Fashion Tech Drawing

Week 15

Portfolio Presentations Due.

Special Sunday

May 6, UC 106, starting at 1pm.

Week 14

Workshop — start your drawings! Special Sunday this Sunday, usual classroom, basement UC starting at 1pm – I will have a sign up sheet.

Final Presentation is a Portfolio Presentation – Week 15! Collection must be presented in your portfolios!


Week 12 – Finishing up with Patterns and Brushes.  And any questions about your Tailored Jackets.

Week 13 – Bring in Pencil Sketches for Final. 8-10 garment mini collection. Must WALK THRU DOOR with drawings done!!

May 6 – Special Sunday. 1-6.


  • Recoloring existing Patterns using Pattern Options Tool. 
  • Block Repeats: Stripes, Checks.
  • Intro to Brushes. 
  • Making a Chevron Belt using Overlapping Brush & Clipping Mask.
  • Graphic Style for Tailored Jacket – due after class Week 12.
  • INTRODUCTION TO FINAL – Pencil Sketches for Final due Week 13.


  • Finishing Main Tailored Shirts.
  • Introducing Brushes. 
  • Drawing the Ruffled Skirt. 


Drawing to Perfection. Start your Man Tailored Shirts, in textbook pages 81-86. Be sure to bring in file, we will be working on shirt throughout the class. No handing in this assignment without first receiving my approval.

Midterms. Those who did not present last week, must present this week!


Presentation Midterms. 

  • Remember TEXT: Title, Season, Swatch Names. Description Garments.
  • To discuss during presentation: What inspired collection, who is your audience, & hardest thing for you working on Illustrator in midterm assignment.
  • Bring all your development files to class – including Mood/Color Boards. We will be putting into a Powepoint File to upload to Canvas.
  • Also, will be specking shirt. And sending off to Spring Break with specking homework, and Tailored Shirt – will discuss in class. 


Start your Illustrator drawings for Midterm. Bring working Midterm files in with you to class. 

This week is Midterm Workshop. I will be showing you:

  • How to set up Merch Boards.
  • Type.
  • Shading for wrap skirts.
  • How to illustrate there is an opening at bottom.
  • Cuffs.
  • & if time ribbing on collar.

Sunday 3/11 is Special Sunday, 1-6pm. Same room + if need be room next door. Feel free to work on your own laptops. Will have sign up for times in class this coming week.


Introducing Midterms

This week we are working on a Skirt and introducing Midterms. And we will learn a wonderful new tool, called the Shapebuilder.

Midterms will consist of a 4-flat Basics Collection, of your design – on boards, for two deliveries. That you will present on Week 8. Along with Mood/Color board for each colorway. A total of four boards. I will explain and show you samples of other students work this coming week.

Homework due Week 6, after next class will be: 1) finishing Skirt from class, 2) doing pen drawing Tshirt, and 3) Pencil Sketches for your midterm designs.

Week 6 – I review and approve your drawings. You will have to walk through door with drawings done, or I will never get through everybody.

Midterm DUE: Week 8.

Those Missing Class

If you are missing class because of Flu, you can attend both my Thursday Night classes – at 3:50 and at 7pm, let me know as soon as you come in – You should sit together, and I will do my best to help you get through what you missed. 

If you are missing class because you already know Illustrator and the Department insists you take my course anyway: 1) you must do the homework – both illustrator and pen drawings, exactly as it is in the book just like everybody. You cannot substitute. There are no substitutions for the homework. You have to draw what you see. PERIOD. I don’t pass you for knowing illustrator but for demonstrating to me you can draw technical flats as required that perfectly illustrate cuts, treatments, seams.

Nobody passes this class without proper Midterm and Final.

This week, Week 5, we are introducing Midterms, Week 6 Midterm pencil sketches are due. 


Layer Panel.

There was one thing yesterday, which we weren’t set up properly to address. And that is monitoring the Layer Panel as you build. I am going to streamline that – for next class with the t-shirt. 

Though I began to get to it with students at end of the 2nd class, indeed I did.

Students new to Illustrator create a lot of copies when they are learning and trying things and seeing what works.

In order to continue to explore, while still keeping your flat relatively clean – you must Monitor the Layer Panel.

Its not that hard. It looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Though it requires your being aware of how (just like with the handles), exactly how – Illustrator builds in detail and where and how it is preserved.

I call making flats – builds. Because we are defining an endeavor that is simultaneously technical, like all artwork on some level.

Attending either class, or both.

If in 3:50 class you need to (re)visit some build  — whatever it is, and there is room, you can stay. And 7pmrs can come to the earlier class, same reason. Though if in 7pm class & you are coming to 3:50 you must write your name in the notebook for me to mark your attendance at 7.

Its just easier for me if you guys insure I dont forget because I am meanwhile addressing other things. You know me now. Everybody helps, each other too. Even the Quiz we have before Midterms, is an open quiz.  

Hand homework

I will be doing hand drawing demonstration next week in first half hour. This weeks hand homework – is moved back a week. Am updating online.

Our next build, will include Layer Magic. Definitely.


This coming week we start with Review and New. Expand our reach with the Pen tools, introduce Align & Distribute, Copying Segments, Joining Segments, Grouping Flats, the Group Selection Tool, and will further expand our knowledge of Pathfinder & Layers Panel. 

We will draw a flat in class – back to front with topstitching & shading. Then group, copy & color.

Homework will consist of 1) Garment Page Template filled in with flat for garment front & back, 2) Merch Board with garment pitched in five colors, and 3) short sleeve hand drawing, front only x 3. 

Happy Drawing!


Hello my fellow drawers. We are going to create some lovely drawings together. And execute those drawings to achieve expression of all technical detail. 

Together we will create flats and boards that evoke expression of design (and trend) as well as accomplish all necessary specificity of detail for use in production. 

This is both a creative and a technical course. It is creative with respect to Illustrator. But flats will be driven after details which literally express the production of a garment. All cuts defined, all seam placement properly expressed.

First week was basics basics in Illustrator and hand pen drawing. For those who missed – there is homework.

1. Hand drawing Straight Edge assignment is due next week using Pen. It is online under Modules. Trace on White Paper using a plastic 6″ straight edge and 3 micron pens (see below).

My favorite flats drawing paper is translucent white bond by Borden and Riley. But you are welcome to use regular copy paper in a pinch. The following Black Micron Pens are required for this course: .05, .005 and Graphic 1. Note .05 and .005 are Technical Pens. Graphic 1 has a thicker head & often in a different bin.

All of the supplies you will need for this class are listed online in Syllabus under Modules. I will go over with those who missed at end of class next week.

2. Illustrator homework for this past week is in the Textbook. You must attend class to get the Textbook. Its very simple. Rectangles, circles, lines. To start training your eye toward being able to draw and place to size, make copies, and change.

In this class for ALL homeworks – you draw what you see. (Midterm and Final are your designs, totally Portfolio driven).

Next week is: Points, Curves, The Pen — DO NOT MISS IT.

Come in with your dreams.





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