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Love Songs for Lobsters


Excerpt from

Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor


Excerpt from

chalk sketch by dusty hope

Have Many Works in Progress

Fateless Rhymes of a Lugubrious Sing Song Hysteric

10000 Dead Pie

Cutters Must

Love Songs for Lobsters

Body of H8 Surface of Love

Bunch of Short Stories Working On

Subliterate Swoons and a Side of Dead

Modern Novella Writing on Substack

Letters to Epididymus

Thoughts on Mettafizzics and the Sublime

Pissing Rain in Spain

Delusional Variations in Excremental Splendor

Emo of Insta

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Raw Translation

Laure’s History of a Girl

Ogla Plumacher’s Pessimissmus

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