Fiction & Free Writing, Meta Fizzics & A Sickness for Rhyme

Nesting Season sketch by Dusty Hope

Subliterate Swoons and a Side of Dead

Literary Novella working on, called Subliterate Swoons and a Side of Dead.

Rhyme is allowed to create it. Confronts phrase and rhyme as an open hunt for possibilities in linking and thinking. Rhymer see as its own aquatic diver in the water fountain of “love” that frets (in undercurrents) conspicuously through meta and allegory with “auditors" to think through what the heck I just did. 

In that way it is a Plus Age book (post post modern). Inventing out of history and mystery worlds stock in trade concerning mythic, mystic & math (meta and the infinite). Mostly European — but there's Asian and Middle Eastern religions infested in it, along with all things native the Americas. As to say it is also influenced by fablese, by animal stories and the Johnny Cash. And seeks a kind of lang bang burlesque girly flow show even, while hanging out in suspense with absurdist philosophy fiction as a Dante Shakespeare comedy lunching with Burroughs influenza re: enchantment.

It is principally held together under heavy influence Clarice Lispectors going off into problems in Philosophy with Venus if You will. And a glaring astonishment at the endless beauty of sacred marl and the martyrdoms hiding out in Frankenstein with Blake, Vincent and Pessoa. In that respect especially, it is a "divine" comedy. Much of that aspect of the novel will occur in allegory — whether you get indirect allusions or not.

Meanwhile — at its bottom, it is a “Minnie Fell Innie” impossible love story, again and again bordering on the skitz. Falling through desire as a sacred fall, as a Dantean sprawl, with loss, stupidity, and hell, in the Plus Age. Scandalous-monstrous-impossible ghostology w.r.t love-sex-death -- 

Rhyming admittedly touches after particles with Joyce. But it is kept in fiction relatively light at hand and not frivolous. Structure looks to section off in brief-ish encapsulations around the size of Rimbaud's narratives. 2-6 pages.

Without reserve, am seeking to publish meta fiction novella, that plots through continuing emergence of post post modern fiction, bumping into plus de sens, as both desperate and lovely things. So that finding its narrative from out in the plus age is part of the understory, while upchucking (more vomitious than volcanic) chunks of Rimbaudian romanticism, restless rhetoric, the mighty flighty metaphoric that questions with the philosophical, amid sudden hypnotic sussages of rhyme that trail map “the plus." 

Dizzying with No Brakes

LuLu LeSuere. Taunts epiphany, with bids for transfiguration, to pull her out of darkness. But it doesn’t. Darkness becomes visible. Shadows bang bang bang against sides. A sudden storm of beautiful terrifying delusions. 

Visibility overvaguely hearing itself — tearing itself open, and unlimiting, especially around Victor de Loveleye, the tending to the pending. Pends, tends. To struggle with the bends. If he is around the bends make wends. Its startling and noxious.

Pushing at limits as a fork with reality, a dark cushion in face of light. Breathing it hurls maps, billows with traps, opens flaps.

French Bench with a Wrench

Smoking outside catacombs covered in snow. Paris freezing. Darkness gloats along head of sog LuLu in a fog. Haunted by rod of fortune Victor’s wrist gist mist like a bod of god hanging on a criss cross, his organs fuming. His hell, pillaging.

Every rug fug with fugue is bugged with a moody torrent reaching for its demon appassionata lurching blindly at brinks of faith. 

A vortex of vasty extensions unraveling a decryption LuLu hears but has trouble closing down going back to reality sometimes the smelling salts sin dome xploding with ear drums pounding or trying to sleep it off, up close leaves fall hardest.

Swallowed into splits staggering at gears of compulsion. That would not stop.

Curse nurse purse sorrows pastiness and futile robberies death to its light — as a thirst. Is a vigilant curse. That lives up her butt, in her brain, as beauty and terror and surface.

Not wanting of argonauts. It has no borders has no cut off —

Fire flirting with endlessness a nondiminishing number. Like it or not.

Oblivion Plus

Mining oblivion. Term of measure. With treasure. Pirate treasure. Things that fray and cost.

Rabbit hats. With gifted preachers at lengths the flanks and banks, body of, hot and wily host in motes from the real, shining abyss of ghosts, immorally adopted, attendants and tinkerers and dusts of mighty religion its sacred hoppers looping cum come in the swim pornography of their shine.

Strobes tossed in irony’s incendiary, a beautiful procession? Fastidious insurrections longs for, make digs. Like possum for porridge out an old way another out with old the in and out.

Devious mobius compulsion, tenderest of revulsions that sends LuLu spinning. Shines pines shrines the escape into loops of beauty living like down holes where do bunnies come from the wet wind and wild. Waiting on death watching for a sign and wanting it as ever stung by weight of awkwardness and trident.

Crazy absurd relishes for stray forms and storms. A speechless evil of things involuntary beyond LuLu’s grasp. And glooms.

With kitchen enchantment, floats at brinks of wasteland the marshes the marshes the cur and punk oblivion. LuLu fantastic was a turbulent nightmare, waged in against beauty receding into walls of hooks, filled with blessings of anarchy, teething on life and death and resurrection and breadth.

LuLu’s circling wheel of ping ping sing sing, a war of feathers in the oceanic abyss, with great matters the mime such as singularity and the sublime. Absolutes come flying, unhinge at her head, tippy swampy and violent —

Especially around Victor.

A love that boarded her like a hell-i-copter, in the unlikely, its visibility extreme. LuLu’s heart would sink, breathlessly into a torrent of flutes. And start to beam.

Maladroit risers from the roof, as a shade in the raid of Victor’s bluff. Spectacle of surface and distance, shivering with awe — and the death bunnies. A longing engulfed in endless fascinations, rapture, disquietude, bewilderment, absolutes.

Silence enflamed by eruptions of insane pain, and impassible desire

A rage vomitous quest. Hanging over a bucket of chuck it, neck first — fraught and fly with crippling mutiny.


Sacred essences sliding sliding in and out of rage and LuLu’s cunt at center of hunt. Fascination with orgasms and the come that made her as ecstasy over vivid humptiness — battling for clues, animal or poison, body or boob.

LuLu baby wawas — hungry little body — a tummy tumtum cumcum feline weening dream machine.  

The hungry and the doomed. Sex and death. Mute and plaintive silent tantrums xploding from within with path o logical desire a whizzy fizz orgone somatic and locked in the tower — over her possession of it — the sacred hole, dicks alive —

Array array disarray — times trituration of the inexhaustible. Flows blows into rows of sweet irascible pile ons, and above it all: a strange tragically fascinating annihilation vertigo, hankering at edges of death. And then a flash-trash figurative quarrel with irony and the grotesque.

LuLu sits on toilet. Blinking.

Gods of thunder in blender of birth — Whips around her head like a flow of blood, ends in a wild declaration of love! Giving charge to her idyl tremors. Dizziness sets in, she grasps for rigidity, torn by scorn.

A raving impasto of righteousness shimmers thru — her head, with an ax.

The axe.

Exhibits a rapacious greed old as property of the cunt business.

LuLu whispers to a scream: I like dick.

A wave of slave to love, love is king — logic.

That doesn’t stop till bumps into ancient furniture that includes an altar raping orgy of death. Dressed in silks.

Then a multiplication of evil in gods things do — explodes with lust unspeakable sorrow wrath, their violence descends into absolute impossibility.

Staring, LuLu fixes on it.

Until stray cat mewls out. Eyes in heaven board a train to Victor.


Substitutes for sins? Substitutes for sin offerings? Sub sit toots. Lute flute — shoot! 

Shout it down down down down !


LuLu pedestrian in the sun, breathless throws thorn into a walking whiff of hell, with false positive memories of death squads, rampaging villagers.

She crosses at the light.

How low can you go. Fear titillates as it ransacks.

Subverts and perverts as if to compete with an insatiable visibility, being waged in the darkness of time never far from desire and terror sitting under her skin and making her do things that are devious. Especially with Victor.

Desires that are absurd, yet capture quest arrest of love at its most restless and devout.

Buffers from boredom, boredom that is futile, gargantuan, wrestles with hell.

Avenging time, escaping time, tracing meaning, falling falling through devilish insurrections delicate mind glowing epiphanies, crashing into freaking out break points, burying time into blurs as mark of crime shine lime and fluster duster rim ramp camp hate grate crate spit spool float the fly.

Chauncy powers towers cowers lowers mowers finds flowers. Gets lost in tar pits with lonely French knits. Leave LuLu dodo voodoo —

Strike in sand, tan pan in seat a car a van…

Sank drew wary and rug.

Indominability of the Spirit

LuLu remembers where she is going, has gone too far. Turns back.

Limits. No.

Facing down the limitless is what and why? Discovery of infinity in meta crossings with “the highway.”

Sunsets and its tyranny for LuLu, a deep-repeated dance with socks and deadly virtue swimming in religious absolutes visibles barfing out of the tract or and body of trust tryst whisp crisp fist nest guest gust bust trow go — low low, lower.

LuLu’s animal sickness, its effervescence bound up in escape of the now, freedom to venture the multanimous, inescapable attacks of solemnity as an immanence, a virtue, saints alive —

Sudden derangement, hysterical collapse, and a wave of dramatic cruelties, staged in the heart of hearts —

Avenging agonies of desire, itself rooted in the indominability of LuLu’s spirit — Escaping into a horticulture of distance? Where blowouts snap, where chaos invades — Victor, and the wire.

Magic and Misery

Mystery in the ob verse. Double trouble. Downy with the toaster flake.

LuLu maintained an open vein always always aflow go row outside the abides, money for midge: the rain in spain.

Meta is confetti. Stretches of plightnight in the darkness. Feathers like a tether at rooting in boot. Around and around and around with beauty and logic and flight somes jetsoms.

Falling and flooding and flaming and flying and oceanic for a floor.

Descends into to the heights, from head to cunt.

Blinking at Victor, at long lost last — again and again, sends pan’s wendy out the door LuLu flying. Sitting in unspared space catching rockets in her pants.

Natural law mixed with eternal blood of core sleeve cuff dick up his bluff, and the vamp pyre magic, tearing at her fleece, underpinned by horror and beauty in choir of the magic tragic.

Riotous and veer isle.

To go to show up up up — is a throwing for LuLu into agony of uncertainty, magic magic.

A tipsy and tire rant madness flies with it, like a sink at her head, arrested by destitutes, LuLu has to move, has to think. Find Vic. Fear attires in flames of rippling pose ability. Dr. No and the Pliers after liars, metafizzics of Dr. No, teaming screaming at the wall, to shit and steal with Victor for an hour, living on borrowed time.

Its mis dis and wispy critters a strange and vat reality caught as a blasphemy in the sheer eviction conviction of its troll plow.

Excremental fuzzy logics. The Ex Creme Mental gun turned into gum.

Wizz dumdedumdum dmf’s. Die Mother Fuckers.

Endless slipping off into “the blue” with sir neg and the nog. Neg peg slippery absurd eructions with self destructions, melting snow flow crow — and freezing out.

Heave and fall apart, flip flop top didnt matter, LuLu always came back — boom air rang lover.

Tense Suspense

Present and descending. Not in dissent with, descending. Falling again falling La Chute further further further into its wire and oil can ecstasies, dire and hopeless with the rent. 

Alights waves of ancient suds, slingers, bingers, hinges and wingers, to stomp and simp through vivisection and voodoo, and the bombs of desert gods avenging the absurd, at reaches and breaches–

Of fire and flurry– Heavy stick of the ancient, attacking her with rocks. Stand up against them, evil kneevill before the rug, lay a pillage and dwarf of sacred absolutes, coiled up in cunt and collar, for the dollar. Ministerial adversarial cunt blunt front — 

But then.

En suite, then. Becomes the mischief.

Tricksters out of the oceanic. Merchants of mischief stalking the tiger.

Glorious mischief

Dynamite, mischief. Mischief mystery and motion, LuLu devoured in gruesome stills and piginablanket gas. LuLu’s tiger-tiger inny sinny pinny falling in love with Victor de Loveleye.

Becomes a thing in itself vagrantly exploding with merciless desire — starch and stubborn and freezingfreezing starvingstarving.

Its turbulence let three headed dogs out. Flies into a wild hair of gumption and glee, for any and every oceanic for epiphany, abstractions of dissonance to the nth power oscillators, the misericordia as thresholds of thirst —

Its beyond paranoia. 

LuLu’s shadowy parts ripply the fly off and headly colliding with edgy reggie dredgy and fling. Sideways, angelic, an enchanted delicious impossible thing. 

Rants and Rhapsodies

O stray savage focus, taken to the locus pocus. 

Born to eject — reject limits of the real, storm and kneel? with l’avengeance of a tomb raider. LuLu in heart of hearts hates the intransigence of time since forever

Dancing with death sacred with bloodlines and fuck squads flying beyond condescending time line, causing crashes of impossibility and hate, rigid fucking confines, reality at its core wretched bore, no allowances! cant do anything? 

Invasion of the negative, dancing disasters, sublime and silly, quantifying the sordids drizzling with the absurd. Yearning yearning, fencing out, looking in, wandering around, backing out, turning into a fucking mermaid.

Daft mourny graft fleure allures in tender belly of choochoo coocoo — The sanctuary, a tenderness of death dances with absurd and morbid stakes, glancing erections with raft eloping e.pit dummies of death. Death as a flooding odd a sea leapt with a beautiful stranger ness violently agrope with love. And violence a collapse into wild shimmering nihilism, necking in socket —

Startling relishes crash rash into hopeless disappearances.

Down a hole shocking soul of meandering with St. Mary, LuLu has a St. Mary fairy picture on her wall dressed in terrorist smiles. Combos koran. Its epiphany as beauty as evil that only martyrs soul into a holy roll sun with sets.

Embells umbels floral cumbers and flights the flog hog.

The tarry query ladder of palm oh granite foaming up around LuLu’s cunt punt stunts with cruel and angry confusion, crashing into a wall of insidious migrations. Vanishing veil a vortex nightmare conundrum of sleepy villains — born under the blocks of pillows to her head, just is across her body just is her madness her mouth, wall it in wall it in. Don’t let them out.

Righteous horror, vanishing buried in baudelarianne pouts. Screaming insensibly out of LuLu’s lowery mouth for freedom from the embassy of love.

Fell Inni Minnie

Tripping slippery mystery of leaps to oceanic defeats like a sinister timer going off in a dark otherworldly hole where burned another soul, third one down to the left, sad boisterous and uncompromisingly damaged — wasteland scars rippling through tar as angry of the absurd yet relish its rude illness and logic, blind tender delinquencies murmuring through darkness, reaching for space.

Scars in darkness a fleck a wreck, crash tress reckless, no certainty who ?

The splitters.

What are splitters ? Bring out the pie.

Where sacred blood flows.

Time slips, trips, crypts on tragic morphs of the heartbreak skid, gothic poe stenches trenches melancholic in ears in cunt in horns caught by corn and thorn, a fern bush to burn, as if life as is was the sworn enemy.

Reaching for Victor was time for LuLu to chase the dick, jump like a rabbit, hole up with epiphanies, streak across the lawn.

Multiples churning ferning burning up with pull of beauty in otherness, drawn out the midnight carriages into a line up of vehicles, searching for Victor, searching for a way in, running splitting into the nolens volens roving with tyrant vaguaries whose victims pounded at motion without conclusion.

Intensity burning themselves up in mystery. Indominability of a rogue desire, its strings to the holy hard on — sends LuLu defying lying trying crying pig and pie-ing —

Where erupts line sign hester and gesture. 

LuLu mysteriously tears the nappy kin in half, oh and again oh and again butterfly kissing for infinitesimals — To line up and shoot at, the blunders of ducks.

If Victor was around — composites piled pot luck, pondering clueless and confused every heart beat engulfed, screaming at its loudness of multitudes preying on LuLu’s head in a bucket.

Crescendos and beams, and living off its ex creme mental shimmering greeds.

Falling in falling in on top of as if to keep the fire of madness from spreading.

From Ab to Surd

Roger roger. And pen rose.

LuLu likes math theory books. As a wag dog of language masquerading as form.

Vomiting made her do it.

Fake an escape.

Dramas defiant presumptions of primitives and solutions in natural law.

Driving LuLu’s Crazy Mary into the blind.

Devils may care. just starting re work.

Sideways flow.

The car charting back to mercy great dismal swamp of beyond escape.

For LuLu, its delusions are valiant by vertigo and the elevation of madness to a freedom where the beltway criss cross alchemy and wasteland, meta worlds and time standing still, permeations delusions vivid with high breads and cult.

Vertigo itself for LuLu came with altitude, had to reach or it died, trying. Its ecstasies skirting that freedom, as a ferocious alibi.

Voluble. Devious. Teasing. Riotous, Unpardonable. Self destructive. Its aim was to destroy what self she was. And lie beside Victor, devil may care.

Vortex Mex

That, volume as a chase, a hunters voluble, running into vortex-mex, day of deads but a Sweeny, mischievous endless wanderings.

Wait what.

Dont do this — dont do that, quit quit quit.

Would ask LuLu to quit. Until they didn’t. And then LuLu would flip out.

Nay flay say fray richochet dire. And suddenly mapless.

And comes the dregs and idiot prayer, and curled up beside the tao dao waiting for it to make sense somehow — shivering with death.

Once reach was returned, assassins quarter turned and the suicidal recital juggled fear with purity. Purity being a kind of fear. At immanence with gods death.

Only to find in the indominability of its endlessness a die hard criss cross of ailing beauty, breeding where greed leaned out the window and yelled for Victor to bring his pants.

Logic and Song

That strange choir wire remained staunchly indefatigable, the endless May way we say day, furtive flo of love in head, logic walks in in pants into LuLu’s head,

Chuckling, it attacks. Lamping with lids is a deck a dance? Pastiche drills for flavor bunnies absurd taking walky talkies out to where willy silly turns into snitching nonsense.

Worst those screaming with angel fire. A weave of trying ugliness and desire so tender and fairy gerry mandered by blust plus of their screenies, it overindulges the sin drome.

In sleep it only gets worse. Only gets worse — Jump !! Bridge to Dante, became bridges to Dante. Hitching rides for switches and ribs.

Shakes tittle belly of brainoid touching the insane is a vagrants jealousy and ax-in-head searching volt molt polar crow and pole. Die huh?


Rattle paddle to Vic was a saddle, was a snake, a lake, trees in a breeze, freezer frigos, chips away, diamond in rough, crash and luff… in waves of ground hog circling the within and without of mercy. But struck by its strange adulations on oblivion mining as collar and tortoise, as bottom creeping hose for no s, and yet its number cruise defining a heavenly death.

Epiphany siffing off splits.

Death and the Face Mask

LuLu’s red rover, under the loom — a sighing violet, range eerie coffer, scale pail nail scutter and scoff, tisk tisk, mask mist, sunlight glaring down at darkness envie air de, without conclusion.

Brimfuls of involution, searing her gloom and glory eye. Decimals heart of hearts, composed of the worlds tender madness. Each doom a wild winged doom of fly, locked in a broom, a fuck, a float and a tomb? Statuary and sadness. Tying up and dressing wounds. 

Circling the eons for freons like a tumbling pie. Setting it all up it all up for months and months, then in a moments frenetic toss, falling into a nit pit of hells bells exploding with tender unfathomable sparks.

Split offs, into sacred duplicities, bully bully, delinquently plummeting with death: the inebriation.

And binging at hinges, where love lies bleeding, beyond itself —

Wagering everything everything, feeds the clueless, wrestles with grace. 

The Plug filled with Ugly and Religious

Arise arise a glorious but also wretched taste for it. Driven into walls and spiders. Ground hog manifestos avenging death with life, swirled in a grace of torments, both damned up and debouche. Trains got loose in the caboose. And LuLu ran after them screaming where are you taking me where are you going. WRONG.

Taunts of awe fills with cries, its a robbery, its ransom, its pirates bounty, its floating isles. A mysterious velvet choker with hearts of palm in sill who et, raising where wrung around her neck raft with beauty but starving starving.

Screaming, swirling with treachery freak and trembling with motion sickness. Masticating its dissembling abruptions, clam cartoon contortions, Venus if you will, plummeting with overkill. 

Yet like a in a mist wilding and misfortune, bumpy and rippled near comically when sighed with contriteness, on a magic fountain, its watery rift a pulsing lift, giving lift life whose end is nowhere with shocking dreddges of death.

Where talk about that. The Philo Psycho ward and poetic rambling gambling, delinquent as only the absurd flies the bird, Sweeney’s impossible escape, caught by the ankle, and heart, head piling in after. 

Rimmy and rangy gaping at tongues — implosive disquieting puzzling, luminous numinous, mischievous tumultuous.

Screaming at Dante. Dont let me do it alone. Strings. Attach to wings.

Mysterious stygian dismay tenebrous hypnagogic muzzy fuzzy and miasmic, o blood of thud and thunder, struggling with — perfumes of annihilation, as a heart bursting with abduction, bottled up, wracked, rippling with plagues of monkey donkey doom. Astonished at its hold over the machine that wouldn’t leave anyway anchoring every death in beauty.  

Mary to the Contrary

Plunders criss crossing freedom of the absurd with nobility of medieval. Covered in sacred flee fly flaws is where the plunder escapes out of, tears itself into.

Drinkers devout to sod god plummet rod, yet always in limbo, hacked and wracked, with hatred of everything, a city of oceanic struggle falling into hate, and having to call its god wing thing the gloriose. And nowhere else to drive. But to entangle in feats of madness.

Abstract feed and fizz and fray, slip sliding away, delusions of perfusions immaculate and distilled got boxed up and sent away. LuLu went with them. Revelers, let slide. In their slopes, pins can hide.

Boils the toils even, arrested by the fairy scary dismal creepy and wary as an affront to starvation — WORK ON THIS

Food foamed and baked into a beyond with a grace of resolutionary madness.

How addles with torrents of misreason whose craziness must beautify, dig up bones, sand and pail out in gravids impossible and devout.

Pouring through sand for extremity, for hands and glands. The leap and deep as fates debates with bunnies in hell. About wistful and its contrary. Fills with drips of blood of oceanic martyrs swimming out out out, blanketing waves neptuniums. 

Sledge pledge wedge. At edge of life where affines with the subdivine. Sun king bling, pantheon of tires, chases, pyros and pirates, swing by — for a sacrificial swan dive — quantum Dante-um, cosmic comic flood of timelessness and the nominate blood offering —

Garters a torch and slab stab, slave to the sexual sacrifice of being? — NO, what… Sex is freeing…? No what.

Shocking wicked twisties’ brave grave reservoir of horror at the banal and tragic, curses uplifting injunction, a dance rancid dalliance, fleurs des forceurs, ahoy the deploy —

O curse of the body beautiful. Roomy and restless balms encased in theories of endlessness, sanctioning the glob. Time tips, tipsters, flashes of dignity. Ritual and compulsive. The transcendent shocks, enter twines with retro descendants of the incandescent — floribunda.

LuLu running through the night, I am wasted I am the wasteland I am time, rose and thorn, scorn and porn adorned flights of transgression, but the days scanned a violent vertigo, rowing through sticky stirruped repetition of days, dressed more and more inside outside costumes. Their scar on par somehow all bearing marks of the curses that carry. Beautify Crazy Mary.

Bravery shows up has a drink. Thirst exploding into the emptiness of god running hither and thither pluggy buggy fugs of random escapes from the boredom of time, but underneath, keeps growing and growing and growing, exploding with : foul owl slacker attacking mystery death : the madness.


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