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Tru Con 

TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A SUBLITERATE DORK. On the Aesthetics of Beauty and Hell – & a wilding thirst for enigmatic depths & roots of poetry.

Body of H8 

SURFACE OF LOVE. Living precariously with costive (and accosting) fictions – of disassociative identities, whose truths miraculously supersede.

Fateless Rhymes

OF A LUGUBRIOUS SINGSONG HYSTERIC. Staunchly subversive with rhyming, submersive with ecstasy climbing, oblivion mining – etc. etc.


BY COLETTE PEIGNOT. Looking to translate from the French.

Fab A Lot

LICENSE TO LOVE. A pronounced fascination for other people’s work – as proof of oasis, adoration even – that there still exists (in me) an occlusive license to love the work of those whose influence on mine just goes and goes. . . happily unchecked by outreason.


SCHOOL OF DESIGN. Passion for Fashion, Drawing & Digital. Classes & Syllabi.


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