When young I fell in love with books when there was nobody else to ask about the Beauty the Horror the Sacred Relics the Architecture of Dreams. Books informed me. 

✂ ✂ But its drawing that gave me lines, shadow and depth – and how for to find. And in Fashion that searches for beauty – even against all odds.

Fab a Lot

When young I fell in love with books when there was nobody else to ask about the Beauty the Horror the Sacred Relics the Architecture of Dreams. Books informed me. 

✂ ✂ But its drawing that gave me lines, shadow and depth - and how for to find. And in fashion where search is for beauty - even against all odds.

The Art of Dressing Curves

The Art of Dressing Curves is a gorgeous book that only SUSAN MOSES could write. Acclaimed stylist for the curvy side of life. No other book quite like it. Includes diagrammatic of 9 collars that she had me draw. I admire Susan greatly! Her faith helps me find what having faith means – Sacrificial cults abscond with me. Jesus was such a do or die. She’s on the DO side. And does it so beautifully!


Maison di Prima

Provided linelist and flats past season for up and coming Italian fashion house Maison di Prima headed by Designer and Parsons grad MANUELA DI PRIMA. Wonderful wonderful designer of scrumptious Italian togs. That just right balance between classic & gorgeous. As seen in Italian Vogue.



Course Redesign chaired by Steven Faerm, School of Fashion. Am teaching this Fall, very excited about. How to Draw Flats, compile Basic Techpacks; Fast draw McGraw techniques; creating a Library of details & seams. Digital Flats and Specs 1. 


The Sick Bag Song

NICK CAVE The Sick Bag Song is especially essential to my collection. Helps me wake up beyond revelations of ornery terrors: to behold with honesty humor and relish the beauty in my obsessions – especially those that otherwise should tear the soul apart.


Why We Gesture

Development of communication & gesture in children by pre-eminent expert in field, Prof. Emeritus DAVID MCNEILL. Author of 11 books on language, gesture, speech and so on. Several of which are considered classics. (If I get 1 pub’d in my life time will be a frckng miracle.) Very Prestigious Guy. Was honored to provide Professor McNeill with series of gesture drawings for this book.


Jacques Lacan – via Zizek

Still reading Slavoj Zizek’s Plague of Fantasies. Up to chapter 4. Yum yum bang bang. Which is how ended up at the Lacan site. Zizek has his own page on Lacan site. Deleuze introduced me to: The Crack, in Logic of Sense. Rousseau led me to Derrida & Grammatology. Age of the Hut. But its Bataille thats had biggest impact here – sacredicity of horror, etc! Have not read any Lacan yet. Reading In Defense of Lost Causes by Zizek next. Wondering outloud which Lacan should I read first?? Also reading Pound Era by Hugh Kenner again and Ezra’s Spirit of Romance.


Sunil the wonderful

Sunil Ramchandani. Fabulous designer and author of SUNIL STYLES fashion blog featuring Sunil’s famous illustrations. Seasonal trend reports are must-read to his devoted following. A renowned fashion expert on all things chic & curvy. One of my favorite people forever. Has been an inspiration in my love/hate affair with life. Hate often wins you see. His beauty always reawakens me to other ways of seeing things. Hoping to redesign “body tag” his blog this summer to include his flowers. His friendship: life-changing.


Writing to Zizek

From 2013. Letters between Nadja of Pussy Riot and Slavoj Zizek. When she was in Russian Prison. Following quote perhaps also true when creed of sincerity is overwhelmed by the thousand cuts of Everyday Horror: “The Deleuzian philosopher Brian Massumi tells how capitalism has already overcome the logic of totalising normality and adopted the logic of erratic excess: The more varied, and even erratic, the better. Normality starts to lose its hold. The regularities start to loosen…” Zizek in his books talks a lot about Mediation of The Excess. Eminently astute. Mmmmmm Fab a Lot!


The Vampire’s Wife

Designer SUSIE BICK‘s dresses are sumptuous poetic elegant classic and yet really feminine & sweet. Rich beautiful fabrics & trims betray an exquisite hand for detail. Also: ♥ Stuff. Her marvelous exuberant unrepentant blog! No other like it in fashion. Heartfelt courageous otherwordly artistic & chic. Super fab a lot! 


Shane MacGowan

Stole from him: The Jar. Almost killed me. Up my red rose with a rubber hose. His instincts are beauty & beastly. Brought out best & very worst in me. All Natural Ingredients. Got into my belly. Nick Cave had to walk me back. Some things about me, SM is the only person who knows – better than I do (or so it goes).


Gwynnie Bee – Amanda Uprichard

This is a sell-out Splash print designed for AMANDA UPRICHARD. Was walking down 5th Ave only to see my print on display in front window pop up store for Gwynnie Bee – who it turns out are featuring Amanda’s designs this season. Amanda designs really feminine dresses in colorful silks. And is a great fave with Neiman Marcus. Spent almost 3 years doing prints for her, this was our biggest seller. 


kathy gilligan

Chief Editor: PM360 Great writer. One of the fiercest people I know. Indisputably a dedicated deadline Queen. Conversations with her into what sparks “The Spirals” some of the most amazing have ever had with anyone. Like any great Journalist, Kathy is a profound explorer.


Love Symbol #2

The new Pantone color, inspired by Prince’s custom-made Yamaha purple piano, is named “Love Symbol #2,” after the iconic symbol the artist once used as his name.


Comment C’est

SAM BECKETT, in his book Comment C’est, circles language La Boue (means mud in FR, nostalgia de la boue). He flushes and loops through an exquisite meandering mud of reason & dreams like a cryptographic lattice. My language dreams in La Boue too. Only now to open this book and discover – yeah Sam got there before me. His strength, courage & sanity gives for some of us a great sense of ministration & relief. Plot Summary: Past now gone with one Pim. Favorite soft sac he (apparently) sleeps on – and its readjustment once again (the last at first being so lovely). Also: a certain flow rate of (dinner?) tins. Part 1 is fab a lot. Eng/FR edition published by Routledge, a voluminous addition to the Beckett catalog. 


Amy Carroll at Whisper

AMY CARROLL has been promoted from Research & Development Associate to Director of Message Creation at imaging group Whisper. Amy I vouch for super fab. She is seriously into branding, its all she wants, its all she thinks about. She is party of my ring of creatives. I love her. She helped figure out how incorporate Pee and Beauty without ACTUALLY offending anybody. As purposefulness rules. Though dirty faced boy, homeless Huck, sniggers to get caught peeing behind Liberty statute (P’s new poem, am finishing) saying that was then this is now. Para basics intrude for me on everything. And its not even me talking, its one of them. I let it – theatre – I let it! Because people inspire me. Amy is inspiring. P aside, I consider Amy a blessing. 

para: beside beyond analogous to, also short for paratrooper paragraph.


Narrative Development in Young Children

ELENA LEVY met thru husband Leonard & super cousins C & T. Has true passion for early narrative dev. in children, pyschology of gesture & speech. This book written with celebrated Professor Emeritus David McNeill is an invaluable study into language acquisition for developmental psychology and gesture studies. Pleasure for me to work with Elena on design for cover, book includes series gestures drawings I drew. Elena is ferociously dedicated in own special way, I greatly appreciate her sensitivity for philosophy of language. (& our discussions on trauma & terror – often sublime, not everybody can go there).


L’Experience Interieure

Read almost everything by GEORGES BATAILLE on beauty, sex & death. He wrote novels & philosophy. This is his master work. Holding French against English I have read it at least three times. I adore it. Sacred essentials of horror & beauty taken out to edges of ecstasy at depths of impossibility and endlessness. Fearless F$CKER I love him. New translation by Prof. Kendall (with whom I took an online course once, I think).