Drawing Fashion Flats in Illustrator:
Tips & Tricks

In process of compiling here a collection of Tutorials
on Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools & Techniques. 
See Below, More to Come.

Digital Flats & Specs 1



In this course we teach three things:

  1. Drawing Basic Flats using Illustrator;
  2. Creating Designer Tech Packs for Basic Bodies using Excel; and
  3. How to Compile a fully detailed Linelist using Adobe Indesign.

Drawing We start with basic bodies and over course of semester build a library of essential details. Teaching will include quick body drawing techniques, short-cuts for adding details, and ways to identify & organize artwork. Will learn: Layer Panel, Appearance Panel, Pathfinder, Offset Path, Zig Zag Effect etc.


Tech Packs We create basic designer tech packs for shirt, skirt & pant, adding details as we go – each to include: Garment Page, Spec Sheet, Cutters Must, Construction Page, Trim Sheet.


Linelist All garments will be added (as developed) to a final Linelist incorporating all skus: garments, colors, sizes & style numbers, for the “season.”


Technical Sourcebook for Designers

by Jaeil Lee and Camille Steen

Great production oriented reference book for tech design (not required).