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  1. REGISTRATION, email lists. For PDFs from Fashionista School. Researching putting pdfs into posts, so that you can read online here. But wont happen till redesign Tinkle finished, which has not that much more to go, and little more on Tru Con too. Sign ups I have to work up thru a mailer, probably Mail Chimp. ONE For School and ONE for Tinkle Belle Books – Haunts & Bounds. Hopefully will have working by end of semester.

  2. Site is up. So many hours to get first time content up. Feels like my head & chest are going to explode. Terror is a terrific thing. This morning cable box zonked out. Stopped dead. Brother Neil saved day, was just power supply. Guess I overworked it? Had an extra! No big. Felt like omen. Auspicesssssss. Charmed. I am sure. To greet yee. HERE. xxx.