Slavoj Zizek

Finished first read Slavoj Zizek’s The Plague of Fantasies. FAB A LOT, ferocious!! Huge. Lovely. So much there. Don’t even know where to start. Every sentence of Plague searches through depths, his daunting panoptic breadth! congenitally Continental modern (says the humbled american) – circulatory & rheological (physics word for study of deformation and flow), psychoanalytical (found an old copy Philosophical Society Dict. of Psychoanalysis for 50¢) & of course POLITICAL. Zizek wanders, wends, devours books & the cinematic arts. Tongues – interrogates, crossruffs all forms political – no holds bar. So much in Plague plays & slays me. Presently I am awash. And have moved on – to reading his In Defense of Lost Causes.

Lacan: Borrowed Écrits from NYPL.