Drawing Fashion Flats in Illustrator:
Tips & Tricks

In process of compiling here a collection of Tutorials
on Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools & Techniques. 
More to Come.

Wed Week 7 Thursday Week 6

WED Morning

Your next class is Class Seven. We will start tech packs for Midterm this week. You must bring in basic bodies drawn in illustrator for all 3 garments – this is mandatory for the Tech Garment – which we will finish drawing in class this week.

In terms of drawing, we will take a look at issues for gathered seams, elastic, back pleat, lightly zigzaged stitch, chainstitch brush, and whatever else comes up (for those who have brought in their own). If you are teching a garment of our own – you must continue to bring your garment in for the next two weeks!

We will create spec sheet for our garment (adding anything additional to standard short sleeve that garment may require – like elastic: relaxed/expanded or back yoke, etc.). We will also list each of the seams on our construction page. We will be using Photoshop to finish pictures for our seam library. And will hopefully get to the point where we can start creating images with arrows for the measurement page, as well as whatever additional images might require for our seam allowances.

Will be finalizing Midterm Tech Pack: Week 8, along with pictures for the other two garments. 


Your next class is Class SIX. Have contacted administration that we are continuing to have issues with classroom and that it is an EMERGENCY. They have put it on an emergency status with IT – and are looking to perhaps install a Brand New Projector downstairs or fix computers upstairs. WILL KEEP U INFORMED.

We will have one more review of pen, points, change anchor pt. tool and will expand our knowledge of line control – including scissors and the knife. And as well will introduce Pathfinder: Divide and the marvelous Shapebuilder Tool. 

This week we will start working on our Midterms. As you know homework for THIS upcoming WEEK includes your trending at least TWO “designer t-shirts” with no more than 6-8 cuts, for you to draw along with the shirt you are drawing and teching for midterm. Shirts for for Midterm Tech Packs will be assigned this coming week.

You need to copy pictures you are trending into the provided illustrator file (Midterm 2 Trended Garments.ai see canvas under Midterm) for me to review with you. Be sure to save it on Google drive for class. You will be drawing “beside” the trended picture – I will show you how.

Midterm Tech Pack: This week we will take pictures of seams for shirt we are teching, identify seams, build “seam library,” and start our midterm drawings.