Drawing Fashion Flats in Illustrator:
Tips & Tricks

In process of compiling here a collection of Tutorials
on Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools & Techniques. 
More to Come.

Wed Morning Class 8 Thursday Night Class 7

Wed Morning Class 8

Everybody in class last week is in a decent place w.r.t. your drawings for Midterm. Be prepared to create your TECH PACK this week in class for your Midterm Garment. This includes adjusting spec sheet to fit needs of garment, specking garment, creating measurement page. We will be using Photoshop to adjust color & exposure to scans, crop and resize as necessary, for construction details. Also come with any questions for your Trend Drawings. Tech Packs for Midterms are due – Class 9.

Class 9 we start on Bottoms.  

Thursday Night Class 7

Thankfully IT has got the screen keyed in and worked us thru the other problems. So we are staying in L403. Everybody in class last week appears in good shape with your Garment for midterm Tech Pack. This week we will work on finalizing tech pack garment, drawing Trend Garments and getting our tech packs started for Midterm.

Midterms are due Class 9.