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Slavoj Žižek Ticklish Subject

The Ticklish Subject

The Ticklish SubjectThe Absent Centre of Political Ontology by Slavoj Žižek Intro: A Spectre is Haunting Heideggerian proponent of the thought of Being who stresses the need to ‘traverse’ the horizon of modern subjectivity culminating in current ravaging nihilism. Inherent excess, inherent logic philosophers of subjectivity articulate…

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Slavoj Žižek & Jela Krečič Modes of Abjection

Modes of Abjection

Ugly, Creepy, Disgusting, and Other Modes of Abjection by Jela Krečič & Slavoj Žižek — Ugly as an aesthetic category. Gradual abandonment Unity. Das negativschone, negatively beautiful — Sublime and the ridiculous, how one rubs up against other — Overwhelming ugly becomes monstrous, can no longer…

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L’Experience Interieure

Read almost everything by GEORGES BATAILLE on beauty, sex & death. He wrote novels & philosophy. This is his master work. Holding French against English I have read it at least three times. I adore it. Sacred essentials of horror & beauty taken out to edges…

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Hidden Prohibitions & the Pleasure Principle

Josefina Ayerza with Slavoj Zizek from Flash Art on “The entire satisfaction, the jouissance is that you do not know and will never know who the other is… the entire satisfaction is in this purely symbolic exchange…” “In quantum physics for example you have the idea of possibility….

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Discussing Density

Camus mentions density Ran across in Camus a discussion that includes observations on density, on the notion of thoughts or a visual modality being dense. Density is a big thing for me. Some of us experience life as density, as befit with density. Camus assigns discovering…

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Beckett with Lacan by Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Zizek talking up Beckett & Lacan: “If there ever was a kenotic writer, the writer of the utter self-emptying of subjectivity, of its reduction to a minimal difference, it is Beckett. We touch the Lacanian Real when we subtract from a symbolic field all the…

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Albert Camus Myth of Sisyphus

Fundamental question of philosophy, to live or not. What is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying — To run the risk, a passion, allegiance, faith, zeal — to point of death becomes equiv to intensification: a passion of living. Willingness…

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Phrase Hunting, Free Writing, French

Subliterate Swoons and A Side of Dead

1.8.20 K.I.S.S. Examining the char tar in the rep landia — for keep it simple stupid, listen listen, steal from its wavy funny scathing runny sweet fill pill skill for the nill, riddling with my hummingbird, touché. Then fry brain under flaps into Night Bussiness with…

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Happy (en)Trails with Fodder Shakespeare

Phrase hunting with The William. A collection of spirit walking phrases from the Shakespeare Lexicon. A Complete Dictionary of All the English Words, Phrases and Constructions in the Works of the Poet, Vol 1 & 2. Alexander Schmidt, LL. D. (1902). Revised and enlarged by Georage…

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Free Writing & Fast Drawing

1.13.20 Yesterday wad gonna finally sendy russell agan — had this winderful focus on sense of it fir an hour — then shirl hula hoopd and versé ( verser means to pour in fr) joyce jammed against ziz and dyna aka came out of shower togetgher…

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02 Laure: History of a Girl, by Colette Peignot

Eyes pierce the night. Young girl in long white chemise, half asleep, mumbling. In a corner, in light and shadows, she kneels quavering before crucifix and Virgin. Pious images cover all the walls, she – my noctabulant – lends all readiness in her knees then off…

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01 Colette Peignot, 1903 – 1938

Book of collected writings called Laure, written by Georges Bataille’s once paramour Colette Peignot. For a time they lived together. She got tuberculosis, died in his house at 35. Had, it is said, by that time destroyed much of anything else she may have wrote, though some…

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Notes and Quotes, Red Hand Files

003 – 2 Stop Fighting It

Once let be drawn — to what peers out from side! the run off generally runs for me into something of a looming wild eyed plunger-with-an-abyss, of horror and of love — which found both ludicrous and shocking. And once baited & hooked, dreams then screams…

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003 Eye and Sea

“…desperate over-egged metaphors and lunatic, pencil-snapping, last-ditch attempts at something, my God, anything – you  have learned to hold fast Stealing triggers something metamorphic — He said, describing the Creative Process. Surfaces like discovery sudden pile on treasure isle. Whats behind or under, what feelie wheelie reveals up from the muse…

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007 Death and The Dreamer

Luminous quotes from 007 — “Dread grief trails bright phantoms … Are ideas essentially… Stun… imaginations reawakening calamity. Their impossible and ghostly hands … draw us back … unimaginably changed.” HI — find death runs through like an obstacle course. Moments it brings on —…

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