Slavoj Zizek

Reading Mythology Madness and Laughter in German Subjectivism. Zizek is one of two authors. Have started to do a Tinkle Report on it, still working on Gabriel’s chapter Mythological being of reflection. Though in reading am first of Zizek”s chapter on Discipline Between The Two Freedoms by Zizek. ZIZEK USED TO TEACH AT NEW SCHOOL. Freedom and Slavery being long reapy creepy heapy congeries La Double, Am figuring out what I love about Zizek. His philosophical writings though vewy wigowous and deep – seap, reach beyond historical terms in view of philosophy, not always always, but alot. Presents deeply wrestled philosophical issues as occur in media, including theatre. Because of what theatre does – expounds on vision through sharing – resolution of aspiration to resolve truth-issues as occur in cinematic interpretation – BIG Z uses cinema / media (of all kinds) as a sort of pass-thru, an intermediary, distributive of philosophical implosions of truth in the heart of darkness, symmetry, religion etc etc – Does this to great intensity scrutiny relish! Super fab.