustment — site is very workable and adjustable — plan is start editing one — give it a number — one by one build a toc — the thought is then will build organically — excited at being at/ with rootination of my tragic greed — with powerful familiars and the thirst there still right with it — not be squandered — the thirst eats me alive if dont share it as its own cause — then what love lives inside of — becomes boxed in — poses of tragedy — gods lethal tragedy -/ thrives only on brinks with death — this letting it breath as fabric for poetrys “forced freedom” (from z) piercing in and beyond for drops of “radical” perception — in exchange of “safety” for the poetry as barn and barnacle -/ for auntie em it fully works as salvation — cave of winds speaks with it — and then saves it for others and itself. This astonishes me. Churchyard was first goody cut methinks — have already edited in head once cpl small tweaks — as if again to start where left off — which all can do as a writer — poe wer in writing rests on its vulnerability to time — there is in a way no other strength in it — like others have — admit lands here melts into mouth as moments that are fill for the empty and bold — that can x change litter and squat by fumes where holes into walls — gunning for a better understanding of it gained access for me — to own the hegelian poe snatcher in bursts of wild anxious thirst — which seeks to come alive thru others eyes — thank you for doing the dirty work — helping to yank and plank shifty tragic numerator to the well to drink — and beauty by it — a wayway with ella meantz of peace —esp. as with respect to fitful moody lonely “curse” (nativity/negativity) of its staggered birth.

7.20.20 Two minute fash fig sketches pencil then marker — sticks lesson 2 ——— lovely magnificent cuts —— read feed lead the cherry and the chucky gendered defenders to ports of mooores — and all the spaghetti ready chips chops chews lits the fuse — and tumbles right in fin sin skin la ocean for a spin etc — landing page done — ehhh slow as ever — still its all set up — one purpose in view — organization books and access for hoer me to org and edit preciousness “loot”

7.19.20 Ooolala worked on site for 14 hrs today — bah bah bah bah — all most there — will have back on sometime tomorrow — only a few pages left to compile and turn sidebars on — and then to start writing again —

7.19.20 Insta is connected to the Facebook page and I may only have to turn that on for them to all show up for the Instagram to show up in Facebook page connected to a Instagram and then it might be easier rather than feeding the Instagram to top page on landing to bring in Facebook instead ???? Total bollox wont work

7.19.20 Doing 30 second stick figs — everyday here do starters — now if can figure out to pull in online at top landing pg and then — everyday work on a something already there — surmise will have to trick ap thru css to pull off — its expensive app bet they will help me — beelievers heavers are con vinced thru color /cover of love (nn) there in there are many down chickfordick diamonds thin there in vortical ruff — every piece of body is as every worm knows framed now by and devoted to it thanks to #theunion #mindthegap — and shared body snd eye as a little beady pie dis place for Grace — la langs religious marbles shall pail too pea shoot at la loo for sweet notes however (speet on 2) (and rubbedin into 🥾 y) what loves about the sacred fish tin — everyday the daily fill — 

#fillnillquillspill  #upyourhillwithabill  #bodyisaverb  #headisabe #numberphile


7.19.20 Almost gonna turn on today start writing — finish connectors — over the week —so wha?? Workinprogress its just stripes access to my litsptshtfits vampire lilly and the montey cristo pluralities of “is it safe” warned againat shine rampage of love for “other” yet got several on other side of that too — they are love letters for lobsters — thats the sub title for cutters ??? Freaking lit bits. Cant believe finally found it. But love the writing its stunning em – exchange of the beauty tho in that slurp thru will roll slow as u know — pushing thru every line body becomes mind and mind is all body — the fem bingy is hammered into my flesh as a sacred horror not beauty but lady day howls and sings thru — not all patk hark the dark — gonna make me wretched ?? The songs of sabotage — la langs got switched in wasteland elliot pails from garden kicking and screaming — bat eye will find and bring thru — death and donuts. Gonna play mockabye thrill team with dancing with death as have all along — poe shows too for hegelian hugs — a sweeney trans by shane macgowan beee glorious — stop glassblower — dont think am obsequious so much as girly — part fem bot — i float it past theory — becka says hold that thought — chucky is in love

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