Drawing Fashion Flats in Illustrator:
Tips & Tricks

In process of compiling here a collection of Tutorials
on Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools & Techniques. 
More to Come.

Wed. Class 12, Thursday Class 11

Wed Class 12

1) Back seam got left off of skirt at CB where is the zipper, need to extend line and add marker where zipper ends. Need to finish construction, seams for lining and shell. Yourselves do the instruction box list of order of seaming. You guys know how to do this now. 2) bring in your garment for FINAL, I repeat bring in your garment for FINAL. 3) Pants. Drawing Pants.

Thursday Class 11

Specking Skirt. Bring in your drawing for the skirt. Any remaining questions about Midterm – we must get onto specking, so you’ll have to discuss with me after class if need be.