Politics of Scene

The brilliance and originality of this book consists specifically in its radical recasting of the metaphorical, figural uses of “theater” and “drama.”

—Robert Hanke

Paul is editing a new book series at Stanford University Press, Square One: First Order Questions in the Humanities.

I love candor that seeks out order, what call Purveyors of The Decimals, indeed even as as Tunnel of Love (most recent book, Love as Human Freedom, Stanford University Press, 2017).

Especially in theatre.

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at the New School for Social Research. Holds Abilitazione, Professore Ordinario in Filosofia, Estetica (Professor of Philosophy, Aesthetics) in Italy. Visiting Professorships: University of Tokyo; Università degli studi di Verona; Instituto per gli studi filosofici, Naples; International Chair in Political Languages, Dipartimento di Politiche Pubbliche e Scelte Colletive (POLIS), Università del Piemonte Orientale.

I can say “wow.” If eye wants to.


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