Drawing Fashion Flats in Illustrator:
Tips & Tricks

In process of compiling here a collection of Tutorials
on Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools & Techniques. 
More to Come.

Thurs Class 4 – Wed Class 5

THURSDAY Night Class

No Class 9/21 Jewish Holiday.

New Classroom 9/28 – L403 – 2 West 13th Street.

Your next class is Class FOUR. In addition to finishing drawing the men’s ribbed (and taped) collar Tshirt front and back – we will do garment driven pen exercises, make a solid review of anchor points and anchor point tools, learn how to edit a brush and take another look at Clipping Masks. We will also begin to discuss the Midterm. And I will show you how to copy info from excel into an Indesign table for the Linelist.

Class FIVE, we will create Tech Pack for the Tshirt.

WEDNESDAY Morning Class

Your next class is Class 5. We will create Tech Pack for Tshirt, will go over Points of Measure, bring in Points of Measure diagrams on its own page, Spec the Tshirt, fill out Cutters Must, BOM/Trim, draw seam allowances, pull in seam details, provide Construction instructions, write up seams.

We will also copy tank and tshirt from Illustrator into Adobe Indesign Linelist, along with info (one column at a time) from excel.

We will further introduce the midterm – which starts Class 6. If you want to do draw and tech one of your own garments – for the midterm, which is a “designer tshirt” similar in complexity to any of those I showed you, please bring in for my approval.

I have decided to create and include for your Tech Pack Templates, an abbreviation page, that lists basic seams and their shorthand. Our knowledge of seams will expand considerably over course of midterm.