Drawing Fashion Flats in Illustrator:
Tips & Tricks

In process of compiling here a collection of Tutorials
on Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools & Techniques. 
More to Come.

Wed Class 6 – Thurs Class 5


Your next class is Class SIX. We will have one more review of pen, points, change anchor pt. tool and will expand our knowledge of line control – including scissors and the knife. And as well will introduce Pathfinder: Divide and the marvelous Shapebuilder Tool. We will also go over Clipping Masks one more time. We will also bring the T-Shirt into Linelist as started last week.

This week we will start working on our Midterms. As you know homework for THIS upcoming WEEK includes your trending “designer t-shirts” with no more than 6-8 cuts, for you to draw along with the shirt you are teching for midterm. For your homework THIS WEEK: You need to copy trend pictures into illustrator file (Midterm 2 Trended Garments.ai see canvas under Midterm) for us to review. After trending pictures, upload to file, and upload file with pictures to Google drive for this class. You will be drawing “beside” the trended picture. I will show you how.

Midterm Tech Pack: This week we will take pictures of seams for shirt we are teching, identify seams, build “seam library,” open tech pack template, and start our midterm drawings.  


Your next class is Class 5. We will create Tech Pack for Tshirt, will go over Points of Measure, bring in Points of Measure diagrams on its own page, Spec the Tshirt, fill out Cutters Must, BOM/Trim, draw seam allowances, pull in seam details, provide Construction instructions, write up seams.

We will also copy tshirt from Illustrator into Adobe Indesign Linelist if we have the time, along with info (one column at a time) from excel.

We will be introducing midterm – which starts Class 6 and choosing shirts. If you want to do draw and tech one of your own garments – for the midterm, which is a “designer tshirt” similar in complexity to any of those I show you, garment will require my approval.

Tech Pack Templates will now include an abbreviation page that lists basic seams and their shorthand. Our knowledge of seams will expand considerably over course of midterm.